House 9 to 9: lay-out of 1 floor, 2 floors

Today they are very popularown houses. Many families want to change a close apartment for him. In connection with great demand, there are many construction companies that offer their services. For an average or large family offer a house 9 to 9. The layout is done individually. Here you can tell the designer all your wishes. We will analyze, from what materials it is possible to build and how correctly to make a lay-out of a premise.

What is it - a dream?

There are many building materials. Most often people choose the following:

  1. Cant.Such buildings can be seen not only in the village,but also in private sectors and elite settlements. They look strictly and nobly. Ecologically clean material does not require any additional finishing. You can choose a project so that you have a house of 9 to 9. The layout is made according to your desire and convenience. Such a house can be built for a smaller budget, and quite solid. The beam for construction is offered in two types: profiled and glued.
  2. Brick.This is the most common material forthe erection of private residential buildings. Such houses are built much longer than from a bar, but they serve no worse. Cottages are more expensive than from any other material. Requires additional interior and exterior trim. The layout of the house 9 for 9 includes all the necessary living rooms and additional rooms.
  3. CIP panels.Such material was used inconstruction only recently. Houses built on Canadian technology, fell in love with many, because they have the lowest cost. Build cottages from SIP panels for two months. Need interior decoration and exterior facade of the building. There is a large selection of ready-made kits. Among them, you can choose for yourself a house 9 to 9, the layout of which will suit you and your family.

house 9 to 9 floor plan

We told you about the most famous and popular building materials. Now it is worthwhile to consider in detail what kind of planning a house can be.

Layout of the house from the bar

Turning to a construction company, you alwaysYou can use ready-made sketches with a developed layout or make your own individual project. So, the cottage of the bar may look like this:

1 floor: a hall, a kitchen-dining room, a children's room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a toilet;

2nd floor: small hall, two bedrooms - large and medium.

Also at the request of the client can be madeadditional outbuildings. Some projects include an annex in the form of a garage and the presence of a balcony. According to the project, there can be an attic floor, where an additional recreation room or a playroom is made. Fans of family picnics and lunches in the open air are invited to familiarize themselves with the house, which has a summer outbuilding:

1st floor: balcony, terrace, office, kitchen, bathroom and living room;

2nd floor: spacious hall, small pantry, three bedrooms.

If you have a large family with children, you can safelyChoose a house 9 to 9. The layout of the 2 floors can be changed by you. Instead of a pantry, you can make an additional bathroom. Also it is worth remembering that the room should be allocated a room, which is called a boiler room.

house layout 9 on 9

The layout of the premises of brick

If you plan to place in the house not onlyresidential area, but also economic, then for this the house 9 to 9 is ideal. Its layout can include a basement on which there are laundry rooms, workshops, boiler rooms and even a garage. Let's consider in more detail the building plan:

1 floor: a living room combined with a kitchen, a premise made for a dining room, a vestibule, a bathroom, outside there is a terrace and an annex to the house for a garage;

2nd floor: bathroom, two large bedrooms with balcony.

Under the project in such house can bemansard floor, on which an additional bedroom or a children's room. By itself, a brick house involves the cost of finishing the interior. The facade of the building can be finished with plaster or siding. In brick houses, you can make curved walls, if required by design.

The following structure combines non-standardsolutions. House 9 to 9, lay-out: 1 floor consists of a small corridor, bathroom, utility room, large living room combined with a dining room, kitchen and study. Next is a flight of stairs. On the second floor there is a large bathroom, combined with a toilet and three large bedrooms. There can live boldly 5 people.

house 9 to 9 floor plan 2 floors

House planning from SIP panels

As mentioned earlier, such buildings are being erectedfast. The next house layout is 9 by 9 most practical. In one building there were necessary rooms for living and at the same time nothing superfluous that could simply occupy the treasured square meters. Here's the detailed plan.

1st floor: entrance hall, bathroom, sauna, toilet, utility block, spacious hall with a leading staircase to the top, kitchen-dining room, living room;

2nd floor: bathroom, large common room, three bedrooms.

As can be seen from the plan, allThe necessary facilities that will make your stay comfortable and convenient. For a relatively small budget, you can get a quality and interesting cottage.

One-story buildings

They are suitable for a large plot of land and people,who do not like cumbersome buildings. When building, you need to know exactly what criteria the house 9 to 9 (planning) should meet. 1-storeyed mansion with the right location of the rooms will be spacious and comfortable. Here is the detailed plan of the whole cottage: an entrance hall, a boiler room, a spacious bathroom, three bedrooms, a living room combined with a kitchen with access to a terrace, a bathroom. Ideally, the house will be properly designed landscape design, which you can think over and yourself.

house 9 for 9 floor plan 1 storey

One-storey cottage with a loft

If you like compact houses, then howoption, you can arrange additional apartments on the roof. For large families in which people of different ages live, you can distinguish the premises and make several exits. So everyone will have their own personal space. This layout of the house is suitable for families who live with their parents.

house 9 for 9 floor plan 1 floor

We considered the most successful in our opinionthe layout of houses 9 to 9 in size, as well as popular building materials. Learned their features to each other. You can only choose the project you like and implement it. You can always use your own imagination and make your own individual sketch, which will be executed, based on your capabilities and needs. Construction companies will be able to choose a variant of the house, based on your financial condition.

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