How much does keratin hair straightening? Shampoo after keratin straightening

A neat hairdo, smooth strands is the effect desired by most women. How much does keratin hair straightening? After all, today this method is gaining popularity.

Arguments for

There is a lot of speculation about this method. Including his harm. Many girls, hearing about this method, expressed doubt and distrust. However, after understanding the essence of the procedure, you can understand that it not only does not spoil, but also improves the condition of the hair.

how much keratin hair straightening keeps

Consequences of Keratin Rectificationpositive. This is due to the use of protein that improves the condition of the ringlets. Where more harm is caused by using irons, taking away moisture, drying hair, making them hard, visited. In addition, the effect is more long-playing.

You do not have to stand in front of a mirror every dayironing, waking up half an hour earlier before going to work, which makes life easier for women. The hairstyle looks good not only right after laying, but also under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, bad weather conditions, wind, cold.

Locks, like health in general, do not harmonly external, but also internal factors: lack of sleep, stress, lack of vitamins, sedentary work, rare outdoor walks. In the modern world there are enough negative influences on the human body, the effect of contact with which the procedure of keratin hair straightening is able to reduce many times.

Beauty does not require sacrifice

The owners wavy and curly hair,which always wanted somehow to order, ironing is associated with the costs of time, effort and harm to the hair. Many waving at this venture by hand, realizing that it is better to give up the hairstyle of your dream, but to provide locks with health.

Learning about the new technique and its harmlessness,girls are curious as to how much keratin hair straightening keeps. Although for those who are not familiar with this procedure, the name sounds mysterious, but the technology is fairly simple. It is used with the enzyme of animal origin. Sheep, from which it is mined, are bred in New Zealand.

Additional usefulelements, the effect of which is to restore areas of hair damaged earlier, the formation of a protective layer. It is for this feature that keratin has been used so widely, and not for its leveling properties.

keratin straightening price

Effect duration

Deciding on the procedure, I want to fully realize whether the game is worth the candle. So how much keratin hair straightening is held, is it able to save the girl from the daily ritual with ironing?

Each organism is unique, and strands too (like itspart). So the effect depends on the length, general condition of the curls, the means that the client uses after visiting him, how often she washes her hair. To extend the action of useful elements, each can personally, following a series of simple recommendations. If the girl has hard curls, most likely, after the first washing of the head, they will begin to gradually curl back.

For the average length of the hairstyle is important the frequency of hikesin the bathroom. In order to establish how much keratin hair straightening is carried out, experiments were carried out using the same conditions. In some women, the first waves in the hairstyle appeared only after 3 months, others - after a month, with the first group using shampoo once a week, and the second - 2. Those who managed not to wet their heads for 14 days, enjoyed the effect procedures 4 months.

shampoo after keratin straightening

Where the roots grow from

Having dealt with the terms and filling with increasingconfidence in their desire to visit the salon, women are interested in what exactly will happen there, how keratin straightening is done, how this procedure has appeared.

In magazines about the care of themselves write about the Brazilianand the American method. So where did this method appear? In fact, in Israel. In the same place, techniques were developed to maintain the effect over a long period. The differences between the types of equalization are that different amounts of formaldehyde are used. This is really an important point, because with excessive use it can have a carcinogenic effect. A more gentle option is the American one. It is worth noting that in our country the same composition is often used for this and for the Brazilian method, while the customers of the salons do not go into details.

kit for keratin straightening

Cost of the procedure

An important question is how much it costskeratin straightening. Its price depends on the materials used and their percentage. Despite the fact that the American method brings a more short-term effect, it is necessary to pay for it more.

With the advent of the procedure in our country, the costStrikingly different in different salons. Then a single level of quotations for keratin straightening was established. The price depends on how much the hair is long and thick. It is necessary to focus on the amount in the range of 200-400 dollars. For most people this is a monthly wage, or even two. The procedure is not cheap is keratin straightening. Its price is not convenient for everyone. So even those whose budget does not suffer too much from such investments in health, carefully study information about the effect and timing.

effects of keratin straightening

What happens in the salon?

The procedure is divided into separate stages:

  • To begin with, the hair is cleaned. For this, shampoo is used, which provides intensive and deep cleaning. Thus, keratin molecules have the strongest effect.
  • The strands are evenly applied with protein-keratincomposition. The distance from the beginning of hair growth is no more than 1 centimeter. In the salon of the master choose the means and the percentage ratio of the elements depending on the "source material". The mask is not washed off. The hair dryer dries the curls. To ensure the penetration of air to the roots of hair, use a large brush.
  • Strands are divided into strands up to a width of 2.5 cm. Flat iron is used for straightening. The heating temperature is not more than 230 degrees. The protein covers the damaged areas, folding, so that damage to the locks is not caused. Hair does not become wavy due to the hardening of the cosmetic mixture.

After these simple manipulations, direct, radiant health locks from dreams become reality. Shampoo after keratin straightening promotes the prolongation of the effect.

keratin hair straightening procedure


It is worth noting that damaged hairindeed, they are restored, transformed externally, and are supplied by force. For many, this is a magic wand, with which you can bring your hairstyle to the desired state.

Hair care is performed by purchasing a kit for keratin straightening.

There are several popular brands on the market, fromwhich you can choose the most suitable for the price and result. Vials of different volumes are offered. The kit includes shampoo after keratin straightening, base material and mask.

When buying large bottles of women oftensave. The result comes instantly. The color lasts a long time, the paint is washed out longer. No need to use a hairdryer for styling. Hair becomes obedient, silky and smooth.


Beauty shoppers and those who have triedthis method alone, note that the effect is really pleasing. Disgruntled reviews appear due to a request to an unqualified master who does not follow the rules of the procedure. The same can be said about the users performing the procedure at home.

how is keratin straightening done

It is better to contact a certified specialist forrecommendations, so as not to throw a lot of money to the wind and not to harm the health of the hair. When the instructions are followed, the result is healthy, beautiful hair, smooth and silky, which are enjoyed for several months.

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