Window "under the euro"

January 28, 2018

Well, will we make the former “Soviet” window beautiful and unpolluted? It is, of course, ugly, but reasonably created.

Window "under the euro"The main thing for me is the opening - it provides grooves for the seal, i.e. You can insulate the window in advance. But first you need to increase the window sill: I am not going to put pots on it, but the pots with seedlings are necessary. Bar 4 × 4 cm attached screws.

And then the scarecrow duel: who wins I assure you that seven pots will come down, you will lose weight before you get the semblance of a gloss (why go to a paid gym?). Manually sanding the entire surface, remove the rotten outer glazing beads, carefully so that the glass does not fall out.

Window "under the euro"To clean from dirt and to putty, to nail new shtapiki. Then I still once again walked through them with putty for better tightness. At the same time, the window sill was leveled with the same composition and long, painfully polished with self-made emery tools.

She covered the glass with a mounting tape, primed the street frames and, finally, painted the entire window. But that is not all! To rescue from different flying evil spirits, she knocked down a primitive frame and, pulling on the net, fastened the outside with two screws near the air vents.

Since in the winter through the Soviet rarity the barrel so that the curtain stood with a sail, gathering with the whole kitchen to visit the Snow Queen, it decided to reliably shut off the wind. All the joints of the glass and the frame were coated with silicone and put additional beadings on the inner sides, where they had never been, after having painted them on all sides.

ATTENTION!Silicone is very poorly washed off from the glasses, even by special means (had a sad experience), so be careful with it.

Window "under the euro"Honestly, I got tired of steaming and fighting the curvature of the old product, so I decided to paste over the box with white edgeband 4 cm wide. Of course, with a small iron it would be easier, but with a big twist (do we get used?). A narrow molding of expanded polystyrene glued with special glue around the perimeter of the window box - after all, the restored window looks smoother with it.

Window "under the euro"And most importantly, do not forget, after completely drying the painted frames, to attach a self-adhesive rubber sealant to the grooves, which I also laid along the perimeter of the frames and air vents. There is also a groove in the box (where the “street” frame) is, but wider - 1 cm, where you need to put something in the fall: either a compactor or pieces of foam.

Probably, it’s not a super-glitch from the old window, but it’s definitely more tightness.

Irina Savosina
According to the newspaper "Toloka.

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