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Already that month, the network is buzzing, as if disturbed by a bee swarm, with might and main in discussing the two-minute trailer for the new DMC, as well as a few leaks from people close to the project from different places.

Apparently, we are waiting for a full reload of the franchise (not the next version of the restarting of the DMC: Devil May Cry, namely the large-scale continuation of the fourth series), its substantial maturing and the realization of the attempt to reach a much larger audience without insulting the revolutionary changes of the fans.

General information about the game:

  • Genre - slasher / action
  • Setting - Dark Anime Fantasy + Real World
  • Developer - Capcom
  • Publisher / Localizer - Capcom
  • Release Date - 2019

It is not yet known whether Hideki Kamiya, the creator of the first game of the series, will be involved in the development - Capcom has now fully placed responsibility for the sequel on Hideki Isuno, who was involved in all the subsequent (after the first) parts of Devil May Cry.

The official announcement, I want to believe, is not far off, and for him, most likely, will choose some kind of loud platform, it is possible that even the home Sonya.

Story line

Chronologically they are going to withstand the sequence of release of parts, therefore, this franchise series will be a logical continuation of the fourth edition. As the main protagonist, we will again see Dante, but who has become, perhaps, more mature, although, of course, he has not lost his firm sense of black humor.

devil may cry 5 2019 release date

Besides him, there will be other personalities as playable characters, in particular, a message flashed that a candidate was being considered, including Nero. For Dante, the story will become much more personal, and the plot component will finally reach the leading positions, placing the long-awaited dot above the “i” in the arch of the Sons of Sparda.

Also in the story a lot will be concentrated on Virgil and Trisha, by the way, the young lady will be assigned even some key role, up to the possibility of fully playing for her. As an antagonist, we will be offered a certain “Prince of Darkness” (very similar to the son of Mundus, but not a fact ...).

Game world

The game card will become more open, but of course, there is no talk about a seamless world. Leave the division into levels, however, they will become more similar to something in the style of Dragon’s Dogma, than what we have seen in the last series of the game.

devil may cry 5 pc

Research here will be of great importance, and short-term events will not be in principle. And, again, there is no talk about falling down to the level of musou, despite the fact that crowds of opponents will become even thicker, therefore, the slasher will become even more grotesque.

As for the terrain, judging by the trailer and the maps in the network, we will deal with something very similar to Fortuna City. At least at the beginning. No one knows more nuances about the game world of Devil May Cry 5.

Gameplay Devil May Cry 5

As features of the DMC5 gameplay, it is worth noting the reworked system of deviations, a much more effective smoothing of movements, as well as their increased realism. In addition, they are going to destroy the presence of the endurance panel.

devil may cry 5 2019 system requirements

The main feature: on the crowd, the camera is planned to lift up automatically to provide a feeling of better dynamics of battles and to give new breath to the adoption of tactical decisions.

As before, the levels will be oversaturated with bosses, and one of them will pass like a red thread through several episodes at once, presenting it in one or the other incarnation.

And the gaming environment will become more responsive to interaction, and this interactivity will significantly enrich the combat system with various intriguing variations.

The most interesting thing is that it is not yet known whether the promised online element will be realized - the studio now prefers to keep silent about it, only vaguely hinting that a full-fledged multiplayer is still not being discussed (at least its pvp component).

devil may cry 5 2019 news

Most likely, we mean some cooperative mode of moving through the mission, although no one takes the courage to make any accurate predictions on this subject, knowing the unpredictability and love of the Japanese for surprises.

But what is known for sure is that the nonlinearity of the reaction to each action and the decision of the player will be a cut above. This will be expressed in retaliatory attacks of opponents, and in the strategic planning of the plot twists and turns.

Graphics and music

DMC5 is going to fundamentally change its design, taking the evolution of God of War as an example. That is, it will be much less from anime, and much more from cinematic realism.

They promise 60 frames / sec thanks to a completely new approach to optimization and long-lasting magic over the current version of the engine on which this creation is written.

devil may cry 5 2019 review

In addition, the creators of fruitful work on ridding the publication of all previous, sometimes even anecdotal, flaws, like passing a sword through the fabric of a cloak worn on the main character and other things.

The role of Dante will be invited again to Ruben Langdon, famous for the first part of the series, and Virgil, Nero and Trish will be talking in the same original voices. In general, they plan to interleave the action more intensively with plot rollers (some talk about a few hours of such video sequences in total).

System Requirements and Platforms

Initially, the new game will be released exclusively as a PS4-exclusive, but there are hopes that, as before, they will eventually provide for the PC version.

Although at the moment, according to insiders, Sony partially invests in its development and has entered into an agreement on publication (it is not known for how long) on ​​the terms of the platform holder.

Apparently, soon after the first announcement, they will have to launch a demo version, however, it is not yet known through which channels access will be organized for it.

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