Happy Easter! Congratulations with pictures and poems

Christ is risen! Let it be happiness
The soul is always full!
Warmth and sunshine in the sky clear
Let it never run out!

Hope with faith will help
Any difficulties to go through!
Let saves guardian angel
Always on the path of life!

The bells are ringing. The people in the churches.
Smiles of grace on the lips.
The most important thing in the world of miracles
Christ is risen! Truly resurrected!

Christ, hearken to prayers and choirs,
Itself filled the house and the temple of God.
Close your eyes, feel - He is with you,
Eternal guardian and savior of yours!

Christ is risen! And over the planet
Born life a new day,
And in the heavens the creation of light
Night wins the shadow.

We wish you good and peace,
Let the string of love sing,
So that each post ends with a feast
And Easter - every spring.

Christ is risen! In love rays
Disappear sorrow grim cold,
May joy reign in hearts
And those who are old, and those who are young!
Covenant of the blessed Heaven
We hear the song Sunday,
Love, and happiness, and forgiveness, -
Christ is risen!

Easter Sun-hugs,
Spring reigns behind the window,
Only once a year does it happen,
And in every house the smell of cake,

To him and eggs in different colors,
As a symbol of life shimmer, shine,
Sorry, only we understand this over the years,
But the heaven of error will forgive everyone!

The most important holiday
And Christ is risen!
Let the Easter fly
Voiced evangelism

May God give you patience
Wisdom and peace
Happiness, rebirth
With every spring!

Holy Easter came to the house,
And the bell ringing everywhere!
It is time to forgive everyone!
And now wish each other:

Health, long life years!
Good and reliable friends!
That in the house tasty groin dinner!
And so that everything can be realized!

This holiday unites us,
This holiday gives us strength
Every believer day this notes
Bright Easter is visiting us,

And we wish for you on Sunday,
That the Lord always keeps from troubles
May every day be truly miraculous,
Great happiness for many, many years!

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!
Easter is coming to us!
Praise the grace of heaven!
Let everyone go to the temple!

You pray today
For the Savior of Christ,
Grate thanks up -
Your life will be clean!

Happy Easter!
I wish you love, care and affection!
The table is full of treats,
And the guests will cheer you up.

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