How many tiles to order?

When the house is being renovated or finished, you still have to buy ceramic tiles on the walls or on the floor. And since the tile is very expensive material, then I don’t want to buy too much. However, how to determine that the tiles have enough? This is a big trouble if a few tiles are not enough. So much work will be done in vain. It is not an option that you can buy exactly as much as you need. Yes, and find the exact shade is very difficult.

So, what do you need to know to count the number of tiles we need?

The answer to this question is as follows:

• Dimensions of the surface, which are going to lay tiles.
• Choose a technique and pattern in advance. Different patterns require a different number of tiles.

Keep in mind that, firstly, in each batch of tiles a few will definitely be defective. Secondly, some of the tiles will be damaged, or trimmed in the process. Thirdly, it is necessary that a few tiles remain in reserve, so to speak, because the tiles fit in for dozens of years, which means that the moment will come when you have to replace the cracked or broken.

Usually ordered for 10-15% more than was calculated.Now that you know all the nuances, it remains only to draw a scaled wall with your dimensions and calculate how many tiles you need.

Immediately where you will choose the tile, buy immediately and means for laying tiles. Simply, the materials are usually sold in stores by manufacturers. And the tile will be better to keep on the solution (glue) of his company. And also do not forget about putty between the cracks. Moreover, it will be easier to match the color by comparing tile and putty.

In addition, for laying ceramic tiles you will need a leveling solution for the walls, as the glue will not stick on a curved wall.

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