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First drill tips

January 27, 2018

Working with wood often involves making holes in it of one or another diameter and depth. For these purposes, feather drills were specifically designed to drill large diameter holes not only in products with First drill tipsordinary wood, but also from glued. Such type of a drill perfectly will be suitable for drilling, including, the plastic and plasterboard bases. The quality of the work done does not differ in special quality, so often the first drills are used to perform a rough operation.

The feather drill has the shape of a rod, the working side of which is equipped with a cutting blade in the form of a feather with a central tip and two cutters. Feather drills are one-sided and two-sided, depending on the possibility of the direction of rotation. The angles of cut while varying from 75 to 135 degrees. Most often, feather drills have a length of 150 mm. To increase the depth of drilling, an additional extension 30 mm in length is allowed.The diameter of the holes for the first drills is 60 mm. Due to the simplicity of its configuration, the first drill bit can be sharpened at home using a file or a grinding machine.

To improve efficiency, the following recommendations should be observed when working with the first drill:

• At the beginning of drilling, the marking is made with the application of a corresponding recess in the center of the hole using a core.

• For work it is best to use drills with regulation of the speed of rotation of the drill.This will make it possible to apply the most optimal speed for each diameter: the larger the diameter, the better the rotation speed should be. This will increase the service life of drills and avoid their frequent breakage.

• For making deep holes, it is best to purchase a special extension cord, equipped with a special lock.Using a hex key provides reliable coupling of the drill and extension without noticeable loss of drilling quality.

• It is better to start drilling at low speeds, for effective contour delineation.
In this case, the drill should be located as perpendicular to the surface as possible, it should not be strongly pressed.
 First drill tips
• A feature of the device of the first drill is that the sawdust is not brought out during the work, but remain inside. thereforethe drilling process must be stopped several times in order to clean the chip hole.

The most common are feather drills with a diameter of up to 25 mm. Drilling with this type of drill hole over 60 mm is considered impractical.

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