Effervescent Bath Bombs

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Effervescent bath bombs (or geysers) are a real hit of cosmetics. They are able to turn the usual bathing in the most genuine SPA procedure. It is pleasant to use them, funny, and most importantly - convenient. When released into the water, they hiss and seethe, and it is a pleasure to watch it.

bath bombs

And what a wonderful aroma from them! Remember that aromatherapy can work wonders: it can relieve a headache, improve mood, invigorate or, on the contrary, calm and relax, detoxify, adjust in a positive way. Do not neglect this affordable means of getting rid of life difficulties.
Fatty oils, which are contained in bombs, take care of the skin, contribute to its renewal and nutrition, fill it with youth and bring in tone.

Bath bombs are also a great gift that is nice to get for every woman. So feel free to make them with your own hands, and more, to arrange a spa in your home and give this wonderful care product to your mother, friend, colleagues, etc.

It is important that homemade bombs do not contain chemicals, but are made exclusively from natural ingredients. Of course, such can be found in stores, but at low cost, they ask for them decently. It is better to do it yourself, especially since it is very simple!

bath bombs

For the manufacture of bombs for the bath with their own hands, we need:

  • 10 tablespoons of soda;
  • 5 tablespoons of citric acid;
  • 1.5-2 tablespoons of filler: it can be colored bath salt (with it the bombs will turn out beautiful and bright), sea salt, oatmeal, coffee, milk powder and other useful ingredients;
  • 1 teaspoonful of fatty oil (olive, coconut, burdock, pumpkin, etc.);
  • essential oils (2-3 drops per bomb);
  • dry ground herbs (if desired).

Tip: if you do not want parts of anything to float in the bath (albeit useful), choose components that dissolve in water (salt and milk powder will work best); if you want to “scrub” - take insoluble components and enjoy the procedure with them

You can add to the bombs food coloring in a small concentration. Do not worry, he will not stain your skin and the walls of the bath, because his strength is not enough. But our crafts, he will make very smart.So if you make geysers as a gift - feel free to use a dye.

We also need a spray bottle, disposable gloves and tins (you can use cookie tins).

bath bombs

How to make a bomb for the bath?

Mix the first three components. If the filler is coarse, grind it with a blender or a coffee grinder. At the exit, we should get a homogeneous mass (like powder).

bath bombs

bath bombs

bath bombs

bath bombs

Add oil and all other ingredients. Well knead the mixture with your hands. It should be well molded. If not, add some water from the spray bottle. Just do not overdo it! If the hiss began, add some more acid and soda. From the resulting mixture form future bombs for the bathroom.

Tip: if you have no molds at all, cut the old tennis ball or use an egg from a kinder surprise

Tamp the mixture well into the molds.

bath bombs

Now let's leave our future geysers dry. 20 minutes is enough, but if you doubt that you did everything right, wait about an hour. If you did not mess up with proportions and followed the instructions exactly, the bombs will be removed from the forms easily.

bath bombs

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