Gifts boy for the new 2018 year

What unusual gifts to buy a boy for the New 2018 - a difficult question. The answer to it can be found now. Out of hundreds of gift ideas, you will surely find something that will impress your boy.

100 interesting gifts to the boy for the New 2018

  • An interesting book about girls, so that a young gentleman from childhood would learn to find a common language with the opposite sex.
  • Exotic pet like ocelot.
  • Sports adventure adventure with treasure hunt in the snowy mountains.
  • Home planetarium for a dreamer and romance.
  • Alarm clock with a target for a lazy dog ​​who does not like to wake up. Until you hit the target, the persistent alarm will not stop ringing.
  • Named lamp with engraving - the name and wishes for the New 2018 are highlighted on the glass.
  • A wooden, metal, crystal or sculptural 3D puzzle is for the future inventor.
  • Developing 3D constructor.
  • A set of "Ink for spies" for the young intellectual chemist.
  • Set for experiments with solar energy - it's time to warm up with a creative gift during the New Year holidays.
  • Delicious marmalades in a nominal jar "From the hated study" - time to relax and gain strength before the second half of the year.
  • Tasty help in a personalized jar "Out of boredom".
  • Tasty help in a personalized jar “From social networks”, if a boy spends much time on the Internet.
  • The board game "Evolution" is an interesting gift for the New Year with the name of a boy.
  • Virtual piloting will leave unforgettable impressions for the whole coming year.
  • Real snowmobile ride.
  • Self-cleaning aquarium for a young ichthyologist.
  • The designer transforming robot on the solar battery.
  • Set "Scientific Experience."
  • A colony of the most real living ants for desperate parents of an inquisitive boy.
  • A glass incubator for breeding ants with the ability to watch and shoot video of how an ant appears from a tiny egg.
  • Diamond sword for the fan "Minecraft".
  • Soft pillow with a collage of photos of your boy.

Boy gift

  • Children's Imaginarium is a board game that will entice not only the boy, but also his friends.
  • Electronic piggy bank, automatically tightening the bills, for the younger banker.
  • Board game for the active boy "Ball of Shalun."
  • Wall lamp "12 phases of the moon" - this is 12 modes of moonlight on the wall.
  • A 3D pen that writes with molten plastic will allow you to draw and then play with your own drawings.
  • Multitul for the boy handyman.
  • Chameleon mug, which changes its color.
  • 3D-sculpture of a boy in any size.
  • Flying ball
  • Cookies with New Year's predictions for a sweet tooth.
  • Glowing fingers - 4 different colors.
  • Name plate or mug.
  • Mug with a photo of the boy.
  • Gadget "Virtual Guitar" for a novice musician.
  • Bright headrest pillow.
  • Starry sky projector on the ceiling.
  • Flying fish "Clown" on the control panel - swims through the air.
  • Glasses-tubes for New Year's drinks to amuse both the boy and his friends.
  • Inflatable seat original colors.
  • Nuts with wishes, painted in different colors.
  • Drum set for the fingers with a recording device.
  • Aqua-farm "Golden Fish" - all wishes come true in the new year.
  • Canvas "Vintage cards" for the young lover of travel.
  • Pop art portrait of childish funny boy photos.
  • Rubik's ball, instead of the traditional cube.

Boy gift

  • Neocube or magnetic constructor.
  • Moneybox-magician with the effect of disappearing coins.
  • Apparatus for making cotton candy - a treat for the new year is provided for both the boy and all guests.
  • Piggy bank chewing and swallowing money.
  • 3D maze for puzzle lover.
  • Tablet for drawing water instead of the usual digital tablet.
  • Set "Magnetic experiments."
  • Wooden tram with rails - we collect the whole family under the Christmas tree.
  • Emotional keyboard with funny emoticons in addition to the usual letters.
  • Muulak is the original gift for a boy who cannot live a day without milk. The muulelnik is a glass jug imitating a cow udder.
  • Pop art on canvas based on the boy's favorite photo.
  • Lamp-collage from different photos of the boy.
  • Cork Globe for a young traveler - you can put carnations-marks of all the places that the boy visited.
  • A logical game for a thinking boy.
  • T-shirt with the original inscription.
  • Scratch-map of the world - conquer the whole world with a coin.
  • Happy New Year's name thermoglass - so that the boy will always be warm.
  • Digital photo frame - every day a new photo.
  • Breakfast table in bed with New Year wishes.
  • Electronic firefly in the bank.

Boy, gift, new year

  • New Year's edition of a glossy magazine with articles about your boy and his best photos.
  • A book about your boy with his photos.
  • Table-top punching bag to lift the mood.
  • An interactive T-shirt that can sound like a guitar, synthesizer or drum.
  • Original cover for the book.
  • Mug, which itself mixes sugar.
  • Portrait on a photo in any historical suit.
  • Chocolate card for a boy.
  • Plant in the bank "Happy New Year!"
  • Big-eyed watchman - talking cheldobrek, which remembers the voices of all households.
  • Thermal calendar - every day opens by pressing your finger and tells about the memorable events of the day. Looks very nice.
  • Personal water balloon with a photo of a boy.
  • Photo puzzle from the photo of the boy.
  • Glowing laces - garlands in sneakers and shoes in a dark corridor.
  • Touch brush for the future creator.
  • Tabletop globe with hinged lid and candies inside.
  • Dance mat - an unusual gift for the meeting of an unforgettable New Year.
  • Bursting bubble calendar for the New 2018 year.
  • "Eternal calendar" on the magnet with the original image.
  • The stun detector of lie - a creative gift for the boy for New 2018 and his friends.
  • 3D glasses "Virtual Reality".

Boy, gift, new year

  • The lamp “Avatar-mushrooms” - instead of the colored garland, will remind of the holiday all year round.
  • A set of naknizhnyh bulbs.
  • Snow crossbow for fun walks in the New Year holidays.
  • Hugging pillow, while you are not near the child, will warm him and put him to bed.
  • Piggy maze.
  • A set of mustache overhead.
  • Digital microscope with video recording.
  • The scarf, knitted in the form of a funny animal, is a dog, a cat, a fox.
  • Laser scissors for precision work.
  • A device for making snowballs is an original gift for a boy for the New Year holidays.
  • Multi-colored waterproof candles - will create a festive atmosphere in the boy's room.

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