Do-it-yourself metal roof repair


Repair of metal roofing with your own hands: the leakage of the metal roof is attributed to emergency situations. To live in a house where, after another rain or snow melting, the walls and ceilings are covered with wet spots, it’s not so much uncomfortable as it’s dangerous.

Chronic stagnation of moisture in the under-roof space can at least lead to the appearance of a fungus in the rooms, and, at most, to the collapse of the roof and a circuit in the wiring.

Often the cause of the metal roof leaks - a marriage when laying the roof

Invalid marriage in the construction of the roof. Often, to correct errors that are made during the installation process, the roof will have to be disassembled and mounted almost from scratch. The main factors for successful roofing are the following:

  • the right choice of artists and materials. It is important to use quality materials and all accessories that are necessary for the installation of the roof. The quality must be confirmed by the manufacturer’s warranty.For installation it is necessary to involve specialists with certificates and licenses. With them it is necessary to sign an agreement in which the warranty period for the roof will be indicated;
  • the correct laying of the roofing pie, with the implementation of all standards and tips for installing each element of the roof. During installation, it is necessary to ensure reliable hydro and vapor insulation and ventilation of the heat-insulating layer by means of the device of ridge and eaves ventilation flagerocks, vents. If the vapor barrier is improperly installed, condensation will appear in the structure, which will provoke humidity in the ceiling. A common mistake is improper roof fastening. For example, metal tiles must be fixed at the bottom of the wave, in the place where the metal is tight to the crate. This will provide an impermeable connection;
  • project without errors. Wrongly designed parapets, ledges, wrong roof slopes can complicate the removal of water from the roof. And an excessive number of complex architectural elements and the inconsistency of their location with the ventilation of the roof can cause the formation of unventilated areas.

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