Faltsevy roof

January 28, 2018

Faltsevy roofWhen building a house roof plays a big and important role. It protects the roof over your head, protects the house itself from atmospheric phenomena, ultraviolet radiation and many other interferences. That is why the roof should not be cheap, but should be reliable and durable. For all such criteria, the folded roof is perfect.

Folded roofing is one of the most reliable and durable ways to roof a bathhouse, a house, a barn or a garage. And all because water, wind and others simply cannot seep through correctly folded roof. If the master has done his work 100 percent and in good faith, then such a roof will serve for a long time and reliably. This type of roof came to us recently from Europe. There she gained popularity and demand, and now conquers us.

As always, this type of work requires attention, a lot of work and time. Therefore, if these works are complex, then you need to hire a specially trained person to perform them. This job can easily make the roofer tinsmith. This master is considered the best.Before starting work, you need to think about tools that will help to make installation of a folded roof with high quality and fast.

Faltsevy roofTools that will be needed for work:
• Schlyzer - beats and attaches metal limbs.
• Roulette.
• A hammer.
• A set of scissors: for slitting, right, left and tongs.
• Nippers for a single and double fold.
• Cutting galvanized nail for fasteners.
• Extreme screws.
• Fixed Climer.

Faltsevy roofIn order to realize a folded roof, you need to adhere to these stages of work:
1. On the roof you need to fasten the eaves bar to the color of the roof, screws. Installation of this sheet is carried out using fixed klymery They need to be nailed at a distance of 50-60 cm with a hammer. Toe to attach with single forceps.
2. Then go through double tongs. Bend the ends with forceps.
3. Trim the edge, you can use scissors. Then compress with forceps.

In the final stage will come out very durable and solid construction that will not allow water and air to penetrate.

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