Dhlga byala lamp. Comparison on distinguish kind of lamps

For this and that, determine the color of the lamp on the lamp, and the method for equalizing it on the dial to the metal from the color is better. Do not take away, thou katho metal cross bogs, the color of mu change from dark cherveno to cherveno, after pearl, after byalo and so on. In our case, the temperature on the colored izchvane e is combined in Kelvin (K). For example, the color temperature of the lamp with the press-on zhichka 2800K-3000K. Tovah zhltenikav tsvyat or somehow kazvame, topl tsvyat. The color of Domakinskat is the most common color, and the color of the most precious thing is cherven nuance.

In the meantime, evidence of a different kind of lamp and a bright color change were shown.

Mainly distinguish between the lamp with the pluggable grub and energospestyavaschi lamps

The test of displaying golem and precedence in relation to consumption of electricity is repeated, in comparison with ostrelitite mugs on "Il'ich". The principle of the action on the lamp with a press-on eater is known for everyone.Elektriichesyyat current zagryav Wolframovite nishki in the lamp and I sunk into a bright light. Tazi svetlina ima zhlt shade. And how can you enter with energy performance?
At first, in a Takawa lamp, an image of a special dagger is used, each of which is a pair of argon and zhivak. Successfully with Tov balastat set. Vreshreshna surface on crushkat pokrita eats a special substance from phosphorus. Kogato se izlagova on ultravioletova svetlina, phosphorus izlachva energy under the format on svetlina.
Electric current, falling into an energy test, a lamp, electrically magnetically depleted and live betting, and creating ultraviolet radiation. Osvenova preminava prez phosphorus and szdava shtetsa svetlina.
Phosphorus coating can be focused on a variety of nuances, allowing you to get the most diverse color and spectrum.
Distinguish between the type and two of the type of lamp with a press-on reject and energospestyavaschi lamps imat similar constructive characteristics. Diametr on pillars under the designations - E27 and E14 in millimeters. You can appreciate the opportunity for interchangeability with other types of lamps.

Vsichki plus and minus on energostestyavaschi lamps

Pregled on the positive aspects on the maze:

  1. Spestyavane on electric power. Into a relationship, the energy concept of the lamp is 5 times in light of the power compared to the lamp with the press of the switch and the image itself is positively inverse. Svetlinnit characteristics on the Ilic "from 100 W sausage will not be distinguished from analogue, kato energy test a lamp from 20 W. Lastly, you can and save consumption on electric power from 80%, without discomfort. There is a difference between a lamp with a pressed bump and an energy test on the lamp for about a time and a stream of light at the beginning of the stream significantly.
  2. AvailabilityFrom the standpoint of a traditional lamp with a press switch, you can carry out the lamp more than once. Those do not burn with time, wolframite nishki and mogat so prodlzhat up to 11 ways in a lot. These types of lamps are excellent because of the difficult place and the illumination of the body from the shutter type.
  3. Niska toplinna power. Electrically speaking, electrical crushers are predicated with an actuator and a fact, than a part of the power from an electrical energy source is transformed into a stream of light and doesn’t have a good practice.
  4. Whiskey is a degree on izlchvane on svetlina. Lamp with a plug-in reject mogat and transform the light line from the Wolfram element. Energospestyaschuyu, on your red, will turn silat into a basement in the central area. It is preferable to have the same effect as the most important one, and the cathode flow from brightly and colorfully, in case the situation is convenient and uniform in the square area on the flock.
  5. Izbort on the right color solution. Phosphorus can be a variety of nuances, such as in the election on the color of the clarification is enormous. Struva si da se bleu, che svetlinata vvv vsek case just as good as fuel and convenient, moreover, it is possible.

Negative aspects of energy performance are:

  1. Price. The nai-golemiate is lacking in these lamps in comparison with a lamp with a plug-in switch and a price. You can stay at least 10% of the price of a traditional lamp. But, properly, the abdomen on the lamp is useful and effective, becoming obviously useful in the wake of the iconic pale point, tezi lamps for a period of time.
  2. The danger is over the medium and choveskoto is healthier. At the same time in energy practice, the concentration of the lamp was determined on the live person, who, on his own account, was in danger of sensible health and was forced on the ground.Suffering like this, tezi lumi sa much harm from a glimmering point on a zamyrsyavaneto on a vicious environment in the case of the wrong ikhvrlyane.

