How to donate money?

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How to donate money?

If you are in doubt what to givefriend, relative or colleague for the upcoming celebration, the easiest way is to give the opportunity to choose a gift to the originator of the celebration, presenting him with some amount of money. Do it the truth should be tactful. Of course, you can come to the festival, hand over a bouquet, congratulate a person and start to rustle papers in your wallet, handing money with words like: "And this is my gift," but it's better not to do it, especially if you did not visit a close friend or a relative.

Most of the money is given simply in a beautiful envelope, but what prevents you from showing a little imagination, making the person even more enjoyable?

Design options


The easiest way to donate money will becard. But here there is scope for the manifestation of creativity. You can make it yourself, using, for example, scrapbooking technique. If you doubt your abilities, then order a postcard from the master, by the way, on the cover you can place a photo of the gifted person.

Jar or pouch

The packaging for money can serve as a beautiful pot or bag. Just fold the bills with tubes and tie them with ribbons.

Use boxes

Also, you can use several boxes that fit into each other, like a nesting doll, with each new open box congratulated will be closer to the goal and in the end will find money.

Another option of "packaging" for money is an empty box of candy. Do not remove the cells, it's better to fold them carefully in them.


If you own an origami technique, you can collect a fine craft from money,Moneywhich can then be placed in a beautiful gift bag or box.

Money Tree

Money tree, leaves on which will berolled up in a tube of bills, too, can be a great gift. Of course, for this you do not need to rip off the leaves of a real tree - build it yourself, showing a little imagination.

Money rain

Money rain surely like the gifted. To do this, you will need a regular umbrella (which will also become a gift) and the bills themselves. Just tie neatly the bills on the inside of the umbrella so that you can see them only after opening the umbrella. It is better to take an umbrella-cane.

How to donate money for a wedding

Money for a wedding is often the best gift, of course, unless the newlyweds are asked to give you something else. Consider where you can "hide" the money.

Wedding album

You can give money in a wedding album, simply spread out bills inside.

Photo frame

If you want something more original, then instead of an envelope, use an ordinary photo frame, making a small collage inside it. Not badMoneywill add and signatures like "Wife for boots," "Husband for a new fishing rod," and so on, everything depends on the interests of future spouses and your financial capabilities.

Hawaiian Beads

You can make a cash tape or "Hawaiianbeads. "Of course, you will need a little more money, but smaller denominations are fine, or alternate real money with sham.


To please the young with the first savings, roll the money into beautiful banks. Each bank at the same time, provide the appropriate label - on the birth of the firstborn, on the machine and so on.

Flowers and sweets

Basket with sweets or bouquet of flowers excellentsuitable for a presentation. Just among the sweets or flowers spread out bills - it will be doubly pleasant to receive such a gift. This idea is also simple in execution - because you just need to buy flowers.

Money box

Piggy bank with money is also well suited for donating money. Choose thisMoneya piggy bank, which will be suitable for the wedding theme. You can fill it at your discretion with either bills or with iron money.

Soft toy

Another option is to find a suitable soft toy that has a pocket for money. Most likely, kangaroos are suitable.

Proceed from the interests

By the way, considering how to donate money towedding, remember the hobbies of the newlyweds, maybe they will push you to a suitable idea. For example, if the groom is fond of making ships in miniature, then you can give another modelka, only the sails in the form of bills. Surely, he will like this gift.

Blanket of money

A blanket of money can surprise many, sowhy not take advantage of this idea? Of course, you have to work a little, but it's worth it. By the time such a gift will take three to four hours. Define in advance the amount of the gift and change the bills for 50-100 rubles, 60 such "pieces of paper" is already enough to make a blanket. In the middle, you can arrange a photo of the young, then buy a lot of thick film, remember that you have to flash it, so it should not tear.

Then, on the film, spread out all your bills, and onleave the edges about a couple of centimeters, then you will then sew a beautiful border. So that money does not scatter, you can attach them with a thin tape, then start sewing a blanket. Try to ensure that the seams go smoothly, for this you can pre-delineate the lines.

The blanket is ready, you can fold it neatly and pack it nicely. For sure at the celebration you will pleasantly surprise the young.

More ideas, you will find in our article. How beautifully to donate money.

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