How to connect DVD to TV?

After purchasing a DVD player,the question of how to connect it to the TV to be able to enjoy your favorite movies and videos. However, not everything is so simple, some models sometimes puzzle, and make you ask how to connect a DVD to the TV?

RCA wire

First of all, you should look in the box and findwires that must be bundled with a DVD player. Most often it's an RCA wire, which is also called "bells". He has at both ends pins of 3 different colors: yellow - video, red and white - audio. If you look at the DVD on the reverse side, then there are connectors, with similar colors, like pins of a wire. White and red will be signed - audio - L - R, and yellow - video. The same connectors must be found on the TV, they are usually located on the front panel, behind or on the side. You only need to connect them with a wire by colors, enable the corresponding video channel on the TV and enjoy viewing.

SCART lead

In the set of some models DVD -players it is fashionable to find a SCART wire, which is a wide connector with 2 rows of pins inside. Such a wire collects less interference when transmitting audio and video signals, and the easiest to connect, since no additional wires are required. It is necessary to find the appropriate connectors on the TV and DVD player. On the DVD, this connector is one, while on the TV there are two, with one being adapted for the incoming signal, the second for the outgoing signal. To connect them, you need to look at the inscriptions and symbols of the connectors. As a rule, the circle with the arrow inside should be connected for the incoming, and the arrow in the direction of the circle is connected to the outgoing one.

S-video output and composite output

In addition to the two above described methods of connecting a DVD- players to the TV, you can stumble on the S-video output, for which you need a special wire. As the name implies, this channel is intended only for video signal transmission, while for sound transmission it will be necessary to additionally use "bells". You need to connect them to the corresponding connectors of the DVD player and TV and you can enjoy viewing.

Another rare connection method isconnection with a composite output. It resembles the connection with "bells", with the difference that there will be five connectors in this case. As a rule, three (green, blue, red) transmit the video signal, while the audio signal is transmitted through two channels. Now you know how to connect the DVD to the TV, and do not lose the sight of wires.

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