Film Die Hard 6 (2019)

Everybody knows John McLane, this “Die Hard” is an integral part of the winter holidays, and the five parts of the franchise could not pass by the viewer.

After the release of the fifth film, the creators hinted that they were going to shoot the sixth part, but it took five long years before they were given the green light. The directors claim that they have something to surprise the audience.

Who will play the main role in the new film and what plot the screenwriters have prepared - let's see what is known today.

What is known about the sixth part of "Die Hard"

So far, there is no exact date for the premiere of the film, we only know that it will be released not earlier than 2019. The film itself will be called “Die Hard: Year One,” and this very precisely explains the director's plot idea: in the sixth part we will see how it all began for John MacLane.

Even before the events of the first part, what was life like? He arrived at the hotel already embittered to the whole world, divorced, on the verge of alcoholism, he was practically fired from his job.All these events raise a logical question: why did this happen?

It is in order to answer these questions and to reveal more deeply the identity of John McLane, and they will shoot the sixth part. It is worth noting that the events of the film will take place not only in the past, an important part will be taken by the adventures of John McLane in the present.

toughie 6 release date

So before us looms an interesting mixture of sequel and prequel. True, no matter how exciting it sounded, many fans of “Die Hard” still negatively reacted to the continuation;

McLain's young years will be filmed in New York, while in present time John will have to go to Tokyo. Since the plot is still being kept secret, we do not know why he will go there, but his mission will certainly be associated with the bad guys who need to be neutralized urgently.

Cast and crew

As to who plays the leading role of Die Hard, there is usually no doubt about that - John Maclean was and will be Bruce Willis. That's just the new part is not so simple, because in this film we will see the main character at a fairly young age, and Bruce Willis is unlikely to fit this role.

So far, it is not known who will play John MacLane in his youth, but the creators assure us that Bruce Willis will by no means fade into the background - there will be plenty of scenes with his part in the sixth part of Die Hard.

The Movie Die Hard 6 2019

During his brilliant acting career, Bruce Willis managed to play in various films, most often playing those guys who end up saving someone, at least take “Armageddon” or “The Fifth Element”.

In this sense, one of his unusual roles can be called the comedy thriller "Nine Yards", where Bruce Willis plays a charismatic killer, and even here his character cannot be called negative. Also, the actor starred in very many dramas: “The Sixth Sense,” “The Happy Number of Slavin,” “The City of Sins,” “The Kingdom of the Full Moon,” and so on.

Professional activities of Bruce Willis is not limited to movie roles. So, he tried himself as a screenwriter (“Hudson Hawk”), a producer (“Hostage”, “Touch of Evil”) and even as a singer (he even has three albums of rhythm and blues).

The film also stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who played the daughter of John MacLane in earlier parts of the franchise.The actress is known for such films as "Scott Pilgrim Against All", "Kill the messenger" and others.

Die Hard 6 Trailer

Shooting a new film in 2019 will take:

  • Director: Len Wiseman ("Sleepy Hollow", "Men in Black")
  • Screenwriters: Ben Trebilkuk (“Judgment Day”, “Clean Skin”), Roderick Thorpe
  • Produced by: Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Transformers, Stardust).

The series of films "Die Hard"

The first part of the Die Hard franchise has an interesting background, because before the main role in the film went to Bruce Willis, many famous actors had to give it up: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Richard Gere, Harrison Ford.

All of them had their reasons for refusal, but Schwarzenegger, after reading the script of the future film, rejected the proposal because the terrorists in the film were from Germany, as evidenced by their German accent. Arnold Schwarzenegger also has a German accent, so for ethical reasons he had to give up the role.

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By the way, the problem with the origin of the terrorists in the first part of the film was also with the German distributors, because in 1988 the FRG did not want the film to appear on the country's screens showing the German terrorists.

Therefore, in their corrected version of the film, the main villain and his companions come from Ireland, and Hans Ruber, who was played by Alan Rickman, was nicknamed Jack in the German dubbing. By the way, the name of the film there sounds like "Die Slowly."

The first film was made on the basis of Roderick Thorp's book “Nothing is forever,” and collected $ 140 million worldwide.

The second film was released in 1990 and collected as much as $ 240 million, which made the film the highest-grossing continuation in cinema history. In the story, John MacLean again had to save people from terrorists, only now on the plane.

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The third film was released in 1995 and again won the public, earning 366 million in the world box office. In this part, John MacLaine begins to heroize on a large scale, saving the whole city.

"Die Hard 4.0" was released in 2007. Since the last film in the life of McLain passed as much as 12 years, and he still continues to fight the terrorists. The film he collected at the box office 383 million.

“Die Hard: Good day to die” - became the fifth part of the franchise and was released in 2013. Unlike his predecessors, he was negatively perceived by film critics, although he still managed to pay off at the box office ($ 300 million in box office).Many viewers hinted that even Bruce Willis was already tired of his role and it would be time to end the franchise.

Be that as it may, many miss McLean and his adventures, and the fact that the sixth part will give us the opportunity to get to know the police lieutenant better and dive into his past cannot but intrigue.

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