Film Alien: Awakening (2019)

In 2019, the Alien franchise will be 40 years old, and it is possible that Fox will celebrate its anniversary in a big way.

In any case, the press ascribes to the studio and Ridley Scott the development of the painting Alien: Awakening, which will connect the events of Prometheus and Testament.

On the desire to put this film a British director let it slip even before the start of the "Testament" at the box office.

"Prometheus" and "Alien: Covenant"

For a long time, Ridley Scott did not intend to return to Alien, believing that he had spoken in full in the 1979 film. Without his participation, James Cameron staged "Aliens" (1986), David Fincher - "Alien 3" (1992), and Jean-Pierre Wife - "Alien: Resurrection" (1997).

If Cameron's sequel is praised by critics and the public, then it is customary to ignore the third and fourth parts. Already in the 2000s. Scott again became interested in xenomorphs and decided to return to the old material.

"Prometheus" made a prequel to the "Alien." Scott is not interested in what his followers took down - he doesn’t even take Cameron's “Aliens” into account.

In Prometheus, the action develops at the end of the 21st century - Peter Weiland, the head of Weyland Industries corporation, sponsors the space mission to the celestial body, where the Creators supposedly live, they are also Engineers, a race, "guilty" in the appearance of humanity. Weiland is dying and hopes to learn from the Engineers the secret of eternal life.

The crew discovered the ship of the Creators, destroyed by a mysterious pathogen, but in the end all the members of the expedition were killed, except for the archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw (Numi Rapas) and the android David (Michael Fassbender). They went to the home of Engineers - the planet of Paradise ...

It is interesting to note that Prometheus and Testament are the names of the spacecraft from the respective films.

alien awakening 2019 release date

And here we come to the events of the "Covenant". Initially, the tape was called “Alien: Lost Paradise”, for rent it was renamed into a shorter and more resonant “Alien: Testament”. This is the sequel of "Prometheus" adjusted for the past 10 years.

In the spotlight - new heroes by Katherine Waterston and Billy Krudapa. There was a place for Fassbender, but this time he appeared before the audience as an android Walter. Robot David also appeared in the frame - as an antagonist.

In the "Testament" it turned out that the ship Shaw and David still arrived on the planet Paradise, where the android applied the pathogen, which instantly brought the Engineers to the grave. Next, he set up experiments, trying to bring a new creature - and yet brought the xenomorphs familiar to the viewers, who interrupted the team from the Testament.

“Alien: Awakening” and other Prometheus sequels

film alien awakening

Since 2012, when Prometheus was released, Scott has repeatedly reinvented the universe associated with it. In it, by the way, there are no alien Queen and foster daughter Ripley, introduced into the plot by Cameron.

In 2017, the director said that in case of success, “Testament” will take up the picture, which acts as a link between “Prometheus” and “Testament” - “Alien: Awakening”.

Further - even more, they say, another trilogy will follow the first trilogy of the prequels of the original “Alien”. The plans are Napoleonic, like Cameron’s with endless Avatar continuations.

The figures of “Prometheus” and “Testament” at the box office, alas, were not very convincing:

  • Prometheus: $ 130 million (budget) and $ 403 million (fees)
  • "Alien: Covenant": $ 97 and 241 million.

So now the fate of the franchise depends on the patience of Fox Studio.

Who will play "Alien: Awakening"?

alien awakening 2019 trailer

There are only two obvious candidates:

  • Michael Fassbender - android David,
  • Numi Rapas - archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw.

It is unlikely that Ridley Scott refuses to shoot artists with whom he worked well.

Neil Blomkamp's Alien 5

Tape 2019 "Alien: Awakening" should not be confused with "Alien 5" Neil Blomkamp, ​​who became famous for his fantastic paintings "Elysium", "A robot named Chappi" and, of course, "District number 9". “Alien 5” is a direct continuation of Cameron’s “Aliens”, not taking into account the films of David Fincher and Jean-Pierre Jeanne.

Blomkamp agreed to participate in the filming of Sigourney Weaver (Lt. Ripley) and Michael Bean (Corporal Hicks). According to the scenario, by the way, Newt, adoptive daughter Ripley, who grew up mostly dealt with the biomechanical creatures.

someone else's awakening plot

Neil Blomkamp worked for a long time on the “Alien 5” scenario and concepts, but in 2016–2017 Fox company deliberately slowed down the development of the painting - in order to skip ahead the “Testament” and “Awakening”. Perhaps now the leadership is clutching his head - was the right decision made?


In the prequels to the “Alien”, Scott focuses not on horror and xenomorphs, but on artificial intelligence and religion.It is possible that it is because of this that they enjoy less success with the audience.

There is almost no doubt that “Alien: Awakening” will take place - with a cut budget, but Ridley Scott will still put the picture. The future plans of Fox, according to the latest rumors, are to restart the science fiction saga from scratch, to another timeline and with new characters.

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