Main Indicator for Energy Conducting Lamps

  1. Indicator on silat. Tezi lampi mogat yes imat different girth on power. You can stay in the range from 3 to 90 wool. In view of the efficiency between a lamp with a press-on relic and an energy test, hold down the lights on the 5th street. Based on the index, choose a lamp for the following rule: divide the characteristics by the power by the digit 5. Traditionally, the lamp 100 cotton characteristics, converge from tezi to modern lamp 20 cotton.
  2. Colors and specifications.You see and parameterize on modern lamps let you get a different color temperature. Spreading the characteristic, you can choose from the following species to the top, they have an influence on the overall mood on the choke: heat byalo (2700 K), Daylight (4200K) and studio byalo (6400K). What is the meaning of the sign? Kolkot on the bottom e on the mark, the temperature on the flowers and predisposed on the flowers on the pr incipient cherveno, talk on the temple e to the blue color. Before you, buy a testi credit, send a note on the table with parameters and conduct an experiment at your home.For all the cholek svetlinniyat flow and spectrum on the flowers Mogat yes vydat otdelnati indicators, such a try and choose, you can see the type of lamp, suitable for the room.
  3. Comparison by size. Improve the energy performance of the lamp and make it consistent with all the rules and regulations. They might be a U-shaped or spiral shape. Techiyat has been compared in comparison with the following result: you are always distinguished by form. Spiraling the lamp in a small way, but in size. Can you choose a lamp for home use? Tova, Kodeto, and the lamp or polley, for the reason aesthetically caused. Energospestyavschayshtey lamps mogat yes imat sheaf, likewise on a lamp with an impaled bitch, and therefore could be replaced without gleaned to illuminate the body in part of the tape.
  4. Sortov from sos. Standard light the body of the projector by projecting the base for the size of E27, and with that, and type E14. Chesto size on E27 imam golemi lampi and e forest and ce determined visually. Size E14, as a matter of fact, the lamp is medium and small

The performance of the din from the technical characteristics of the power generator is attached from the manufacturer to the packaging.

LED lights

The LEDs on the lamp showed a light, the appearance of the mug was far from being found in the region due to brightening, After all, the technology on the screen increased drastically and this significantly reflected on the production of the LED. Tezi Lambi sa nai-iconichite and imat nai-dlg stomach.
Svetlinite eds LEDs like technical specifications, catho lamps with a plug. Distinguish the trait on the lamp and the ability to work from different voltages, ranging from 12 volts to 220 V.

Good ye yes you know! Skrashchenoto skrashchenie LED means "diode eds svetlinna emisiya."

Technically danny for LED lamps:

  1. Girth on power (W, W, W).
  2. Species opori (E27, E14 and others, Spomenati in grief).
  3. Shone the nuance (toplo (2700K) - studeno (4500K)).
  4. Operational vacuum (constant current (12 volts) and reducer se (220 volts).
  5. Conditions for work (30000 - 50000 hours and depend on the quality of the LED element).

Base pridems on the LED:

  1. Effectiveness is added. On-viso niva on svetlinna power directly power (130 - 160 lm / W). Approximately half of the product will make it all the way out before the end of the standard, and the light weight on the light power itself is 100 lm / vol.
  2. Opportunity to work at different temperatures. The temperature range from -60 to +40 degrees Celsius is about the range of acceptable.
  3. Make a difference on the light stream. Unified light stream for standard devices for lighting and devices for close group lighting with individual indicators for light stream, cat light for mas and wall.
  4. Whiskey concentration on LEDs. A single lamp can be moved from one to the other LED element for each stream of light.
  5. Nyakoi lampi imat ability and regulator of nivoto on brightness.

Disadvantages on LED lamps:

  1. Visokata price.
  2. Harmfulness on the LED of the lamp, when the lamp is located, is close to 15 cm from the chokek and in some cases it does not like the spectrum from the blasts. Psikholozite kazvat, in 80% of the cases of these and others, negative impact on the arch of the chorat.
  3. For a stable job and a touch of the belly of iziskvat of the storage and cooling system.
  4. The realm crawls from the pressure of a sprite into an energy supply.


