Expansion of the borders of Moscow in 2019

The expansion of metropolitan areas is an important process on which the living conditions of Muscovites depend.

Changing the boundaries in the direction of increasing the area of ​​the city helps to solve a huge number of problems: starting with traffic jams, ending with the proximity of important infrastructure facilities.

After the first large-scale accession of territories in 2012, the authorities are throwing all their efforts to improve living conditions in New Moscow. So, schools, kindergartens, hospitals are built. Transport interchanges are improving and the attractiveness of new areas is increasing.

Will the expansion be in 2019?

At the moment, the accession of new territories to Moscow is not planned. The fact is that the expansion of Moscow borders is a very costly undertaking.

Despite the fact that infrastructure facilities should be built at the expense of developers, the government will still have to pay a lot of money to transport vehicles to new areas and perform other necessary tasks.

The territories joined in 2012 are actively developing. They are built, as well as improve infrastructure. Several metro stations will open in 2019, through which residents of New Moscow will be able to get to the old capital.

The changes will affect the Sokolnicheskaya line. At the moment, two stations are open in it in the new Moscow - Rumyantsevo and Salaryevo. They are sorely lacking in order to adequately provide good transport for residents of New Moscow.

Therefore, already in 2019, it is planned to open four additional stations. They will continue the Sokolnicheskaya line.

expanding the boundaries of Moscow

According to the project, they will be located behind the Salaryevo station and will stretch in a southeast direction.

  • Station "Alder". It will be located near the administrative and business center "Kommunarka". According to the project, the station will be underground. The lobby of the "Alder" will be one. Engineers are planning to combine it with an overhead pedestrian crossing.
  • Station "Prokshino". It will be built near the village of the same name. The station will be equipped with one ground entrance hall. The authorities expect that the daily capacity of the station will be about 100 thousand.human. In addition, the government suggests the possibility of adding a tram route that will provide movement between the station and Troitsky.
  • Station "Stolbovo". It is quite important because the project assumes a transition to another line. Two underground halls will perform different functions. The first will be connected to the pedestrian crossing. The second will be a transfer hub to the station, which should soon be opened along the line Novatorov Street - ADC Kommunarka.
  • Station "Filatov Meadow". It will be built near the garden partnership, which has the same name. The project is ground. The lobby will be combined with a pedestrian crossing.
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Expansion of the territory of New Moscow

Regarding the new expansion of borders, the government is not raising the issue. Back in 2016, the mayor of Moscow spoke negatively against the accession of new territories. According to him, the city simply has no money to join and develop new territories.

However, this can be understood, because for 6 years after the previous expansion, new lands are still far in terms of infrastructure from the old capital.

The latest document that regulates the development of New Moscow is the updated Master Plan with data on government expectations from the annexed territories. It was adopted in March 2017 and contains very interesting information.

In particular, it became clear from him that the authorities see that the best option for building New Moscow is building in small blocks. As follows from the document, this will help preserve the compactness and availability of infrastructure facilities.

Moscow expansion map in 2019

In addition, the government expects a 5-fold increase in the population of New Moscow by 2035. During this period, the number of jobs is expected to grow by more than 5 times.

The following number of infrastructure facilities is also expected to appear until 2035:

  • 170 schools;
  • 320 gardens;
  • 125 health facilities (construction of a hospital is planned in Kommunarka);
  • 100 sites for cultural entertainment.

It is expected that the number of metro stations in the territory of New Moscow by 2035 will reach 33.

The history of the capital

In 2012, the authorities of the capital decided to annex additional land to the territory of Moscow. The reasons for this were enough.Firstly, there were terrible traffic jams all over the city. They were caused by the uneven distribution of residential buildings and business centers.

expansion of moscow new borders

So, in the sleeping areas there were practically no jobs. Muscovites had to travel en masse to the center and business districts for work, due to which the roads were overloaded.

Secondly, in the capital, the area for new buildings is banal. The authorities decided that the new high-rise buildings would not save anyone, especially since finding a place for them was becoming more and more difficult. As a result, a large number of settlements were annexed to the territory of Moscow.

The land formed two new districts, which received the names of Novomoskovsk and Trinity. The common name of the annexed territories is New Moscow.

On the territory of New Moscow, active construction of residential houses takes place. Also rush, infrastructure objects appear.

However, so far new areas are not very attractive for visitors. The reason for this are problems with traffic interchanges. Now in New Moscow only 2 metro stations are open. There are also not enough roads, which is why the Kaluga and Kiev highway is very congested.

If you believe the Master Plan, then all conditions for a comfortable life will appear in New Moscow soon. In the meantime, this territory is gradually being built up and is being prepared to become one level in the future in terms of the number of jobs, the level of infrastructure and transport development with old Moscow.

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