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Did you know that it is possible to make very beautiful furniture out of ordinary wooden pallets? In this article, you will learn how to quickly and easily make home and country tables, beds, indoor and outdoor sofas, benches and other things. We have collected the best ideas and tips for you, as well as important step-by-step instructions so that you can make furniture from pallets with your own hands.

furniture from pallet
Wooden pallets, a minimum set of tools, paint and a few extra elements are all you need to repeat these ideas. Study, be inspired and get down to business - you will definitely succeed!

The beds

Let's start with the most popular use of wooden pallets: most often they make beds. We suggest you look at both the most simple and complex, quite original and very beautiful options.

bed of pallet

Here is an ordinary suburban version of the bed of wooden pallets. Need an extra bed in the attic or you just do not want to spend money on buying a bed in a house where you go in the summer, and even then not too often? This idea is for you!

We take four wooden pallets.Two unfold horizontally, two - vertically. We fasten them together so that the design is strong. Paint the future bed of the pallets in the desired color. For reliability, you can fix the paint with varnish. Bed a thick mattress, and your bed of wooden pallets is ready! And on the sides there were places that can be used as a bedside table.

bed of pallet

Another simple and clean country option - a bed from one pallet. It is more suitable for children. We take the pallet, knock down the side faces with wooden slats, add a few beams to the bottom so that it turns out to be stable. Put a thick mattress on top.

bed of pallet

It remains only to paint the bed from the pallet in a bright color. Children will be happy to sleep on such a feather bed - they often like something like that.

The next option is a large double bed. It will fit not only in the country, but also in the urban interior (if, of course, everything else in your bedroom corresponds to a similar natural style, and if you like wood).

bed of pallet

To make a large double bed of pallets with your own hands, we need 15 small pallets or 5 large ones.We put them in two or three rows on each other and fasten together. At the head of the head set the vertical pallet, putting it on the long side (or three small pallets - set across).

This homemade bed can not even be painted if the pallets are in good condition. It is enough to simply varnish and tie a mattress to it. Inside the wooden pallets, you can install artificial LED lighting to add romance to the bedroom.


You can make excellent tables from wooden pallets with your own hands: home and outdoor. They can be a real highlight of the interior or suburban area. If it is good to work on the painting and to dream a little, you will have an original designer table.

A simple table on wheels can be used both at home and in the country. To make it, you will need three pallets, wood glue (however, you can fasten pallets in any other way) and four wheels for furniture.

pallet table

It is unlikely that you will need additional instructions: lay the pallets on each other, fasten, fasten the wheels. If pallets with gaps, knock together a tabletop of equal width panels.

You can paint the table, or you can simply varnish it so that the trays do not deteriorate from contact with water. By the way, the space between the bars serves as a convenient shelf for small things.

If you want to tinker a bit, cut down the inner parts of the lower pallets. In this case, it is better to abandon the wheels. Paint a coffee table from pallets at your discretion, add corners on the table top.

pallet table

Such a table will already attract the attention of your guests. It will be hard to believe that you made it out of some wooden pallets, and with your own hands.

The table described above looks quite massive, so if you need something easier (for example, for a living room), choose the option of a coffee table made from only two wooden pallets.

coffee table from pallet

The pallets are fastened, then the wheels are screwed. You can not even paint, he is so good.

If you want to make this table more original, cut off the inner and upper beams of it, replace with a tabletop assembled from wooden panels.

pallet table

It remains only to paint it on interesting stencils and close the surface with varnish.

You can also make a high table from ordinary wooden pallets.

pallet table

You will need three wooden pallets. Two of them we put vertically and saw off the excess (we adjust the height of the table for ourselves). Top cover design with another pallet, again saw off excess (adjust the width of the tabletop). It will only fasten the structure from all sides. Additionally, you can add drawers that are also made of the remains of pallets, and put glass on top so that the view of the table from the pallets is complete. Well, do not forget, of course, about bright colors!


From wooden pallets you can make elegant corner sofas for home and garden, as well as outdoor sofas, which will be pleasant to relax in the open air. Such country furniture turns out very worthy quality and a look.

The simplest option is a corner wooden outdoor sofa with two layers of pallets.

sofa from pallet

We take eight wooden pallets, put four of them with an angular structure, fasten together. We make the second layer of pallets - fasten them on the screws and fasteners-books.

The sides for such a sofa can be made from scraps of pallets. Just screw them to the beams.

Wooden corner sofas from pallets painted in bright colors look very nice.Discard the sides and make them as wide as possible. Paint with the brightest colors, put a table next to it - your garden will quickly change!

country furniture

Sew for this sofa bright and thick mattresses (or redo old blankets), add pillows.

Corner sofa of pallets can be collected in the house.

sofa from pallet

Here the principle is the same as that described above, only the sides are better made from soft pillows. Well, if you are confused by such an open design, make capes for the entire sofa.

A small sofa for two is made of all four small pallets.

sofa from pallet

We put two pallets on each other, from the third we make a back, and from the fourth (we will cut it into two parts) - handles. Fasten all the screws. It remains only to put the tree in order and to lay the sofa out of the pallets with a soft mattress and pillows.

Home sofa from small pallets going in just a few minutes.

sofa from pallet

If your pallets are too big. Cut them in half and work with them. Screw the pallets to the wall with book holders. Adjust the length and width of the sofa by the number of pallets. Paint the design. Add a mattress and pillows.

Other garden furniture

You can really make a lot out of pallets. Here are some more examples for your inspiration.


A bench of pallets can be placed in the garden, on the terrace, and at home (with proper decor).

bench from pallet

To make such a shop with your own hands, we need only one pallet. Cut it into two parts - the seat and back.

bench from pallet

Connect the screws and add a side beam, which is made from scraps of pallets. Then do the same on the other side, and then add one more beam (long) on ​​both sides.

bench from pallet

Then fasten the screws or nails the legs. The pallets bench is ready! It remains only to paint it and add something soft to make it comfortable to sit.

bench from pallet


From the pallet can be made and a chair that fits well into the country interior.

armchair of pallets

We make it from one pallet according to the principle described above. That is, we collect as collected shop. The only difference is that the chair is already a bench. Well, the handles can be made a little different.

Shelf with legs

shelf of pallets

This shelf from the pallet can be easily represented in a city apartment. Especially if you paint it to match the interior.

To make the shelf, we need only one pallet.We saw off part of the width we need from it. Then take the beams to make them legs. Nothing more is needed - the pallet is designed so that the shelf is ready.

Vertical gardening

vertical gardening

To arrange all the flowers on the balcony, you can resort to the principle of vertical gardening.

We will make the necessary construction of the pallet Nothing special is required: we simply attach it to the balcony railing, having previously painted it in nice looking colors. Flower pots can be hung on metal S-shaped hooks.

We advise to see: vertical gardening to give

Hammock bed

The dream of any child! But to implement it yourself is easier than ever.

hammock from pallet

To make a hammock, we need to take two pallets. We also need three long, powerful beams and a strong rope or chain. We fasten the pallets with each other and fasten them to the bottom of the beam structure to make it more durable.

Along the edges of the future hanging bed of pallets we drill holes so that a double rope can be made from each edge. We collect the rope to the center. Done! It remains only to paint and add bright bedspreads and soft pillows.

hammock from pallet

Of course, this is not the whole list of urban and country furniture, which can be made from pallets with your own hands. We hope that you are inspired by these ideas and can repeat something or come up with yourself. So if you have unnecessary wooden pallets lying around on the plot, estimate their quantity and estimate that you can make one of them.

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