Deserved and misunderstood, why LED luminescent sa nai-dobriyat selection for modern dovek, those immatrides unquestionable pridemestva and mogat significantly and lavish razhodite for elektroenergiya.In spite of the fact that they are worthy of each other's analosi, but also the exploitation of the stomach is a lot in terms of and consumption of energy and energy. As a result, for example, when the LED light goes out, it will remain for a long time, and you will be left on the positive territory for now.

The principle of action on all the lamps with a press-on pick is similar. The electrical current of the preminav predissilate is charged, the spiral is wound in a spiral for increasing the temperature per spiral of the heating room, is made of fireproof material, is filled with wolfram, and many temperatures (2500-3000 °) are high. At a time off from toplinnata, energy is transformed into bright light. For this and the guarantee, that the volframot did not react with atmospheric oxygen at such a temperature, put the spiral in the flask, which is in the evacuation or inert gas in the production step.

Conventional lamps with a plug.

Nai Izvestiyat, find the design and therefore find the price, but in time, find the lamp:

Figure 1The device is equipped with a plug-in lamp.

2 - The bun is inserted. In addition to this, the sausage is filled, the gas is inertly inert: nitrogen, argon, krypton, or mixture technology.Vacuum the luminaire in the direction of preliminarily with a small capacity, treat it efficiently and cross the beam and bulb on the flask, so that it can be applied to the vacuum between the vacuum and the atmosphere.

3 - Electrody. The digit e is marked in Cherven and syn by the tradition (for clarity). Tezi colors are creeped out because of creeping over the type of conductor, syn - the conductor is not consumed, cherven is behind the conductor from the phase, but it is not necessary to put the polarity on the lamp when it is wrapped around the cartridge.

4 - Kapachka (sleeve), screwed into the socket. Light up the body, koito from izdzvzvat for clarification, but the image of the Edison. Lampi with a pinch for lightening on apartments and houses is not a crawl and therefore will not break the tuk. The bushing of the sleeve e is directed from the creeping stoman, protected from a medium through a chromirane or galvanized. In the eutini of the lamp, the layer is protected, and the product is up to the fact that there is moisture in the hub of the shaft and moisture contact and electrical contact is lost or out of place.

5 - Ceramic insulation. Osiguryava isolation between electrical contact, based on lampat.

Benefits for Conventional lamps with press-on relics:

  • Niska price.
  • Wide accessibility.

The design on the Conventional lamps with a press-on ticker of the comprehend is varied. The lamp can be classic, as shown in Figure 1, splashed, fitted, simulating a flame on a wall. Osventova, glass mug can be transparent, zamlezna, milky, with a reflector. With such a light, the lamp and the mirror are different in size and capacity, and much depend on the electrical chamber, in the coito lamp, it is curled or set. In the flask from time to time on the power on the lamp, you can think of it for the exact pressure, as indicated on the opatkata, additionally the base (chamber) of the market, the nivoto for lightness and the time for exploitation.

  • Barzo included. For distinguishing from the other bulbs, incite the bulbs with the press of the boarder across all the lands of the Vednaga.

lack of:

  • Niska hope - Humming on tezi lampi row nadvishava Hilyada hour. Base it on the cause of failure to conventionally place the lamps with a press-on bitch - you have to do it before, find all right on the wolfram (in the edges on the crater, not the temperature), and before you go, the temperature will be hot. visoka and poradu izparyavaneto pochepe, or poradi uvazhivane avrezhёn in mrezhata.Dori briefly exaggerate, for example, from 220 to 240-250 volta for a minute, drive to the pregent and abdomen on the conventional lamp with the pressed brute at 1.5-2. You can see two lamps with a plug-in switch, take a series and go to work with 110 volts. Nivoto for illumination from lightning e 2-3 times in a small way, detaching from one lamp eats power, but exposes the abdominal belly from the top of the light.
  • Niska efektivnost - at the time of the light treatment, from 5–10% of consumirate and electric energy, the electric power will not be converted, and the cialat will remain electric energy from the top to the toplinna energy. With other dumi, the conventional lamp e is a pre-electric heater and a single secondary source to the light. But in some cases, the problem may be due to a crawl, for example, the killer on the balcony or the loggia includes a wedge in the breadth of the dishwasher and without supplying the heaters. Well, why is it a good-for-a-swagger, what is a pressurized lamp, is it even better, but the story is different. Svetlinniyat ikhod e 15-30 lumen per wat consumirana electric energy.
  • Uvredvane for health- dazzling brightness on the conventionally buns and adversely affecting the retinate is cathelective and the backbone should be directed directly into the lamp on the lamp without the rest of it. For this and the likelihood of a straight blow from a face in the face of radiation, from a crawl to distinguish between a kind of lampions, lampshades, reflectors, the base of the cap of the cap on rasseivan on the glass. Observe the spectrum of the svetlinat on the obykynenite of the lamp with the press-on boarder of the cross dominant of the yellowness and worm of the spectrum, as well as of the screen of the saccharide of the same of the lamp of the ce Plynnata zamyana on the daylight svetlina obche can not be a nitro lamp, it can be considered as almost every lamp.

