Flag of Israel: description of state symbols

After Israel became independentthe Prime Minister addressed the citizens with a speech in the text on the national attributes: "Our flag is a symbol of the aspiration of the Jewish people for freedom, equality and independence, it should reflect not only our aspirations and aspirations, but also the presence and the development of our people in their historical homeland.The flag will become a symbol of Israel, its independence and identity. "

Coat of arms of Israel

Israel flag and coat of arms

The coat of arms of Israel depicts a menorah (seven-candle),framed by olive branches. Under it there is an inscription in Hebrew, in translation meaning "Israel". The background of the coat of arms is blue. Olive twigs and menorah can be depicted in two versions: gold and white. Gold can be found most often, for example, in Israeli passports. But white mainly appears on the presidential flag.

Initially, several options were put forwardIsraeli coat of arms, so they organized a competition, where many of its variations were presented. As a result, the brothers Shamira, previously residents of Latvia, won. From their project the basis of the emblem is taken, and the remaining details are borrowed from other competitive projects.

Flag of Israel

Before the adoption of the official banner, there was170 of his projects. The flag was developed in 1891 as a symbol for the Zionist movement: in the center of the panel - the ancient Jewish hexagram "Shield of David". The original version assumed three vertical bands, but after the vote of the members of the government only two were left, symbolizing the sea and the sky.

What does the flag of Israel look like today? ita prayerful white veil of rectangular shape,on which are two blue horizontal strips and a six-pointed star of David, located in the center. The flag of Israel was officially approved five months after the recognition of the country's independence.

flag of israel

Symbolism of the emblem of Israel

Olive branches framing the menorahIsraeli emblem, symbolize tranquility, lack of aggression, the desire of Jews for peace. There is a legend about them, according to which the prophet Zacharias, while one of the ancient temples was erected, saw a prophetic dream in which olive trees grew on the sides of the menorahs.

Menorah is a symbol of immortality and enlightenment. It has an interesting story. In translation means "lamp". According to the Bible, the golden candlestick (the seven-candle-holder) was in the Tabernacle, and then it was moved to the Jerusalem temple, where it was kept until the destruction of the latter.

The choice of menorahs is not accidental, there is a lot of evidence that it is a truly Jewish symbol. Even the second book of the Old Testament says that it was she who was sent to Moses.

The symbolic values ​​of the menorah are vast. In Judaism, it symbolizes the divine word and light, wisdom and protection, life and rebirth, a miracle and continuity, and the seven-candle is associated with Judaism and the Jewish people as a whole.

Symbolism of the flag of Israel

what does the flag of Israel look like

The flag of Israel has its own symbolism: white linen and star of David. He has a long history, originating from ancient times. What does the flag of Israel mean? The white linen with blue stripes symbolizes the Jewish prayer handkerchief (tales); the star of David is considered a very ancient symbol, which has many meanings. According to one of them, she represents protection from magic and diabolical witchcraft. This symbol depicted, according to one of the legends, on the shields of the troops of King David. The hexahedron became a symbol of devotion to faith in 1354, in the 14th century for the first time European Jews were allowed to have their own national attributes.

Most often the hexagram is explained in such a way that itconnects and combines the male and female principle. In ancient times it was believed that it represents the four elements. The triangle, which is turned upwards, symbolized fire and air, and the lower one - earth and water. There is another version: facing upwards is a symbol of fire, right and left - air and water, and angles down - grace and peace.

The Star of David symbolizes the divine beginning,striving toward the earth, and the earthly principle, which strives towards heaven. Another explanation of the symbol is the divine control of the world - heaven and earth, and also the sides of the world.

History of the creation of the flag and the emblem of Israel

Like any other state, Israel flag andThe coat of arms chose carefully, considering all the proposed options. Attributes were supposed to correspond to the history, outlook, ideals of independent Israel.what does the flag of Israel mean

Members of the Council, which was temporarilyPrime Minister for the settlement of this issue, agreed that the main symbol of the state should be the menorah, tightly connected for many centuries with the history of the Jews. And the second no less important attribute of the symbolism was the six-pointed star of David. It is considered a traditional symbol of Judaism, and the flag of Israel "wears" it by right.

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