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The garbage reform in Russia is stalling: the authorities have tackled the problem until the last, and now they cannot cope with bureaucracy and local corruption. Recently adopted laws are good for all but one thing - they do not work. We'll see if the new rules for separate garbage collection, which will take effect on January 1, 2019, can make a difference.

Garbage Crisis

Problems with the disposal of garbage did not appear yesterday - they were brewing for a long time, but the federal authorities preferred to simply ignore them. It was necessary to modernize the system according to the European model ten or fifteen years ago, but at that time no one had anything to do with it: it was very convenient to cash in on gray schemes.

As a result, they reached the full-scale crisis. The landfills are overcrowded and exploited with violations, and citizens are more than ever ready to defend their right to clean air - and this protest is increasingly flowing into a political one: recent unrest in the Moscow region is a vivid example. But the closure of problem dumps does not change anything globally.

garbage can

No one wants to endure the mountains of garbage in their side, and this is absolutely true - gradually garbage dumps are squeezed out of large cities into the outback. However, the further you have to carry the garbage, the more it will be more expensive - and any noticeable increase in tariffs again causes resentment; In general, the situation is stalemate.

The authorities realized the need for the most drastic measures too late: the first attempt to regulate the collection and disposal of waste in a new way was made only in 2014. Several more decisions followed, quite reasonable on paper, but invariably useless when it comes to practice.

Marking time

All because of - resistance in the field. The garbage business is very profitable, so the reform was perceived by many simply as a signal to redistribute the local market. The ruling clans coupled with the bandits successfully seize the garbage industry in the regions, skillfully bypassing or simply ignoring the requirements of federal laws.

The new order requires the regions to develop detailed waste management schemes - from landfills to individual urns. At first they planned to finish this stage in early 2017, but in the end it had to be postponed right up to 2020.The development of Terschem cost taxpayers 587 million rubles - but in most regions the money was just cut.

Regional programs, which should be developed on the basis of these schemes, are, at the very least, only in 18 regions, and all this against the background of confusion with tariffs, regulations and operators. According to experts, the reform will not be fully completed by 2020 - and some people suggest that it should be postponed until better times.

separate garbage collection

Parliamentarians continue to stamp the laws. From the beginning of 2019, new rules for separate collection of garbage will come into force: now shops and households do not need licenses to accumulate waste, and the authorities of the regions are now obliged to coordinate with the citizens the location of all garbage infrastructure like landfills and sorting stations.

According to federal officials, as a result of garbage reform, the fee for disposal of solid waste will increase by an average of 12%, which will increase the average payment for housing and communal services by 1%. However, experts and market participants are warning of a much more significant increase: for example, in some cities, tariffs have doubled, and in Moscow their growth is possible by 60–70%.

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