Festival "Journey to Christmas" 2019

In our capital there are constantly held various celebrations that surprise with their color and scale. But among them there is one that is impossible not to notice. He is visited by millions of our compatriots and guests from abroad. The “Journey to Christmas 2019” festival will break new records. During the event, many fascinating events will take place, which will be remembered for a long time by the entire world community.


What is the feature of the future festival

As you know, such celebrations begin in the twenties of December and last a month. The capital begins to prepare for this solemn event in advance. Already in early December, elegant forest beauties are set up on the main streets and squares of the capital. The best domestic and foreign sculptors work on creating unforgettable ice compositions. They will decorate the most significant places in Moscow.

Festival "Journey to Christmas" 2019

A huge detachment of our and foreign designers are working on the decoration of the main streets of the capital. Each year, the decoration of streets and squares changes.In the most crowded places appear impressive light compositions. The main buildings of our beloved capital are also brightly and uniquely highlighted. Illuminations appear even in the trees.

The festival organizers make sure that all visitors to this event were interesting and informative.

Without a doubt, in 2019 Christmas markets will be launched in many districts, where you can buy, besides souvenirs and gifts, everything you need for the holidays.

Do not forget about the kids. For the little ones all sorts of performances based on folk tales or with the participation of the characters of modern cartoons will be organized. They will also be able to roll on skating rinks, slides and rides, which will be an integral part of many places of recreation.

During the festival, many interesting activities will take place on the streets and squares of the capital:

  • street theater artists will perform;
  • on numerous skating rinks it will be possible to watch ballet numbers on the ice;
  • in the parks and recreation areas will be numerous competitions in winter sports;
  • All sorts of master classes will become an obligatory part of many events;
  • in almost all crowded places, experienced animators will work who will entertain children;
  • almost all concert venues will be performing amateur groups and folk ensembles;
  • literary readings and presentations of new works of literature will take place;
  • on the big screens will show the latest cinema;
  • Representatives of many creative professions will come out and show their achievements.
  • in the places of rest of citizens it will be possible to see the works of artists, designers, architects, fashion designers, etc.
  • at the fairgrounds there will be a tasting of dishes of national cuisines.

To present the scale of the future festival, we can recall how this holiday took place last year.

Festival "Journey to Christmas" 2019. When will the schedule

Where will the traditional event take place

Red Square Here, guests of the festival will see festive illuminations, various attractions for children, an elegant forest beauty and of course a festive fair. In the days of school holidays, various master classes from world hockey champions and famous figure skaters of our country will be held at the rink. Folk groups and stars of Russian show business will perform on the square.At the mall will sell handicrafts, various souvenirs, gifts, treats, etc.
Manezhnaya Square Last year a real forest area of ​​several hundred spruces grew here. In its various corners, scenes of the fairy tale "The Twelve Months" were played out. Anyone could join this magical act. Perhaps in 2019, the organizers will surprise us with even more impressive decisions.
Revolution square Last year, a huge ice slide was organized from this square at the passage to Manezhnaya, where everyone could ride. Then its height of 7 meters and the length of one hundred meters struck all the guests. It seems that in 2019 something similar will be organized. After all, the organizers of the holiday already have experience of building huge structures made of ice from Pervouralsk.

Perhaps in the coming year, the square will be organized: a two-story carousel, carpentry workshop, where children will be taught to make their own decorations for the Christmas tree.

Guests of the festival believe that the school of good manners will open again, where they will teach etiquette, housekeeping and preparation for the ball. All present will get acquainted with the traditions of ancient Russia.

Tverskaya square Last season several pavilions were organized on this square: “Kitchen”, “Living Room” and “Glass Theater”. In the first, they were introduced to Christmas sweets. In the second, they taught how to make dolls for the home theater, and in the third, glass-blowing masters worked. All this had to please the guests of the holiday. Probably, next year we should continue this practice. Also, for sure, the International Christmas Theater will open its doors, where guests will get acquainted with the tales of other states.
Gogol Boulevard In the next season, an elegant Christmas tree will appear near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, next to which will open an old Christmas crib. It also does not hurt to continue to acquaint the younger generation with the traditions that were in Russia for the New Year and Christmas. Most likely, here, as before, they will sell products of monastic artisans and other church goods. It is good if they continue to acquaint themselves with the traditions of charity during the great church holidays.
Tverskoy Boulevard This place is especially liked by children. And all because here is organized the Santa Claus Laboratory.When kiddies spend various chemical experiments to protect the main characters of the New Year holiday: Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. Here is a roboelka for children. At this event, kids with their own eyes can see how robots-dancers and robots-actors are having fun.

On the boulevard in 2019, they will surely create the “Winter Games Alley”. Here you will find the “Snowy shooting gallery”, as well as you can ride on various slides, etc. With the help of instructors, children will learn to ride a snowboard and do winter sports.

Near the monument to Timiryazev will run the main Christmas shop. In it you can buy not only souvenirs, but also try original dishes and drink fragrant drinks.

Christmas in the parks of the capital

Festival parks will also be held in numerous parks in Moscow. Will be held:

  • fascinating quests;
  • sport competitions;
  • master classes in snowboarding and other winter sports.

At the disposal of the guests will be horse, deer and even dog sledding.

In some recreation areas, everyone will be taught to make Christmas wreaths, Christmas toys, weave baskets, make dumplings, pancakes and dumplings.

Fairs will be organized everywhere where you can buy:

  • Gingerbread Cookie;
  • painted cakes;
  • homemade pies;
  • pancakes with different fillings;
  • aromatic tea and coffee.

More information about the events of the festival can be found on the official website closer to December.

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