Film Angels of space 2018

The adventure film "Angels of Space" in 2018 comes out on the screens of the country. This light fantasy comedy can be a real mirror for the modern world. The plot will take the viewer and the distant future, where technological progress has progressed literally to the endless space, but the entertainment principles remain the same. The film is being produced by writer Oleg Roy, directed by Anton Vereshchagin. The estimated release date is scheduled for 2018.


A country: Russia
Genre: comedy, science fiction
Producer: Anton Vereshchagin
When released: 2018

The film will be short, timed out just an hour and a half. But for the comedy genre, such timing is usually enough. Actors for key and minor roles have not been selected yet, but surely the film will feature both young talents and well-known performers known throughout the country. The project promises to be large-scale and partly social, because everything here is a fantasy about what our future may be.

What will the movie be about

The summary of the film "Angels of space" invites us to go forward to the future. And to look at the changed, but at the same time remaining similar to ours, the world. Former media entertainment (cinema, TV shows, blogging and more) has been banned in this world by law. But he did not turn into a gloomy anti-utopian, he simply changed direction. Instead of Hollywood stars and talented singers here are astronauts.

Film Angels of space 2018

Astronautics is no longer attracted by the exploration of distant planets, everything has mostly come down to low-orbit tricks and the transformation of astronauts into media people who are equal to adolescents who are watched by the paparazzi and whose personal life is frayed by everyone who is not lazy. The astronauts have become stars, people tend to them - to an interview and get an autograph, and not to the real stars that shine in the sky.

The main characters of the film were young people who entered the Graduate School of Cosmonautics, an elite institution, in which almost everyone dreams of studying in this world. This is Rick - a simple guy, a native of a poor family, who was just lucky to get through, and Ana - a girl from a family of politicians.And it is precisely in their cosmonaut age that the distant space expedition to Mars falls. They go there for research purposes, following their dreams. But outside of the Earth, they will have to face a difficult moral choice, on which not only their own careers depend, but also the fate of both planets - native and red.

Trailer in Russian

The first trailer for "Angels of space" will show us this strange, but close world, and the beauty of both planets. But the film is not worth waiting for something large-scale in terms of graphics and special effects, worthy of international awards. First of all, he will talk about the right choice, dubious conditions and a really bright future, which still needs to be reached, despite all the achievements of astronautics. Online video in Russian will be available after the completion of the shooting process.

Film Angels of space 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian

Work on the film

In the film crew involved:

  • Anton Vereshchagin (director).
  • Oleg Roy (producer).
  • And others.

The writer, other producers, video editor and other members of the film crew for this adventure comedy have not yet been picked up, but the production studio is already working on it.We only know what the film is about and how long it will last. Rate comedy component and the overall development of the stated plot will work when the film comes out.

Directed by Anton Vereshchagin manages animation studio, which is likely to deal with special effects for the film. Previously, he filmed the animated children's series “Jungle”, so we can assume that “Angels of the cosmos” can become a cartoon. But while there are no additional details, and the cast is not selected, to judge this is problematic. Writer Oleg Roy is already working with Vereshchagin on the “Jungle”, he also wrote scripts for some other Russian projects and more than once acted as a producer.

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