How to choose a mini motorcycle?

Not everyone prefers motorcycles of voluminous dimensionsand irrepressible capacities. Some people opt for a compact two-wheeled mini-technique. Small, manoeuvrable and, most importantly, inexpensive mini-bikes are confidently mastering Russian markets.

mini motorcycleWhat is a mini motorcycle? In fact, this is a small copy of an ordinary bike. Less volume of the engine and the diameter of the wheels - that's all the differences. According to some, the size of the wheel affects the stability of two-wheeled vehicles and its ability to overcome uneven road surfaces. However, the wheel, to all other things, is unsprung mass. Therefore, the larger it is, the worse for suspension. A large heavy wheel is difficult to untwist, but even harder to stop. Too great is its inertial force.

A few decades ago, a compacttwo-wheeled technique caused only a condescending smile. Not everyone immediately appreciated its advantages. But the mini-motorcycle in its parameters and controllability practically does not lag behind its large-size counterparts. Time passed imperceptibly fast, the passion for gigantomania gradually subsided, and the amusing little "motics" boldly stepped into the big world of of mini bikesThe first to appreciate the dignity of mini-bikes Americans. And in Europe, mini-motorcycles from America moved very quickly.
In the mid-eighties, Italy was one of the leading places in Europe in terms of the number of motorcycles. The production and sale of sports bikes in this country have reached record values.

There came "dashing nineties." They were dashing not only for Russia. Demand for large motorcycles fell sharply, and to save the situation, the Italian company Benelli began production of original scooters. Mini-motorcycles brand Benelli Velvet with a 50-cc engine have become a sensation. At present, Italy's compact two-wheeled technology enjoys well-deserved respect. To this day, the sale of mini-bikes in this country is on par with the sale of cars.

motorcycles from americaBut the "progenitor" of mini-bikes by rightis considered Japan. The Japanese aspiration for everything extravagant and original caused the creation of a huge number of scooter models, most of which are still popular all over the world.

Mini-motorcycles "Honda"

Two-wheeled vehicles under this brand are known inall over the world. In Russia, you can often find a mini-bike HONDA Z50J Monkey. Equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a capacity of 0.50 cubic meters. m, this motorcycle is popular with Russian youth. Installed in the design of the motorcycle telescopic fork and pendulum rear suspension allow to drive fast on our roads.

The company "Suzuki" does not lag behind in popularity. Released her model Suzuki K50 with a 50-cube four-stroke single-cylinder engine has become a constant participant in youth motorcycle racing on small motorcycles. Mini-motorcycles "Suzuki", having a stylish design and surprisingly easy control, very fond of the fair sex. Convenient and practical scooters have become the object of lust for many girls who value freedom and speed.

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