DIY Advent Calendar: 47 inspirational ideas

Advent calendar for children with their own hands for the New Year

Until the beginning of December, there is quite a bit of time left, it's time to start making an adventure calendar with your own hands for the kids. There are many options for the execution of such a calendar, but they all suggest a small surprise every day, be it a small card, a toy or a candy.

Advent calendar is also called a holiday waiting calendar. It was coined in Germany in 1908. Traditionally, it was a postcard or a house with opening windows, in each window of which there was a candy and a small wish. The traditional calendar contained 24 windows and counted the days until the catalytic Christmas.

Now calendars are made in the form of bags, bundles, bags, in the form of gifts hanging on the Christmas tree. In Russia, it is customary to make advent calendars with 31 windows and count the days until the New Year.

Such calendars bring to life more colors and happiness, and are able to save you from constant children's questions when there will be a holiday. For children, time is a blurry concept. And the number of days is still blur.In a week, when is this? .. The calendar will help a small child to feel the time, to visually see, the more open windows, the closer the New Year.
How many windows in the advent calendar do?

When a child is very small, you can make a small calendar for 5-7 days. For him, even this short period of time will seem eternity. For older children, it is better to prepare a larger calendar. You may want to make a calendar with just 4 windows, which you will open once a week, for example, on Sunday. It is also not necessary to make a calendar for the New Year or Christmas, it can be timed for a birthday or a trip.

What materials to make an advent calendar with your own hands?

As a material, you can use fleece, paper, cardboard, various jars, baskets ... When choosing a material, focus on yourself and your child. You should not try to sew 30 elegant bags, if you are not in tune with needles and threads. Or make from a beautiful, but easily tearing paper calendar for a child of 2-3 years. Such a calendar will be quickly broken and will not live the days allotted to it.

Try to make the calendar as easy as possible.Simple and easily executable options will look no worse than complex ones and the child still needs a mother more than a calendar. The simplest and most beautiful calendars are made from ordinary colored paper, the main thing is that they were saturated with love.

The site “Mom can do everything!” Offers to look at 47 interesting ideas for the advent calendar and do any of them with your own hands!

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Tasks for the adventure calendar for children

At the end we offer you a list of possible tasks for the advent calendar:

  1. write a letter to Santa Claus;
  2. cut snowflakes;
  3. draw a picture for Santa Claus;
  4. make Christmas cards for loved ones;
  5. we get acquainted with Santa Clauses of different countries;
  6. make a snowman from cotton wool;
  7. draw a picture on the window;
  8. make a list of the best events of the year;
  9. make a garland and hang it in the room;
  10. make something New Year's from plasticine;
  11. sculpt Christmas figures from salt dough;
  12. make a bird feeder;
  13. sing a new year song;
  14. tell a new year's verse;
  15. watch winter "Prostokvasheno";
  16. To make a snowman;
  17. feed the birds in the park;
  18. decorate a Christmas tree;
  19. decorate the apartment;
  20. make frosty twigs with salt solution;
  21. bake cookies;
  22. draw a winter picture;
  23. make small Christmas trees out of paper;
  24. make a wreath on the door;
  25. make New Year's candles;
  26. guess riddles about the New Year;
  27. bake gingerbread and icing;
  28. go sledging;
  29. go to the forest;
  30. go to the theater;
  31. clean the room;
  32. show a view of the house.

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