Do-It-Yourself Cubes

April 3, 2011

Do-It-Yourself CubesBright and beautiful cubes with your own hands can be made from cardboard bags for dairy products. Of course, the store sells ready-made sets of cubes, but home-made cubes can be made with any pictures and photos, and they will still cost a penny. The advantage of such children's cubes is the fact that they can be filled with different fillings, and they can rustle, rumble or ring, and children like it very much. Dairy packs come out light and strong, so children can play them for a long time. And if you paste over the cubes with bright pictures depicting plants, animals or heroes from cartoons, then the child will fold them with even greater pleasure.

For the manufacture of cubes will need several cartons of milk or other dairy products with a volume of 1 liter (1). They must be washed and dried beforehand. You will also need a marker, ruler, tape, scissors, as well as pictures or photos, which we will paste over children's cubes.

The base of a standard milk package is a square with a side of 7 cm, so the rest of the faces should be made the same.For the same size, you need to prepare and pictures, large images also need to be divided into squares of 7x7 cm.

children's cubes do it yourself

We begin to make cubes - from the base of the package we measure 7 centimeters twice on the edges, and we make one face longer (we will bend and close the die with it). Cut the cube as shown in figure (2) and fold it. The longest face of the cube is its lid; we close the box (3) with it. Before you close the cubes and paste over the pictures, you can fill them with various fillings: chestnuts, peas or other cereals, bells or old rattles (4). To mute the sound, you can put crumpled paper in the cubes. After this, we paste over the cubes with tape, and then glue the elements of the pictures. Since the edges of the self-made cube are not perfectly even, it is better to glue pictures with large images, where the distortion of the lines is not particularly visible.

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