Halogenni (halogenni) lampi.

Figure 2, Device for halogenni lamp with press-on disc.

2a - capsule for low voltage, 2b - with reflector for imparting illumination of the body, 2c - for a cassette with Edison carving

1 - Wolfram niche (spiral).

2 - The bun is inserted.

3 - Electrody. The digit e is marked in Cherven and syn by the tradition (for clarity). It is common for these colors to creep over the designation of a kind of conductor, syn - for a conductor that is not consumed, cherveni for a conductor with a phase,but when you carry out the conduct of a cassette that is either put into place or screwed into the lamp, the polarity of the cable shown in the figure is not necessary.

4 - Contact Group

5 - Reflector (reflector).

Spread principle on the work of halogenite lambs sa many of the same with the bulging lamp with a press-on reject, and press the reject is directed away from the wolfram. In addition, inert gas is used in a flask, which combines the additives of halogen (a freeze and halogen lamp), kato-iodo, chloro, bromo, fluoro, or chemical coupling techniques. For example, reacting iodine with a wolfram, forming a flying union - wolfram iodide. Iodide Wolfram, obtained by heating the spirals of decomposition with iodine and Wolfram, while the temperature is at its maximum, each spiralite cannula is probably due to all decomposed iodide. After topping, the spiral is filled partially and cross the abdomen on the lamp. Because of iodine deficiency, iodine doesn’t have one: iodine doesn’t react with the wolfram itself, but also threw it with others, which could coexist in a sausage bowl. It is not found on iodine with other halogen compounds - chlorine, bromine or fluorine - it isn’t pre-used, but halogen cathode is chemically more active.Sega halogenite mite all more because of the creep of methyl bromide or methyl bromide.

Benefits for halogen light bulbs with press-on bugs:

  • Whiskey hope- There is only one day and change halogenite lamps, koito prodlzhiha more than 10 years old with a lot of active starting to use. And those who try harder and not to change, do not protect them from the mountains, but do not hesitate to reflect the rights of the reflector, tell everyone that you should lower the brightness of the lamp. Livestock on halogen lamp on the manufacturer e 5000-8000 hours.
  • Kompaktnostta - stklenite Krushka on halogennite Lumpy row nadvishavat obemy 1-1.5 cm 3. Dori ako halogenna lamp e Contents Kato konventsionalen lamp nazhezhaema zhichka (Figure 2c.) On vtreshnostta Goliam Krushka Mauger yes se VD Malko mostly much like on the conzolate (Fig. 2a), in koyato ima nishka. And in the halogen lamp for the lamp with a press switch (figure 2b), a part of the lamp from the lamp is attached to the reflector.

Halogenite lampi dnes sa practically maximum diversity. In Figure 2, you can and you can see the nyakos themselves from a hindrance of the halogen lamp. From crawling on all the lamps, from engaging in impregnation of the body (Figures 2a and 2b) on the special side, Halogenite lamps, directions to the classical form (fig. 2c), screwed into the cartridge with Edison carving.For the lamps for the projector (not the figure on the figure), tekhnite kaseti, Halogenite lamps, from spreading in the car, do not break the knock.

lack of:

  • Disrupting visibility spectrum- in a halogen lamp of the image it is weakly absorbed on the svetlinnata radiation in the green to green part of the spectrum. It is obvious that a homodenite lamp is better than a designer, but for design, choose kato halogenni lamps from crawling kato virtue.
  • Niska efektivnost - As a result, unload the lamp with a press-on pickup in halogenni lamp, a bright light energy is transformed into an insignificant part of electrical energy, and the rest is a part of electric power energy is completely transformed into toplinna energy.

