Home plants give the house a special comfort and convenience. A variety of shapes, shades of their leaves and flowers make the interior lively, give a special freshness and, as a rule, elevate a person's mood.

Climbing plants (indoor grapes, ivy, tradescantia), suspended with threads or decorative nails, will be able to decorate an empty wall or replace the now unfashionable wall carpet, close a poorly preserved wall of a closet or rack.

For registration of halls, lobbies, offices it is good to use refined palm trees, the ficus of lyre will effectively look.

Living rooms of large sizes will be able to decorate Chinese rosans, lilies, and school.

Houseplants do not only have an aesthetic function, but also have a healing value, since absorbing carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, they release oxygen into the air, making it cleaner and fresher. Of particular importance is the color of plants - green, since it is he who promotes relaxation, calming a person. Moisture evaporates from the surface of the leaves, which humidifies the air,which is especially necessary in winter, when the heating system is working, that is, the plants maintain a normal level of relative humidity in the premises.

Modern scientists have concluded that indoor plants contribute to improving the indoor microclimate. The leading place in this regard is taken by the usual chlorophytum. This plant is a very good air purifier, in Germany, for example, it is used as a "chemical vacuum cleaner" and placed in each room.

Many indoor plants are beneficial from a medical point of view. So, thuja, lemon tree, begonia, geranium, mint, chrysanthemum and others are rich in phytoncides, that is, volatile substances that can destroy pathogens. The fragrant essential oils secreted by plants can not only clean and refresh the air, but also save the room from harmful insects, such as mosquitoes, moths, and flies, because they cannot stand the smell of solanaceous geraniums.

The anti-radiation characteristics of cacti have already been proven. These are the only plants that survived on the high plateaus of Mexico, which are characterized by high levels of solar radiation.Since almost every modern house has a computer, the cactus is just a necessary part of its interior. This plant is also recommended to put in rooms with radio and television equipment.

Geranium is a kind of indicator of health: if you perceive the smell of geranium as unpleasant, you are fine, if it becomes pleasant, pay attention to the state of your nervous system.

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