Gas generator to give

Картинки по запросу Газовый электрогенератор для дачи

Due to the lack of a stable voltage in the power supply network, electrical appliances quickly fail. Anyway, frequent power outages can hardly be called a pleasant phenomenon. This problem is especially familiar to residents of country houses. The solution to this situation can be the installation of a gas generator, a diesel generator or a gasoline generator.

Modern models of gas-powered generators for summer cottage are units that work in conjunction with an internal combustion engine. The principle of operation of these plants is the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. In view of this, choosing a generator, pay attention to the power of this unit. Power, in turn, directly depends on the amount of electricity consumed in the country.

In addition, the gas generator for the dacha can act as the only source of electricity (in this case, you need a more powerful unit) or be a backup energy supplier.Even with equal overall dimensions, the output power of gas units can be completely different.

Invaluable advantage of gas generators - cost-effective use of the unit. The unit that runs on natural gas or propane-butane mixture from a cylinder is twice as economical as devices operating on diesel fuel. But for units connected to the trunk gas, this figure exceeds tenfold.

At the same time, the gas generator for giving also has a full list of other advantages:

* almost silent;

* clean exhaust;

* does not vibrate;

* easy operation;

* safety and other (especially useful) qualities.

Due to the fact that the gas does not contribute to metal corrosion, this unit will serve for quite a long time.

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