Heated floor in your home

Water floor is used to heat your home or cottage. It is advantageous to use such floor, both in separate big rooms, and as heating for all structure. The advantages of such heating are clearly visible when the heating area is spacious. And, if you only need a warm floor in the bathroom, then electric heating is better.

That is what the scheme of the device of water heated floors is. Below is the main plate, followed by waterproofing and heat insulation, then it is desirable to put insulation with an aluminum surface, then the pipes themselves go, after which the concrete screed and the flooring itself are required. By the way, when choosing a floor covering, look at the marking, whether it can be laid on a heated floor.

The very principle of warm floors is most successful for heating a room. Since, warm air rises from the bottom, without concentrating on any side of the room. All this provides significant savings, and the higher your ceiling, the more economical it will be for you to use such a heating principle.

Experts will make calculations to find out whether a water-heated floor is suitable for use in your home. If you give a positive answer to them, you can order the installation behavior

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