How to glue liquid wallpaper

January 26, 2018

How to glue liquid wallpaperLiquid wallpaper - a modern type of material used for decorating walls. In their normal state, they look like glue chips, and when diluted with water and after being applied to the wall, they “turn” into beautiful wallpapers. This mixture is made from cellulose, special glue, dyes, as well as cotton and silk. What are such good wallpaper? They repel dust, have sound insulation, heat insulation, do not absorb smells of smoke and food.

Moreover, the liquid wallpaper on the wall looks modern and stylish. You can make the finishing of the room with liquid wallpaper anywhere: in an apartment, office, gym. You can also use such wallpapers for finishing the bathroom and toilet, but since there is a high humidity in such rooms, after drying, you should apply acrylic varnish on the wallpaper.

Wall preparation

Make sure the walls are dry and clean. If you had to soak them when removing old wallpaper, then wait for the walls to dry. If there is a mold on the walls, then it should not just be removed, but treated with a special antiseptic so that it does not appear again. Otherwise, all the work down the drain. The surface of the wall should be treated with sanding paper.Then you need to apply a primer. It will not only make the surface smoother, but also hide the micropores, and it will be much easier to apply wallpaper on such a treated wall. Primer should choose a specially designed for liquid wallpaper. After drying the primer, you can apply a liquid wallpaper.

How to glue liquid wallpaperHow to glue liquid wallpaper

How to cook a mixture

To properly prepare a mixture of liquid wallpaper, you need to use plastic containers. Do not forget to read the instructions and follow it. As a rule, an additional dye is purchased that is designed specifically for liquid wallpaper. Mixing different dyes, you can get the most original shades. After the mixture is ready, it is left for a while in the film until ready. Apply this mixture on the wall with a spatula. The applied layer of wallpaper should be about 3-5 mm thick. For each processed square meter you need to go with a roller. This will help to make the surface more even. If you want to get a relief pattern on the wall, you can use a knurled roller. It so happens that after finishing something did not suit you. In this case, just wash off the wallpaper and apply them again.Wallpaper dry about 12-48 hours.

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