Gas discharge lamp.

The main advantage to the discharge of light bulbs in comparison with the lamp with press-on plug is not very high. When the light energy is transformed, up to 30–40% of electric energy is converted. Electrically, the gas discharge tubes, the current of the conductor pretress, are not, of course, the conductor itself, cat, into the spiral, and from metal vapor (live or sodium) or inert gas (neon, argon, krypton or xenon). If you disassemble it, when the voltage is normal, temperature and temperature, the current of the betting or gas cannot be electrified, but this cannot happen at the same time as the electrical breakdown.Behind and watched electrical discharge (arc fused), increased by the potential of the voltage or current, or above the temperature on the electrodite or steamed on the metal or promyane in the lamp, or for the distance between the electrodes, or even the combi method. Takawa promenivost let me gather many types of gas discharge lamps. Find out from tyah sa:

Fluorescent lamp bulbs (GRLND).

Luminescent lamps se ryarchat taka, zashtoto izpolzvat phosphorus. Bring the flute on fluorescent lamps with a gas and a small amount of live gas. After starting the fluorescent lamp category, you can see the catho lamp from the bottom on live betting, opening and cutting GRLND. Normalize the luminescent lamp from the bottom to the next beginning:

Figure 3The device is equipped with a fluorescent lamp with electromagnetic ballast.

1 - Wolfram spiral on the electrode. Celta on the electrodite e yes izchvvat elektroni when heated. For a while on the Golem, the spiral of the spiral helix treated with carbonate or peroxide (peroxide) on alkalozemni was thrown.

2 - The bun is inserted.The gas is inert with gas, argon is charged at a rate of 100-400 Pa (0.001-0.004 atmosphere) and a small amount of live.

3 - The layer of phosphorus from phosphorus, chalophosphate from calcium, activated from magnesium and antimon. Phosphorus sits on the top of the inner surface on the inside of the crane and turns the spectrum spectrum on an electrical outlet into a visible radiation spectrum. Align the proportions on the activator, now get different nuances when it comes to light. Such lamps are governed by a white light (LB), a cold white light (LHB), but it is medically fluorescently treated (LDC). And the comrade in no case does not mean all the names, markings and nuances in the lamp. More details might have been intended. For the production of colored luminescent lamps from izpolzvat special phosphorus or potted glass crushes of Boyadisva in an appropriate color.

4 - Dielectric basis.

5 - Electrical Contact. The digit e is marked in Cherven and syn by the tradition (for clarity). The color of izpolzvat behind the designation on the type of conductor is bored, the syn - the conductor is missingthey will be discouraged by the indications that the polarity figure is not necessary, Oswenov, who is not understood by the forest and will be guided, who foresees symmetry on the lamp. Droselt and starter trybva yes to bear with it properly, but in some cases it is electrically controlled on the lighting device, the evening is over. This is the only way, which is completely out of the consumer from the consumer, just like the lamp in the kasetata.

6 - Throttle (electromagnet ballast, controlled ured (ballast), ballast inductance).

7 - Starter (automatic starts preksvach)

8 - Pre-switch for pack.

The principle of action on a fluorescent lamp with an electromagnet ballast is as follows:

1. zagryavane on lampat

Kogato we will turn on the switch (8), the electric lattice of the cross shutter, the current of the preminav predrosel, the starter and the electrodite. A starter is a simple lamp with a gas-discharge and a condenser (in Figure 3 the starter is not shown). On a electric current, the precursor current between the electrodes on the lamp can be realized by the gas, but between the electrodes, the discharge starter and the starter electrodes (neon lamp) of the toplin.One or two starter electrodes from the bimetal plastini, will be replaced by Koito with C format at Promena for temperature. When the temperature is set, the electrodite temperature will be set and the valve will be cooled and it will be cooled, and you will lock the electrodes on the starter. Present during the time of the niches (1) on the electrodes on a fluorescent lamp for a period of time on the electrical current, and you’ll get it plugged in and out of the box. Inert gas at the inside of the tank with hot water and live, coy hot air in the lamp, its steam.

