How to create your own crypto currency: instructions, recommendations and feedback

Globalization of national economies, penetrationthe Internet in all spheres of life, the search for ways to further accelerate the world economy - all this often leads to unexpected decisions in the economic sphere. One such is the emergence of crypto-currency. This financial institution, despite the sluggish (sometimes not so) resistance of many states, has become an unchanged particle of the world market. Now more than two hundred such monetary systems are actively used. And this is still far from the limit. So what is a crypto currency? How can you make money with it? How to create a crypto currency "teapot"? We'll talk about all this in the article.

how to create your own crypto currency

general information

The idea arose relatively recently. The first cryptographic unit, bitcoin, originated in 2009. Crypto currency is virtual money, where a coin is taken for one unit. Actually, financial means became encoded data, used at first as a universal tool for financial transactions. Only later they themselves became money. There are a number of trading platforms that agree to sell goods for crypto-currencies.

How to create your own crypto currency and is it worth it at all?do it? To date, the world market has already accumulated a large amount of crypto-currency. Nevertheless, there is still room for new money. And if you have the skills, knowledge and a bit of luck and luck, you can win your place under the sun.

Why create a crypto currency

The need to create your own crypto currencycan arise from the owners of game servers or those who just want to earn. In the first case, you can get a settlement system between the participants of the system, in the second - to try to develop the crypto currency, and in the future to receive income. In addition, the principle of the functioning of digital currencies and the process of their development may be just as interesting.

Create your own currency for earningsthose who can not earn on other digital currencies are not the best idea. It will be more useful to first get some practical experience, and then start on your own business. Then the probability of success is much higher.

What you need to create a crypto currency

How to create your own crypto currency from scratch? Any money, even those that appear in the virtual space, require a lot of work, as well as:

  • the presence of a computer (laptop) with access to the Internet;
  • the ability to process a large amount of data, on this basis, to learn new methods and methods of obtaining a crypto currency;
  • having plenty of free time.

how to create a purse for crypto currency

Types of Crypto-currency

There are several hundred virtual currencies. About how to create your own crypto currency, we'll tell you later. In the meantime, consider the most popular monetary systems.

Bitcoin. This is the first digital money to appear in 2009year. They up to the present time hold the leading position. The author or group of authors acting under a pseudonym provided open source code for users, which allowed others to develop new crypto-currencies. The price of one coin for today exceeds 4 thousand dollars, which is quite a lot. In total, about 16 million coins were issued.

Litecoin. This is an improved version of Bitcoin. The value of the currency is slightly lower, and the issue can not exceed 84 million. However, there are two advantages (in comparison with Bitcoin) - a simple calculation procedure and an understandable encryption technique.

Peercoin. This monetary system is formed on the basis ofopen source Bitcoin. In comparison with other crypto-currencies, Peercoin has no restrictions on the volume of emissions. But there is an annual inflation, which is kept within 1%.

The terms

Like any new business, especially related to business in the field of information technology, earnings on the crypto currency provides for the use of a large number of terms. They will be discussed below.


Farm - a set of equipment,connected to the network of the blockade for the analysis of data and the earnings of the crypto currency. As you can see, it is very difficult to create a crypto currency farm for a person completely unrelated to programming.

how to create a crypto currency instruction

A little more about the mining farms. Any group of searchers of crypto currency can make its own program for mining. There is a way to earn with the help of web-mining. But then the efficiency will be very small.

Network of blockade

The blocking network is a sequence of transaction blocks executed according to certain laws. Simply put, this is a distributed database.

For a transaction to have a valid status, itsCharacteristics and signatures should be surveyed, and after a group of transactions defined in a special structure - a block. The data in the blocks must be quickly re-checked. Any block always carries material about the previous block. All blocks can be put in a single chain, which contains data about all the actions done in this database.


Mining - work to strengthen the distributed platform and the formation of the following blocks with the probability of earning a fee in the form of an emitted currency and commission fees.

Mining is well known. After all, the one who finds the block, receives earnings in the form of 25 BTC. This is a good enough amount these days. In addition, the cost of Bitcoin increases. If at the end of 2016 1 BTC was estimated at $ 750, then in August 2017 it is more than $ 4 thousand.

how to create your own currency and earn

In addition, new crypto-currencies are being created. They can also be mined. Although this is not so profitable.

