Easter egg with a surprise

Posted by10.04.2017

Many people like to celebrate Easter. But the boiled eggs in their pure form, which are the symbol of this holiday, are eaten with pleasure by no means all. Well, it does not matter, and for them there is an alternative! We will make an Easter gift with our own hands, which will appeal to everyone. Especially this souvenir will be appreciated by children who are rarely fans of traditional Easter dishes. And how can you please sweet teeth!

Easter egg
Easter crafts with a sweet surprise inside make it easy. You will need several eggs, dyes and small candies (preferably in candy wrappers).

Easter egg

Carefully break the shell at one end of the egg (do not break a lot). Pour the contents of the eggs into a bowl and use to prepare your culinary masterpieces. Well, for Easter crafts, we need only a shell, the inner walls of which need to be well washed. Dry it and paint it in bright colors with dyes. Dry well and put candy inside.On the edge of the egg we will go over with PVA glue, on top we will cover with a paper basket from candies or muffins.

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