Horoscope for 2019 for Tigers: women and men

Characteristics of tigersDo not bend under the changeable world - this advice gives the Eastern horoscope for 2019 Tigers. And this advice is fully consistent with his nature. It is easier for these proud and self-assured people to throw their breasts on the embrasure than to bow down to anyone. They recognize no authority other than their own.

But it is precisely audacity and recklessness that make it possible to achieve great victories, and not to languish on the sidelines of life. Thanks to charm and the gift of persuasion, Tiger easily finds supporters who are ready to follow him, support his most daring ideas and work on their implementation.

Another quality that is sure to come in handy is a sharp mind. People born in the year of the Tiger are very observant, and are able to analyze what they see and hear. Despite quick temper, they are patient in obtaining knowledge and solving complex problems.

What awaits the Tigers in 2019?

chinese tiger signFor the Tigers, 2019 will be a test time. But if they successfully sustain them, there will be a worthy reward.Tests are expected in different spheres of life: for some reason people around will see in the King of beasts a horse or a donkey, which can be harnessed and driven. They should be wary of unscrupulous employers and business partners, relatives and friends, some of whom will try to deceive the Tiger or to force him to act against their own interests.

No less dangerous for them and flatterers. Self-love requires admiration and praise of others, and in difficult periods, when there are more ill-wishers around than friends, someone can try to manipulate the Tiger with the help of flattering words.

But not only difficulties, but also the chances to achieve something more, will greatly change life for the better in a few days. Despite the success in business, you should not try to solve your problems with the help of gambling. The possibilities offered by fate are connected with science, commerce or sports.

Horoscope for men

tiger in costumeTo win is not enough to get involved in a fight - you also need to evaluate the forces of the enemy, think through strategies and tactics, take care of the possibility of maneuver and ways of withdrawal. The horoscope for a man promises him victory, but the fortress will surrender only after a long attack.

Often, he himself will have to go into a dull defense - in this case it is more profitable to go for a breakthrough, putting everything on a single throw. That is why it must be carefully thought out.

Both in private life and in business a man may face problems due to his non-binding nature. Do not violate these promises.

Hot temper and the desire to prove their case even in small things can also significantly complicate life, lead to serious conflicts with close people, colleagues, superiors and business partners. Tigger has a great sense of humor, but he often jokes not to cheer others, but to put people in a ridiculous light who dare to contradict him. Such seemingly harmless jokes can lead to the emergence of detractors. Kindness and generosity will help to avoid this and increase the number of their supporters.

Horoscope for women

tigressThe horoscope for 2019 for the Tiger woman promises love victories and the ability to start a family. But when accepting a marriage proposal, ladies should be cautious and think about whether mercenary motives are not moving.

This also follows when accepting proposals from employers - it is possible that there will be much more work and less pay.

For a woman - not the best time to start new affairs and changes. When making both significant and current decisions, one should not forget about diligence.

But this year will bring a lot of joy, which will be presented by lovers, friends, children, relatives. Women will be able to fully enjoy the carelessness, take care of themselves, pay a lot of attention to close people, their hobbies. Time is favorable for working on your image, getting an education, acquiring new skills and improving existing ones.

In order not to spoil relations in the work collective, with friends or neighbors it is necessary to avoid gossip, slander and reliably keep other people's secrets.

Love horoscope

tiger cub with a heartPassionate and charming representatives of the sign attract the attention of the opposite sex, they are loved, they seek their love, but few are willing to make a marriage with them.

With the problems in a relationship with a loved one in 2019, young Tigers, who have not yet turned 35, will be faced. Because of their quick temper and incontinence, they often offend even those who are very dear to them.

In more mature years, representatives of the sign, especially if they managed to achieve success in other areas of life, to achieve material well-being and emotional balance, find a common language with their loved ones much easier.

For those who have problems in the family, it will be possible to solve them and create harmonious relationships. Lonely Tigers should refrain in 2019 from entering into hasty marriages. Love at first sight can quickly melt away after the second. The danger is a meeting with dishonest and disinterested people who seek to use the Tiger, while he is blinded by passion. But if the relationship is already tested by time - the marriage will be very successful.

Money horoscope

tiger on coinsMoney for Tigers is important as evidence of their success; in everyday life, they often become ascetics. Given their vigor, intelligence, and luck, they rarely face financial problems, but to avoid this in 2019, they need to avoid:

  1. Gambling
  2. Abuse of alcohol and other stimulants.
  3. Excessive gullibility - chances of meeting with fraudsters are high.
  4. Investing in projects related to vehicles, buying a car on credit.
  5. Unjustifiably high representation costs from both the personal budget and the budget of the company headed by Tiger.

To correct their financial affairs will allow work related to high technology, the sale of consumer goods, agricultural products.

Perhaps in the fall there will be additional costs associated with the education of children, or relatives and friends will need help. But it will be possible to increase your income, so you should not save on vacation - in spring or summer you can afford interesting trips, long journeys.

Career horoscope

tiger in a suit and briefcaseBoth men and women born in the year of the Tiger seldom agree to uninteresting routine work. They seek to engage in exciting business or lead people.

The Eastern horoscope for 2019 for Tigers who are looking for a job promises unexpected offers, often in a different field of activity. It is necessary to resist the first impulse dictated by the thirst for change, analyze it and make sure that the employer is honest and in good faith. And only after that agree.

Those who seek to occupy a higher position need to pay more attention to relationships with people.Even if management values ​​business, it may refuse to move it up because of an insignificant but violent conflict with one of its employees. Problems may also arise from careless words that will be passed on to the wrong ears.

The year is favorable for expanding a business that brings a steady income.

Health horoscope

The main enemy of health will be overweight, but at the same time, the year is favorable for fighting it. These active people suffer from physical inactivity only if they are engaged in an interesting business at a desk or at a computer. In this case, it is important to understand that in order to continue to work effectively, you need to pay attention to your body. The main thing is to start, and then these active people quickly become accustomed to regular trips to the gym, to the pool, to morning jogs or workouts and get pleasure from it.

It is equally important to pay attention to nutrition - it is better to limit fried and spicy dishes, sandwiches, and most importantly - alcohol and cigarettes. It is useful to spend weekends and holidays in the fresh air, choosing active forms of recreation.

Health problems can provoke overwork, so at any age it is not necessary to reduce sleep time in order to have more time, even if fatigue is not felt.

People born in the year of the Tiger: Marilyn Monroe, Charles de Gaulle, Adriano Celentano, Yuri Andropov, Yevgeny Leonov, Karel Capek, Sergey Lavrov, Vladimir Vysotsky, Yevgeny Evstigneev, Natalia Krachkovskaya.

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