Hairstyles for short hair for women

A modern woman, keeping pace with the times,rather often prefers a short haircut. But this does not mean that hairstyles for short hair do not require too careful care, quite the contrary, long hair sometimes does not differ so painstaking care as haircuts. Because a short haircut must be made and stacked much more often. At least once a month, you need to visit a hairdresser only for haircuts, and for styling, and generally every day. Well, if you own this skill.

So, before making a decision aboutcardinal change in appearance, we must weigh all the pros and cons and only then decide or abandon their idea. Sometimes, however, it's very hard to part with the idea of ​​a haircut, it happens as an obsession will overtake - and although you understand that "hair is not ears - grow back," sometimes you have to feel some discomfort from the ill-conceived dream. In order not to suffer in the future, again growing your hair, do not forget that only the perfect shape and clear lines of the face in combination with good skin give the right to any short haircut, whether it's a hedgehog or a square. Hairstyles for short hair are very strongly accented, first of all, the eyes, and then the features and shape of the face. In other cases, you need a thorough, you can say a meticulous selection of hair, and even a consultation of a real professional is desirable.

So, adhering to the principles of selection of haircuts,first of all, women's hairstyles should be excluded for short hair to ladies with a fat or broad-boned figure, since the excessive completeness or angularity of their complexion will be emphasized. Not make a harmonious short hairstyle and a figure of lean tall girls. Such haircuts with a short neck, broad shoulders are poorly combined, emphasizing masculinity in the female form. You can not hide facial defects such as a massive chin or thin lips, since the length of the hair barely reaches the chin, drawing attention to facial features that would be better to hide.

Can not be better suited hairstyles for shorthair graceful, slim girls. It will be successfully emphasized chiseled shoulders, a swan neck, expressive eyes, a miniature image. Small imperfections of the face can be masterfully concealed with the help of a short haircut. For example, a chubby haircut with a maximum profiled strands on the sides and a thick crown will suit a chubby person. Rounded face is straight or sloping bangs in the haircut "under the boy", but with the volume at the sides. A short "bean" with a volume on the vertex will successfully hide the "pear-shaped" face with torn elongated strands in front, slightly hiding the cheeks.

In the case where you managed to pick up perfectlya suitable haircut, it remains only to learn how to beautifully style it, because it does not require laying just a hairstyle for short hair, made in man's manner. The rest need minimal, but obligatory daily styling. Currently, there are many styling products for hair (mousses, gels, waxes, varnishes, etc.). The main thing in choosing, of course, is the structure and specificity of the hair.

An irreplaceable tool that allows in a fewminutes to make even festive hairstyles for short hair, is a time-tested varnish, with the help of which it is possible to perform florid complex lay-ups in conditions of lack of time. To create a romantic image, it is enough to use various decorative elements (artificial flowers, hairpins, crabs), laying smooth hair with one or several accessories, which will make the hairdress emphasized evening. Or, on the contrary, create a volume on short hair, whipping them high and using special styling products. An additional decorating stroke can serve as a line for the separation of whipped hair with a bang, decorated with a shiny varnish or a beautiful rim.

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