Horoscope for Crayfish 2018

The horoscope for Rakov for 2018 resembles a complex chess game, in order to win it is necessary to show all your best qualities. A significant advantage of people born under this sign is that the Yellow Earthen Dog will play on their side, filling them with strength and inspiring to make bold and responsible decisions that will ultimately bring the desired result.

Horoscope for Crayfish 2018


What awaits Cancer in 2018?

Horoscope for Crayfish 2018

At the beginning of the coming year, the Raki will experience all the generosity and favor of the heavenly bodies. Good luck will accompany representatives of the mark in any endeavors, which will allow them to achieve significant success in both business and personal life. However, much will depend on the Cancers themselves, who will have to make a lot of efforts to win the favor of the Yellow Dog.

In the coming year, the stars will accompany the Cancers in the following areas:

  1. professional;
  2. love;
  3. family.

In March, certain unrest is expected in the usual course of everyday life. Fortunately, the band of instability will not last long, and in April the Raki will regain their confidence and abilities.

May is the best time to implement the most courageous professional projects. But here you should not rely entirely on luck. To achieve these goals, Cancers need to apply all of their best qualities, and in some cases show firmness of character.

In August, the sign’s representatives are awaited by a dizzying career takeoff. However, here one should be extremely careful, because in pursuit of professional perspectives one can lose the most important thing - warm family relations.

The first autumn months will be a continuation of a favorable strip in the life of Rakov. The exception will be November and December. It is at this time that they will have to face some difficulties. But in this case, the stars will help Cancers to overcome all obstacles with dignity and in the finale of the year to be on top of success.

Horoscope for men

Horoscope for Crayfish 2018

Throughout 2018, the life of Rakov will be eventful business. The Yellow Dog will give them every chance to fully realize their professional potential. Having shown all his diligence and zeal, the Cancer man can not only keep afloat, but also thoroughly strengthen his position financially.

The coming year for representatives of this sign is the ideal period for creating a reliable platform for the development of further success. Thanks to innate talents and sociability, Cancers will be able to easily attract profitable partners to their side, cooperation with which will bring many fruits in the form of financial profits.

The second half for Rakov will not be so cloudless. Competition and the restoration of shaky harmony in the family will take a lot of strength and energy, which will negatively affect their emotional state. However, the Cancers will open a second wind and there will be additional reserves to complete the year on a positive note.

Horoscope for women

Horoscope 2018 for Rakov. Man and woman

As in the male half of the mark, women in Cancers in 2018 will reign absolute harmony in both personal and professional life. Stars are preparing them a lot of romantic dating, from which the heart will tremble and beat with double the frequency. But at the same time, the Yellow Dog warns that in love affairs one should pay special attention to the object of amorous sighs, namely, the compatibility of horoscopes.

Astrologers argue that the year 2018 is the most favorable time for marriage. However, before accepting a marriage proposal, the stars advise to weigh the pros and cons again. Indeed, in the case of a hasty and rash decision, a Cancer woman risks becoming disillusioned in a relationship and falling into a long depression.

Office romances should also be neglected, since they will not have any further prospects.
In a whirlwind of romantic relationships, one should not forget about relationships with friends and relatives. Surely, in the coming year they will need your warmth and emotional support.

Love horoscope for Cancer for 2018

Horoscope 2018 for Rakov. Man and woman

In January and February, the well-known astrologer Vasilisa Volodina strongly recommends that you do not rush into the maelstrom of love affairs without thinking. In her opinion, only those relationships that will be tied in the spring of next year can have a positive and long-term perspective. In March and April, it is worthwhile to exert maximum efforts in order not to miss your chance to find true love.

It is likely that the future elect is in your immediate environment.The main thing - do not lose your head and soberly approach your choice, without ignoring the intuition inherent in Cancers.

Family members of the star sign portend a complete idyll, eliminating negative bursts and unpleasant surprises.

Famous representatives of the zodiac sign Cancer:

  • John Rockefeller (merchant, billionaire);
  • Marc Chagall (avant-garde artist);
  • Ernest Hemingway (classic of American literature);
  • Giorgio Armani (Italian designer);
  • Tom Cruise (Hollywood actor);
  • Mike Tyson (professional boxer).

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