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July 19, 2011
DIY furniture

Entresol do it yourselfIn any apartment, regardless of the number of cabinets and shelves, there is always not enough space to store different things. We rarely use some things, but we cannot throw them out, because they will still be useful, and taking them to the garage is also not an option, because there they will not be kept in proper form.

If the ceilings of sufficient height, then you can make a mezzanine with your own hands - a shelf on the ceiling, open or with doors. Usually mezzanines are placed in hallways, kitchens, storage rooms or in toilets. Often the mezzanine is located above the entrance door or above the kitchen door.

Before you begin work on the production of a mezzanine, you must carefully measure out all the dimensions and make sure that the mezzanine will not interfere, and no one will bang your head against it. The distance from the mezzanine to the floor must be at least 2 meters. Space for mezzanine should be sufficient not only in height but also in depth. The deeper the mezzanine, the more it can be hidden.

There are several ways to build a mezzanine.We present some of the least simple ones.

The first version of the mezzanine

To the side walls they fix at the required height (lower boundary of the mezzanine) with dowels two wooden bars of thickness sufficient to fix the boards on them. Bars should be pre-varnished or painted in order for them to last longer. On these bars put a sheet of laminated chipboard size mezzanine. If the mezzanine is planned to be closed, then you can make hinged doors of chipboard or plywood. If you want to disguise the mezzanine, then the doors can be pasted over with the same wallpaper as the walls in the room, or painted with the same paint. Dowels fasten sheds to the wall and attach the doors to them.

how to make a mezzanine do it yourselfInstead of doors, you can use a beautiful curtain, which will close the contents of the mezzanine from prying eyes. take a piece of fabric of the right size, tuck its edge and stitch along the length, leaving holes at the beginning and end. Then they thread a thin fishing line, and in the side walls drive dowels with a hook instead of a screw. These hooks attach the ends of the fishing line and the curtain can be hung on the mezzanine.

In this embodiment, the mezzanine can be used in addition to wooden bars and pins.Pins are driven into the walls, protruding side, provided with holes for screws or screws. In the chipboard or plywood slab, the grooves for these pins are hollowed out and then the slab is laid and fixed with screws for which a hole was provided in advance. For the best type of mezzanine, the pins in the plate can be embedded. In this embodiment, it is important to secure the pins in the wall so that the mezzanine does not fall.

The second option mezzanine

how to make a mezzanine do it yourselfThis mezzanine is a frame of wooden slats with a thickness of not less than 3 centimeters. This wooden frame is attached to the wall with screws. Then lay a flooring of boards or a plate of plywood or chipboard on the frame. Depending on the load planned for the mezzanine, take the number of plates, that is, there may be several. If necessary, you can revet the plate or leave it as it is. Then the hinged doors of the mezzanine are also made of plywood or chipboard, or a curtain is made of fabric.

In any variant of the mezzanine, it is necessary to carefully approach the issue of fixing the base - bars, screws, pins, etc. Since the mezzanine is at the top and is not supported by anything except lateral fasteners, it must be made as strong and reliable as possible.It is necessary to calculate the load of the mezzanine, and the more things of heavy things will be stored there, the stronger must be the fasteners. Also, the load on the mezzanine depends on its flooring.

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