How to dry the down jacket?

Down jackets have become fashionable. Their styles are very diverse. First, they are much cheaper than leather jackets and sheepskin coats, and are much more beautiful than sports jackets on sintepon. Secondly, they are light and in them the body feels cozy in the winter. But the down jacket as well as any thing gets dirty, no matter how carefully we wore it. Today we will talk about how to dry the down jacket

Drying down jacket

After your delicate washing by hand or inwashing machine. You gently push the down jacket out of the tub (if hand washed) and only slightly twist it. After that you need to prepare a place where you put it to dry. Put a few layers of cotton cloth on the table, you can take a sheet. Also there is, option, tale it neatly on the hangers above the bathroom, or put flat on the ropes of drying, or drying table.

How to dry the down jacket after washing

If you inadvertently turned on the spin inwashing machine, then your down jacket can get lost. That is, fluff develops in one side and down jacket will lose its eye-catching appearance. In this case, you should, as written above, slightly squeeze the down jacket and put it on the table so that the fluff will not crumble. Periodically change the fabric under the down jacket and turn it over, when the main moisture goes away, then lead the down jacket in a well-ventilated room on the quail, until the final drying.

How to dry the down jacket in the apartment correctly

If you live in a city apartment and you do not,perhaps, take out the down jacket for drying under a fresh breeze, then you have to settle for a bathroom or, at best, a balcony. To do this, after washing, put the down jacket in the basin and transfer it to the balcony, hang it there, on the hanger, and put a basin on the bottom, so you do not flood the neighbors. It is advisable to open a window and organize a draft. Once the down jacket is dry, it will need to be "beaten". Just make sure that even at the very edges of the bottom of the down jacket there were no wet places.

If you hear that dry the down jacket on the batteryit's quick and practical, do not believe it. This will only spoil the product, since down with quick drying will stick together and it will be even more difficult to bring it to a normal state.

What to do after drying

After your down jacket has dried, take a stickor crackers for knocking out carpets and properly punch your down jacket. Only before this, firmly and securely fasten the hanger so that it does not fall off. Thus, you will quickly crumble down and the down jacket will become very soft and pleasant to the touch. If some places still did not stir, then this can be done manually, spreading the crumpled places with fingers.

Also there is an option to carry your down jacket indry cleaning, it certainly will not be cheap, but your down jacket will not crumble and you will not waste your precious time on it. There is also a variant of home-drying puhovika: you can quickly spread the fluff, if you wash at least three shady balls in the drum. So the fluff will not crumple all over in one place, the balls will break it during washing. And when you hang it dry, you just need to knock it out with a cracker. Better choose a plastic cracker to make the strokes softer.

We really hope that after washing your down jacket will get an excellent appearance and there will be more than one season to please you!

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