DIY gift box

January 5, 2011

DIY gift boxWhen we give a birthday present, it is better to present it in a beautiful box. In this case, gift wrapping is useful - you can easily make it with your own hands, and you can use scrap materials for decorating. Such a box can be made of any size and shape, and for pasting you can use colored and wrapping paper, decorative cardboard or colored napkins (decoupage technique). You can additionally decorate the box with ribbons, beads, stickers and other decorative elements. We offer two types of gift boxes - one with inscriptions, and the second decorated using decoupage technique.

Box with inscriptions

This unusual gift box is decorated with various inscriptions and looks very original. The text on the box can consist of wishes and then the box will also perform the function of a greeting card.

Gift box with inscriptions do it yourself

  1. We print on plain paper the selected text, typed in a beautiful calligraphic font.It is better to choose a font, stylized handwritten text.
  2. We moisten sheets with text with water, and sprinkle on top with a small amount of instant coffee, which we rub on paper to get stains. Leave the paper until dry.

    gift box pattern

  3. After the paper has dried, tear it into pieces of various sizes. We take the finished box of a suitable size (if necessary, the box can be glued together from cardboard itself) and paste it with paper with inscriptions with the help of PVA glue. It is necessary to carefully glue all the edges and corners of the box.
  4. After drying the box, fold it and close the lid.
  5. In addition to the gift you can put a card in the box.
  6. We close the box with a lid and fasten it with a beautiful ribbon with a bow.

Box decorated using decoupage technique

gift box with bowTo make this box, you need a box of a suitable size, water-based acrylic lacquer (matte, glossy or semi-matte), colorful patterns, PVA glue, plain white paper and a roller.

Box using decoupage technique

  1. We cover the work surface with a newspaper in order to cover it with glue, and we prepare everything necessary for pasting the box.
  2. We take our box, cover one of its sides with glue, attach a white sheet of paper cut to size, and straighten the paper with a clean cloth. Glue should be applied fairly copiously, and all edges and sides of the cut must be carefully glued and smoothed. It is necessary to make it so that the gray cardboard of the box does not shine through the thin napkins.

    white gift box

  3. After pasting the entire box of white paper, we moisten one side of the box with glue and put a napkin.
  4. Thus, we glue all sides of the box, straightening and smoothing napkins with a roller. After drying the box can be coated with acrylic varnish in several layers.

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