How to choose a bath

Every renovation of the bathroom ends in the same way - choose a bath. And the first thing that is worth watching is the material from which the bath is made. After all, the durability of the bathroom depends on the material. The material is different. From banal materials - acrylic, steel and cast iron, to stone, wood and kuarila (quarian). They differ not only in quality, but also in price.

When choosing a bath, you need to carefully measure out the place where it should stand, and decide on the size and shape of the future bath. Based on this, you need to choose a material.

The most common material for the bath is steel. The bath made of steel is very light, but it is also significantly cheaper than the others. Plus, there is also a variety of shapes and volumes, the choice is huge. That is why it is most often chosen by owners of small or non-standard bathrooms. The disadvantages of such a bath often pay attention at home, after installation. After all, many people will not understand the characteristics of the bath. And it would be worth it.

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The disadvantages of a steel bath are its good thermal conductivity and instability to various damages. Steel is pretty soft, and scratching it is not difficult. In addition, light steel bath is very noisy and knocks during operation.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to choose a bath made of steel rather good. When inspecting it in the store you need to pay attention to the thickness of the steel - it should be at least 3.5 mm. You also need to carefully examine whether there are scratches or other defects. And of course, the presence of small cracks is unacceptable.

Germany and Italy are considered to be good manufacturers for steel baths. Steel imported baths has the correct thickness, plus a rubber gasket is installed, which will reduce the amount of noise during operation.

With a cast-iron bath, we have known since childhood. It is from this material that the first baths were made. The material is so reliable that it serves up to half a century. His merits are just the opposite. Low thermal conductivity due to which the water cools for a long time. Also the minimum noise threshold. Of course, the large weight of the cast-iron bath is considered a disadvantage. They are hard to bring into the apartment, but after installation, you cease to notice this shortcoming.


Forms for cast iron baths are not as diverse as we would like. Basically this is a classic bath with a different volume. And the prices for them are not low, which can be explained, because plants make cast-iron baths less and less, such production is bad for the environment.

If you still need to choose a cast-iron bath, you need to start to examine it and knock on it from different sides. The sound must be equally dull everywhere. Outside there should be no bumps, scratches, bumps and depressions. The coating should be smooth and beautiful. The country of origin must be Russia, Germany or Italy.

Acrylic bathtubs are new to the market. But she has already gained popularity with consumers. Acrylic is very light, with low thermal conductivity. Moreover, if you touch the acrylic bath, you immediately feel the heat. The shape of the acrylic bath can be different. Even the strangest forms can be made on request. Value for money in acrylic good.


The disadvantage of acrylic baths is their unstable to mechanical stress. They can not stand even light scratches. And cleaning with chemicals can ruin their appearance. Acrylic cracks easily and loses its color. In addition, the acrylic bath must be properly installed using an additional frame.

It is strongly advised not to buy a bath of acrylic from unverified manufacturers. The manufacturer must be on the market for at least 5 years. Ideally, if it is already well-known and values ​​its reputation. Do not buy Chinese acrylic - it does not cause any confidence.

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