Family car: the state program in 2018

In 2018, the State Family Car program will continue, allowing Russians to purchase vehicles at a reduced price. What are the conditions of this event, and which categories of citizens will be able to take advantage of such support?

Key provisions

The resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation, on the basis of which the program will be implemented in 2018, is called “On the provision from the federal budget of subsidies to Russian credit organizations for the reimbursement of shortfall in income on loans issued by Russian credit organizations to individuals for the purchase of cars”. It becomes clear that support is directed to the interests of those family people who can not just pay cash and buy a car for one purchase.

Important! Since July 19, 2017, a 10% discount on the purchase of a vehicle has been established for such citizens.

This event is aimed at stimulating the automotive market. Thus, in 2017, the rate of economic growth in this area was able to increase by as much as 20% compared with 2016. This was achieved, among other things, thanks to gradually introduced instruments of state policy aimed at supporting the population and business.

Interesting is the fact that the discount does not exclude the possibility of obtaining additional bonuses, for example, on the "trade-in" and other systems of each individual auto show. But with the similar state program “First car” this event is not cumulative. A subsidy of 10% will be available either in one or only in another case.

Family car

Who can use

In 2018, the Family Car program will not start and will not be resumed, but will continue, taking into account the previously introduced conditions. When a person goes shopping, he will definitely need to:

  • show documented Russian citizenship;
  • provide a driver's license;
  • to prove paternity / maternity over 2 or more minor children;
  • confirm the absence of other cars purchased on credit in 2017-2018.

Important! For one person with the rights of a driver who meets the list of the above conditions, only one vehicle is assigned by state quota. However, this will not prevent each adult member of the family, for example, both parents, from buying cars for themselves.

Additional conditions may be set by a single bank. Thus, the following provisions are significant for the selection of applicants for a loan for some credit organizations:

  • age - from 18 to 65 years;
  • the presence of stable and regular earnings, confirmed by either insurance premiums or a conclusion on incomes;
  • continuous work experience - from 3 months to six months;
  • registration at the place of residence;
  • the ability to insure the purchased car, etc.

Family in the car

What is the discount

It is not yet known exactly how many vehicles will be allocated to the program in 2018. By October 2017, as part of the “Family Car”, Russians had acquired 48 of the 58 thousand vehicles set aside for sale at a reduced price.This demonstrates the success of the event introduced back in 2009 and the importance of its further implementation.

At the same time, the assumption that in 2018 it will be possible to purchase any car for your family will be wrong. The Ministry of Industry and Trade, jointly with the Government of the Russian Federation, decided that the following passenger transport would fall under the program, for which a total of 3,750 million rubles would be spent on the whole:

  • weighing no more than 3.5 tons;
  • worth up to 1 million 450 thousand rubles for 2017 (that is, the maximum possible discount for such a price will be 145 thousand rubles);
  • which is new (2016-2018 year of release) and not registered with the traffic police;
  • manufactured by a domestic manufacturer or assembled, albeit from imported parts, but on the territory of the Russian Federation.

A citizen expressing his intention to take advantage of the benefit will have to be ready to repay the loan in a period not exceeding 36 months from the date of the first installment.

Girl with car keys

Participating banks

A lending organization wishing to cooperate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade in line with this event must meet a list of specific requirements, namely:

  • be accredited and licensed according to the state model;
  • sell loans at a rate of less than 18% per annum.

At the moment, it is precisely known about the following financial companies, issuing loans to individuals for the purchase of cars in the framework of this program. It:

Bank Rate An initial fee
Bank of Moscow 6% and above 0%
Agricultural Bank 6% and above 0%
VTB 24 5.5% and higher 0%
UniCredit Bank 6.5% and above 10%
Sberbank 8-10% 15%

PIT upon receipt of benefits

An important detail is the fact that compensation for the purchase of a car is essentially an income of an individual who, according to the existing rules, should be taxed. However, the exception made in Art. 217 of the Tax Code in November 2017, found that henceforth the federal budget will not need to make a deduction in the amount of 13% for this subsidy.

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