How to dress with taste?

The mood of a woman directly depends on howshe looks. And this is not only her figure, but also her clothes, because even the most beautiful and precise figure can be screwed up with a ridiculous dress. While women are worried about their clothes, men do not forget this either. Of course, they hardly think so much about this, but still they are more or less worried about how to dress with taste, so as not to be ashamed to leave the house. Let's devote art to properly dress a couple of minutes of your time.

How to dress with a tasteful woman

  1. Underwear. Your underwear should not be noticeable under your attire. Do not choose a very tight, uncomfortable underwear, in addition to discomfort, on his body appear unnecessary wrinkles. Before you leave the house, look at yourself from all sides and make sure that the clothes are not visible.
  2. Color spectrum. To each person, certain colors do not fit and do not fit. You have to find exactly the color that will suit you. If you like a certain color that does not suit you at all, it's better not to wear it, or use it as an accessory.
  3. Be careful with prints! Do not risk overloading yourself with prints. If you want to know how to learn how to dress with taste, then do not wear both a skirt and a top with a pattern. Choose one thing. If your skirt is patterned, then the blouse must be plain or vice versa. Even a manicure with a drawing some experts consider tasteless, therefore it is better to be afraid of it.
  4. Tightening things. Now in fashion clothes from tight fabrics. Take care that there are not so many details in your image.
  5. Brightness. Every woman should know about this. It's simple: if you want to wear bright colorful clothes, jewelry should be barely noticeable, and accessories - neutral. And vice versa, if you plan to wear bright original accessories and ornaments, then the outfit should consist of a simple cut and a calm color. If both clothes and accessories on you are too pretentious, you will show to everyone that you have no sense of style at all.
  6. It is appropriate and inappropriate. Taste is not only a properly selected style, fabric and shade. This is an understanding of what situation, what kind of attire should be. Ludicrously look ladies who wear thin kapron tights with a short skirt in the winter. It's terrible to watch them stand at a stop and tremble with frost. Similarly, those who wear studs on ice look.
    Although the weather is changeable, try to follow it, before you go out on the street, to dress is always appropriate and appropriate to the situation.
  7. Gloss. If you do not have an innate sense of style, develop it in yourself to know how to dress with taste. Photos in glossy magazines can not always become reliable advisors, since often these publications advertise exactly those images and outfits that are beneficial to them. Producers sometimes pay for such advertising, then the magazine publishes their "fashionable" clothes.
    But it does not always happen. Sometimes magazines can actually show us something worthwhile. If you yourself can not figure out what is stylish and what is not, then take a look at the photo reports made on the shows of popular publishers.

How to dress with taste for a man

If you are a man, this does not mean that your speciesmust be stupid and careless. The very first thing you need to learn is that your clothes should always be neat and clean, but this is not the only rule:

  • Choose comfortable shoes, otherwise your gaitwill look ridiculous, thanks to the tight shoes. Shoes match according to the style of clothing with which you plan to wear it. Do not wear shoes for shorts, or slippers under a strict suit.
  • If your place of work is a solid firm, then do not forget about the tie.
  • In your wardrobe should be at least one jacket and more shirts, which should not be saved.
  • Take care that your pants are combined with the top and are not worn or stretched on your knees.
  • Look men with a watch look solid. Such an accessory will only emphasize your courage. Most women very much approve of a stylish watch on the hands of a man.
  • Clothes should be diverse. If you want to look good, you can not walk every day in the same.
  • Pay attention to the color of your eyes and hair. Choose for yourself only that color scale in clothes which to you goes.

No matter who you are - a woman or a man, it is important thateach person can dress simply and tastefully. It is necessary that you look so every day, not just on holidays, then no one will doubt that you are a stylist (fashionista) with an exquisite taste.

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