How to change the processor.

To date, many userscomputers face a lack of resources for system performance. New programs and games are created that require optimal system requirements for their launch on your computer. The most important detail that handles every mathematical action of an application is the processor. With its help, we can run various software, play computer games and do whatever we want. But sometimes there are cases that new games or applications do not start on this processor, or hang, or its performance is weak. Therefore, you need to replace the CPU.

How to change the processor in the computer, if notsatisfied with its speed? To begin with, you need to know which CPUs your motherboard supports, which socket is on it. Socket (Socket) - this is the connector where your CPU is inserted (the stone is in the language of computer programmers). This information can be found in the book on the operation of the motherboard, on the site of the manufacturer of this motherboard or by running the program Everest.

How to change the processor. Step 1.When all the data about the motherboard is known,You need to buy a CPU with a higher clock speed and higher technical characteristics. Ask the seller what processor should be put on your motherboard.

How to change the processor. Step 2. You bought the Central Processor (CPU) and nowit is necessary to replace it with a motherboard instead of the old one. First, detach the cooler together with the radiator from the motherboard. The socket connector has a special lever for fixing the CPU. Raise this lever upward to free the processor from the socket. Now you can take it out.

How to change the processor. Step 3.Gently place your new part in the connectorsocket so that it seats properly in the tabs of the connector. How to replace the processor, you can find in the book on the operation of your motherboard. There will be shown each step when installing the CPU. After installation, fasten it by lowering the lever down.

How to change the processor. Step 4.So, the installation is complete. Now let's move on to applying the thermal paste. Clean the old composition from the radiator mesh of the cooler. Degrease the surface with gasoline. Take the tube and apply a drop of ointment to the surface of the processor. Now this drop should be smeared over the surface so that the surface of the CPU is completely in the thermal paste. To do this, take a piece of paper and gently smeared on the surface. The layer should look on the eye no more than 1 millimeter. After the layer is applied to the surface, the radiator grid with the cooler can be put in place.

After this procedure, you can safely include youra personal computer to check for performance. Turn on your PC and go to the BIOS to check the CPU information, as well as its temperature. Wait 5 minutes. The BIOS gives full load to the CPU. Go to the CPU information section and look at its temperature.

Its temperature should not be above 50 degreesCelsius. Now you can download your operating system and check the performance of your computer for performance. Run a program or game that you did not run before. If it works flawlessly and without brakes, then you have correctly chosen your CPU.

Sometimes after replacing the CPU, you turn on the computer andhear squeaks, or nothing at all. So, you picked up a non-suitable or non-working processor for your motherboard. Remove the CPU and return it to the seller for replacement.

Try to tell him all the information about your motherboard for selecting the necessary CPU.

But before you relate, try to install it again, because maybe you did something wrong.

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