Mining is booming. However, to date, it is increasingly difficult to get bitcoins. Often, the miners combine into certain teams (pools).

This is only a small part of the information. In fact, there are a lot of terms - hundreds, and even thousands.


How to create a currency exchange? Why are these organizations needed? Crypto-currencies as such differ from real money. They are not tied to monetary systems. Their volume is strictly limited, because of this they are not threatened by inflation. On the other hand, any person can organize and put into circulation his own currency.

To exchange crypto currency, there are specialfinancial organizations. It's about exchanges. Crypto currency allows you to make instant transactions without intermediaries. Coins in the system are cryptographic hash codes that are unique and can not be used twice. They have their own course, which can be monitored on special websites.

how to create your own crypto currency from scratch

Why do I need a wallet?

How to create your own crypto currency and earn onthis? The answer to this question is of interest to many Internet users. To begin with, remember: you can not use a crypto currency without a special purse. At its core, a crypto-currency purse is a program where personal keys are located. It is she who works on the Internet, interacting with virtual currencies. That is, the crypto currency can not be touched, put in a purse or on a shelf. These are just records of transactions that are in the blockroom.

When your friend sends you a virtualmoney, the right of "ownership" to them is transferred to the address of your wallet. How to create a purse for crypto currency? It's easy enough. In order to earn with these coins and gain access to money, you will need a private key. He is in your wallet and must answer the public key to which the coins are attached.

If two keys match, the content of yourpurse multiplies, and the sender's purse, on the contrary, is reduced. In this case, the transfer of real coins does not occur. But in the blockroom there is a note about the transaction. This is actually all that is done during the transfer of the crypto currency.

Types of Wallets

If you are thinking about how to create a purse forcrypto currency, you need to understand their typology. There are three categories of wallets, which differ in the way they store and access crypto-currencies-software, hardware, and paper. Software purses are further divided into 3 categories: for the computer, for mobile devices and online purses. There are a number of options and bases for storing digital media, the best of which are:

  1. The most popular resource is At a purse the clear interface, the low commission and there are no restrictions on the sum of transfer. Suitable for storing bitcoins and conducting transactions. If you are thinking how to create your own crypto currency, you can start with registration on this site.
  2. Resource This resource also serves as a crypto currency exchange. It can store several virtual currencies with a small commission.
  3. Another famous purse is In it it is possible to store about 200 криптовалют. Because of the winning exchange rates, you can earn income by mining. You can keep a purse to collect bitcoins on the "cranes".

how to create a crypto currency farm

Own crypto currency

The instruction "How to create a crypto currency", of course,exist. But if a person does not have programming skills, then there is little chance of success. Therefore, we offer a simpler and more understandable algorithm of actions:

  1. On the site you need to find the most appropriate code, which will become the basis for the formation of the crypto-currency network.
  2. The organization of virtual money provides for the use of applications to change the work of software. It all depends on the main code and the operating system.
  3. Then you need to correct the original code. You will need programming skills. In addition, by all means think over the name for your crypto currency. During the formation of the program, the old names for the proposed new name are modified. There are special programs that make the necessary changes in a short time.
  4. Next, four unused network ports are searched. Correct adjustments are made to the selected code.
  5. At the end of the operation, it will remain to initiate the process of moving the new currency in blocks.

How to create your own crypto currency? It's pretty simple, if you figure it out.

Of course, it is better to learn more specialized literature, to communicate with people on the forums.


We talked about how to create a crypto currency. The instruction was given above. Now we need to study another important point - working with the exchanger. If you decide to develop business in the financial sphere, the creation of an exchanger will be quite logical. But do not forget that you need to act honestly and clearly. Otherwise, the loss of reputation will reduce the scale of the business to zero. And yet, how to create an exchange kriptovalyut? The algorithm is as follows:

  1. To start working with money transfers, you need to issue a loan agreement without terms. If you are not a specialist in the legal field, it is better to contact a lawyer.
  2. Another option is to open the exchanger by registering it in the form of an IP. Then you will work as an entrepreneur.
  3. You can use existing exchangers, for example, "WebMoney".

how to create an exchange kryptovalyut

The reviews show that there are no big problems with the design and operation of crypto currency. The main thing - do not confuse yourself, do not complicate life. Then everything will go like clockwork.

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