How to glue linoleum

June 9, 2012
Renovation of apartments

How to glue linoleumUsually the question of how to glue linoleum arises in situations where this flooring material is laid out not in one piece, but in several. In this case, joints are formed, and if they are not glued, they can disperse and warp. Even if one piece of linoleum is enough for the whole room, it is better to glue it. This will allow you to move furniture and other heavy objects without problems, while un-glued linoleum during such maneuvers can go blistering or even stretch out from under the baseboard. Sometimes choose the options for gluing linoleum around the perimeter - this will fix it on the floor and at the same time you can save on glue or mastic.

For gluing linoleum you need: a sharp knife, a metal long ruler, a rubber hammer, spatulas, glue or mastic. There are different types of linoleum, but the technology of its gluing, despite this, remains almost unchanged.

Preparation for gluing linoleum

  • Before laying linoleum, it is necessary to lay it in this room face layer down for a week.This is done so that the “waves” and irregularities of the previously rolled material are gone. If after 5-7 days the irregularities have not disappeared, linoleum can be ironed with a heavy object, for example, a bag with hot sand weighing at least 50 kg.
  • Next, you should estimate how the linoleum will be located, with or without joints, how the pattern will be combined (if there is one), etc. After agreeing on these points, you can begin cutting linoleum.
  • The choice of glue for linoleum is a purely individual matter. There are compositions on the basis of bitumen, on which linoleum is glued 15-20 minutes after application, and there are dispersion adhesives, laying of linoleum on which is made immediately after application.

How to glue linoleum

what glue glue linoleum

  1. Begin work from the window towards the door. If the corners in the house are not perfectly smooth, then you can start laying linoleum from the middle of the room, while leaving a margin for the length and width of the cloth, so that you can cut the corners.
  2. If linoleum is glued to a concrete floor, then it is better to prime the base, and it is better to choose primers of deep penetration.
  3. The linoleum cloth is folded down half a length from the base, glue is applied with a metal or rubber spatula and secured in this state (immediately or after 15-20 minutes, depending on the glue).The thickness of the adhesive applied to the inner layer of linoleum should be approximately equal to 0.4 mm. If in the room it is planned to join several sheets of linoleum, then along the edges they leave strips 10-12 cm wide, which are not coated with glue. This is done in order to easily be joined panels.
  4. After gluing one part of the linoleum on it put the load in order to avoid displacement and go to the next part. Before joining the cloths, it is necessary to withstand at least three days (approximate time of glue drying) for the initial shrinkage of linoleum.
  5. Next, go to the formation of joints. To do this, it is necessary that one part be on the other with an overlap of a few centimeters. The junction is cut with a special knife for linoleum at once along two canvases with the help of a metal ruler. In this case, you can achieve the greatest fit of the canvases to each other.
  6. Then the linoleum is folded over, the edges and the joint are glued with glue, the sheets are pressed to the floor, the joint is ironed with a heavy object and a load is put on the seam (for 2-3 days). For smearing the joints of linoleum glue using a narrow metal or rubber spatula.Excess glue or mastic should be removed so as not to leave ugly stains.
  7. If blisters or blisters form on the linoleum, they are removed as follows: the places of the bubbles are pierced with a thin awl, and then they impose plywood on this place and put a load on it which they withstand for several days. In the same way, you can even the edges of linoleum.

How to glue the linoleum with a pattern

If it is necessary to glue the linoleum with a pattern, and the cloth consists of two parts, then it is necessary to glue the floor covering a little differently. The first part is glued completely, and the second is glued only after two or three days, when the glue is completely dry. Glue it only on the edge of 15-20 cm, while you need to dock the picture. Further, the edge is pressed with a load and left for another 2-3 days, and only then they glue the rest of the cloth.

Linoleum repair

Do I need to glue the linoleumSometimes you want to glue not the whole piece of linoleum, but some part of it, because in some places floor coverings are erased and torn more often (for example, near the entrance in the corridor). Changing the entire linoleum in this case is not necessary, you can get by with redecorating, replacing the area of ​​damaged linoleum.In this regard, if pieces are left when laying out linoleum, then you should not throw them away, because they can be useful in case of partial replacement of the coating.

Repair of linoleum is made as follows: a new piece of linoleum is applied to the damaged place and both pieces are cut along the perimeter. If the linoleum with a picture, then you must definitely pick it up, otherwise the replaced area will be evident. Then the damaged piece of linoleum is taken out, and the floor under it is cleaned of dust and dirt. Also, the base of the floor must be cleaned of glue. This can be done with gasoline or water (depending on the glue used). Then stick a new piece of linoleum on the principle described above.

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