how many minutes to fry mushrooms?

how many minutes to fry mushrooms?

  1. as many as you like (you can eat them and raw ones)
  2. 20 minutes
  3. first they need to boil for X minutes, then fry the minutes 10
  4. 15-20 minutes, not for long.
    Champignons in sour cream sauce
    500 g fresh champignons, 2 bulbs, 2 cm. spoons of flour, 1 a glass of sour cream, / 2 glass of water, 3 cm. tablespoons of fat.
    Onion shred, fry in fat until ruddy, add flour and pass until yellow. Then pour in water, boil and season with sour cream. Peeled mushrooms are cut and roasted in fat, poured with a prepared sour cream sauce and baked in the oven.

    Champignons in milk sauce with cream
    400 g champignon, / 2 cup of milk sauce, / g glass of cream, 2 cm. tablespoons of butter, salt, pepper.
    Champignons cleaned, washed, cut, salted, sprinkled with pepper. Pour milk sauce and cream in equal quantities, add oil. In a closed bowl, bring to a low heat. Season with lemon juice.

    Champignons fried
    6-8 small champignons, 1 cm. a spoon of butter, 2 cm. tablespoons cream 30% fat, flour, lemon juice, pepper, salt, greens.
    The mushrooms are well washed, the legs are cut off, the hats are peeled off the film, the large ones are cut with slices, and the whole is cut, fried in oil over high heat, salt, pepper, and finely chopped greens. When the mushroom caps become soft, pour in thick cream or sour cream and boil, sprinkling with lemon juice. Mushrooms are served with boiled or fried potatoes, rice.

    Champignons fried
    70 g champignons, 50 g butter, 20 g flour, 1 egg, 50 g breadcrumbs.
    Champignons washed, put for a few minutes in salted or acidified water (lemon, acetic acid), so that the mushrooms do not darken. After that, boil in a small amount of water on low heat. Cool. The egg is lightly beaten, each mushroom is dumped in flour, then dipped in egg foam, and then into breadcrumbs and fry in boiling oil. Serve in a cold.

  5. from 15 to 20 minutes!
  6. 15 minutes, today I myself roasted. 15-this is written on the package, and I fried longer! )
  7. 15-20 min
  8. All the truth is pure and raw, you can eat and fry them quickly, but .... there are two French recipes that I can advise as ochchchchchchchchchchen delicious.
    With the first everything is simple-cap hats are put on the pans, plates up, in each there is a small piece of butter and all this is baked in the oven-readiness is determined by color. Mushrooms are served as an extra. garnish and salt directly in a plate. Otherwise they will give juice and skukozhatsya when baking.
    You can produce all the same actions, but with cheese, such as Swiss.
    The second recipe will take a little time, but it's worth it:
    Champignons are washed, and finely chopped (for this recipe, the finer, the better), in a deep frying pan in butter, the onion is left (5 min) and added to the mushrooms, salt and black pepper. It is fried until moisture evaporates from the mushrooms. Then put sour cream, red pepper and bring to a boil, but do not boil. You can serve as an independent dish on plates or dried bread. I experimented with rice and spaghetti and used mushrooms as a sauce. Delicious!
    For 4 people:
    1, 2 cup of onion (finely chopped)
    4 st. spoons of sl. oils
    500 g mushrooms
    1 tsp. salt
    0.25 hours. L. black pepper
    0.5 tsp. red pepper
    a glass of sour cream.
    In the original French recipe for red pepper 2 ch. Spoons, but I do not put so much. You can always add, right?

    Source: French cuisine and own experience.

  9. You can eat raw, that's for sure!
  10. 30 min .... like meat
  11. 10-15 minutes
  12. 0,01 minutes

    and they will be fresh. .

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