How to buy a car with hands?

Want to buy a car, but a new oneThere is no money at the auto show, and you do not want to borrow money? Then you have one way out - to buy a car with your hands. The car market is a favorite place for most men, there is full auto for every taste and purse. Knowledgeable people buy and sell cars all the time, making a lot of money on it. However, an uninformed person in these cases can become a victim of scammers, staying, at best, with a faulty machine in their hands, and at worst - both without a car and without money.

So how do I buy a car from my hand correctly?

We look at the body

Meet, as you know, by clothes, sofirst look at the appearance of the chosen iron horse. Of course, he must be whole and without damage. But to find such a car is very difficult, especially if it is driven from abroad. There pre-sale preparation is above all praise, and under a thick layer of paint and varnish, a rotten and broken machine is often hidden.

What to do? Do not regret and spend on inspection with a proven professional in the SRT. Pay attention to whether the shade and luster of the varnish match the different parts of the car, whether the gaps are equal, whether tire wear is uniform. The year of production on all the glasses must coincide. Do not be lazy and inspect the bottom of the car in the cabin and in the trunk, it may be that you are trying to sell a car, welded from several broken. Suspicion should cause a fresh paint on the bottom of the body, perhaps it painted over rust stains.

We study the filling

Take the wheel, start the car, give it a littlework, shut it down and start again. A properly working engine has a high oil pressure, and it lasts up to five seconds, and the red light does not light up.

When the engine warms up, ask to extinguishLittle. If you notice a white or bluish smoke from the exhaust pipe, then the motor, as they say, eats the oil, if it's black, then the ignition is misregulated. Look at the asphalt near the car, it's important that the oil does not leak.

Pull on the clutch pedal, see howshe works. Switch gears, they must be switched on clearly, without effort and extraneous sounds. Check the shock absorbers by pressing all the weights on the car in place over each wheel. The car should make one rolling, without knocking.

A cleanly washed motor also leads to suspicion.

We are bargaining

Do not go to the car market alone, it's betterto take with them a friend who is versed in cars, who knows how to find faults and to knock down the price. Do not show your excessive interest and admiration for the car, otherwise you will not destroy a ruble.

Attention, documents

If you decide: "Everything, buy a car from hand," be extremely careful when checking documents. Customs cleared cars, imported to us after 1994, necessarily have a PTA and a certificate of registration. The PTA noted where the car was driven from, about the removal and registration, which makes it clear how many owners this car owned. Frequent change of owners speaks about the problem of the machine.

Check the numbers of the aggregates, but rather punch themon the bases through the DPS staff, so that when registering, there are no unpleasant surprises so that your new car is not stolen, and even more so, "exposed" in any crime.

Do not buy or sell at all.machine by proxy, you risk becoming a victim of a scam who can withdraw a power of attorney unilaterally and pick up a sold car, and that's not the worst thing that can happen. Acquire the car only from the owner through a contract of sale and in his name. Better, of course, to buy a bu-car in a special car selling a car with mileage, there you just will not stumble on scammers, the only negative is that the cost there is an order of magnitude higher.

How to buy a car with hands, it is up to you to decide, butyou must constantly remember the risk and reduce its possibility to a minimum through its correct and thoughtful actions. Then you will surely be happy with your purchase, which will serve you faithfully.

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