Gifts for men funny (for colleagues). Interesting ideas

This problem seems to be as old ashumanity. At least twice a year before women there is simply an unsolvable question: what to give to men? On their birthday or on February 23 do not want to present something banal, socks, for example. If you can still deal with a gift for a loved one and relatives, when it comes to giving presents to colleagues, it's simply not clear how to present something both original and useful, necessary. Just this can be gifts for men cool. There are a lot of them today.

Pay attention to the hobbies

For your birthday, you should prepare thoroughly. There will not just be an interesting pen, an amusing notebook or a mug, a gift should be more impressive.

Funny gifts for men on their birthdayIn order not to make a mistake with the choice, there isa few fairly simple rules. First of all it is necessary to start from the hobbies of the birthday boy. A gift for him should be interesting, first of all, to him, and only then to you and everyone else. In advance, find out what the culprit of the celebration is fond of, what kind of sport he prefers, whether he likes to read.

Funny gifts for men on their birthdaycan be absolutely any, but it will be terribly insulting if you present an interesting set of matches of three different types to someone who has never been in a hike. A colleague will immediately understand that your choice was unreasonable, and it is unlikely that such a gift will bring him joy.

Presentations related to work

If the time before the birthday is small, you can givea gift based on the profession of a man. They are usually inexpensive, very funny and will definitely be useful in the office. For example, a photographer can present a mug in the form of an objective, a programmer - a flexible keyboard from the computer.

gifts for men funnyThe boss, who literally lives in the wallshis office, you can give for the birthday all that will decorate his desk. For example, a small desktop fireplace. Such a thing will add comfort, it will not be very noticeable, and yet it is unlikely that such things can be found elsewhere.

Cover for glasses

But it is not necessary to buy ready-made presents,it is possible to create cool gifts for men on their own birthday. It's amazing how many interesting things, and, most importantly, the right one can be made from an old tie with just a few simple manipulations. For example, from this male accessory it is easy to create a cover for glasses. Practical, convenient, and always necessary for many men. Even if a birthday colleague does not wear glasses every minute, if he is older than 30, most likely when working with documents his eyes already need help. To create a cover, it is necessary to pick up a tie in such a way that it was a little longer than the glasses.

Funny gifts for February 23, male colleaguesWhen the desired option is already available, simply putglasses inside. The rest of the tie is used as a lid. For these purposes, you can attach double-sided tape or Velcro to the end of the tie, only this option is not too practical. If time allows, and you still remember the simple lessons of home economics, it is better to make an eyelet at the end of the tie, and a little lower will have to sew a beautiful button. Such a case will certainly last long enough.

Original pack of socks

In addition to ties, you can use otherhandy materials associated with men. For example, socks, only, of course, new. Of these, you can make an interesting packaging for the main gift, small in size. To do this, the present must be carefully laid in a pair of socks. Having presented such a gift to a birthday person, it's worth to watch his reaction. Initially, a colleague, most likely, will be disappointed by the fact that he was presented such a banality for his birthday, but how he will be surprised to find that socks are just a wrapper.

Flash Drives

Happy birthday is all about clear, but after all,besides this day, there is also on February 23. This is the holiday, when you just need to congratulate all male colleagues, and make it interesting. After all, only in this case it will be possible to wait with a calm soul on March 8.

fun gifts for men on their own birthdayFunny gifts for February 23It is even easier for male colleagues to choose even than those that are given for a birthday. All because, no matter how important this holiday was, it is clear that on this day all the guys in the team are congratulated, which means that the presents themselves are smaller than those that are given once a year, individually to everyone. What gifts to choose for men funny? For example, it can be original flash drives. Since there are many options, you can choose the right one for each colleague. Let them cost approximately the same, but one can present a flash card in the form of a camera, another - in the form of a ball. Here everything is again tied for interests.

fun gifts for men on February 23 with their own handsAn interesting and interesting solution for February 23 will be gifts of the appropriate subjects: binoculars, flasks, hats for baths / saunas. You can present a present to all male colleagues at once.


What other fun gifts for men at 23February at work give? For example, games. It's just a great option. Presenting a darts or table football from a female team is a very unusual idea. It would be nice to have permission to install all this right in the office so that you can play at lunchtime. Naturally, this should not affect the quality of the work performed. That's just no matter how understanding your boss was, to give cards for poker is definitely a bad idea. Excitement is still incompatible with work.

Present the boss

By the way, about the boss. Even if one gift was chosen for all male colleagues, the chef should be congratulated separately. At the same time, his gift should not be too different from what you gave to ordinary employees, if not in the sense, at least for the price. The boss can be given a medal of the best chef, an honorary letter or even an Oscar statuette. All this is very funny and quite appropriate on February 23.

Other gifts for men funny with their own hands

If all this seems too common, you cango on a tested path and give colleagues gifts, made with his own hands. Of the same ties, you can make excellent keychains. To do this, a mini tie is tied from the neckline of the tie, and it will be put on the ring of the key fob. You can also make a frame for a photo, using a variety of techniques: from just cutting scissors to papier mache. Whatever the performance, photo frames - it's uniquely fun gifts for men on February 23 with their own hands. A photo can also be a part of such a presentation, and it's better to choose something funny.


So it turns out that today is not so difficultsurprise colleagues. Unique gifts for cool men can be found ready-made or, even better, made by themselves. It is clear that the roads are in fact always not the present itself, but the attention given.

fun gifts for men on February 23 at workAnd yet it will be doubly pleasant for a man-colleague toget a birthday or on February 23 something original and cool. Laughter prolongs life, and the positive always remains in the memory. So if there is not enough time to choose, and there are no real options, it is absolutely worthwhile to look at the gifts not only necessary, but also merry.

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Gifts for men funny (for colleagues). Interesting ideas Gifts for men funny (for colleagues). Interesting ideas Gifts for men funny (for colleagues). Interesting ideas Gifts for men funny (for colleagues). Interesting ideas Gifts for men funny (for colleagues). Interesting ideas Gifts for men funny (for colleagues). Interesting ideas Gifts for men funny (for colleagues). Interesting ideas Gifts for men funny (for colleagues). Interesting ideas Gifts for men funny (for colleagues). Interesting ideas Gifts for men funny (for colleagues). Interesting ideas