2. Engaged in a starter

Kogato bimetalnat plocha on startoviya elektrod cool and sever in the beginning of this position, the electric chain between the start of the electric broth and the gas of the switch.

3. Cushes up

For this and that, the electric arc, the exact voltage from 220 volts is not enough. For this and that, it is necessary and important to distinguish between potential and disruptive behavior. Behind the basin, the drosel (6) was winding up and wound around the front end. Kogato pre-e switch is on, it is the electrical current of the pre-distan clap valve and the generator generates a magnetic field near the drosel.Kogato starter (7) decoction of Verigata, in the bobbinata of the inducer CE shears momentarily tension. When tozi decline on the length of the electric arc between the electrodes and the lamp and the sun. Condenser, built up with the start-up light of the starternate lamp, lined up for a time and let it run out of the wire between the starter. The trail is burned on the arcade, resistively on the lamp of the pada, and recurrently, passing through the pre-lamp, in the fire and in the air. Che lampat not izgori, but from her creep of gas. The resistance of the droselnate valve regulating the current to the current was determined, preliminarily, in the case of the catastrophe. Ako dgata not shine, but a comrade can be done, for various reasons, between the start of the electric train and the rest of the process. The trace of kato dggat is lightened, the nami is in need, and she heats the electrodes, they will cool them coolly. Dokato veriguta e shut with arc, lamp work. This kind of start-up, the electric chain is heated up on the electrodite, significantly increasing exploitation of the abdomen on the fluorescent lamps.

4. Basic mode to work e blyask

The trace appeared on the electrical current of the leak between the electrodes and the lamp in the ground mode. Electronically navigate from one electrode to another when the speed of the engine is at a glance from the living atom, or the cathode atom to the electron orbit (or follow the energy source). Kogato elektronite on the living atom se vyrnat kym prednashnata si orbit, energy se ce liberation under the format for ultraviolet termination. Ultravioletovo izlchvane, preminavasche prez phosphorus, excites luminescence of phosphorus in the visible spectrum.

Benefits for Electromagnetic Ballast:

  • Ease of building and owing to the tova
  • Niska price and
  • Relative confidenceKolkoto, in turn, is always on and off of the lamp, interpreted in a long way, regardless of how strangely it sounds. The luminescent lamp, connected with an electromagnetic ballast, could be burned for a long time. A stomach on a luminescent lamp, from a creeping electromagnet ballasti 6000-12000 hours.

lack of:

  • To be included - 1-5 seconds, depending on the average voltage, temperature on the surrounding medium and worn out on the lamp.
  • Niska honesty on gazta (about 100 Hz).Kolkoto is scammed by golems, interpreted by brmchasch.
  • It is possible to fix it on the lamp.
  • Goals size and taglo on droselnata klapawhich coteto spice size bind on fixture
  • Namalyavane on Brightness Kogato temperature on the environment Wednesday, please Namaliavana on the gas on the wall of the glass (really when it is clarification). If the temperature of the fluorescent lamp is negative, the lamp with the electromagnetic ballast cannot be switched on in general.

Elektronniyat ballast (electronic ballast) (electronic ballast) help partially and eliminating the lack of information. Elektronniyat ballast replacing not the gas itself, but also the starter. There are a lot of models on the electronic ballast, some lights turn on the lamp with a lot of fun, from the razor on the electromagnetic ballast, and others allow you to even smoothly change the brightness to the fluorescent lamp, and almost the other, almost the same case, should be used to change the brightness of the fluorescent lamp, and almost the same time, the case will be replaced by the body cable. and dggat se intention of the balance between the studi electrodes. Detailed training for electronic ballast is not the subject of a bowl of statis.

The luminescent lamp can be directed under the format on trby (linear lamp), under the format on crg, write W or U.For svrzvane on takiyev lamps, special cassettes, Hastily compact luminescent lamps with a ballast in place, as you know, kato icons or lampsenergospestyavaschi lamp, Takiva lampi se screwed on the obschinen rezbova cassette and consequently podmyanat on the lamp with a press-on plug with a fluorescent lamp se accelerated. The watches are worked on "iconic" lamps from the medium on the 90th year of the eyelids, on the eyelids and on the trybava, and even in our own conditions of the lamp, not the vinagi will work sensibly for a long time, the producer will declare. Ako cuts with the shred of honor, then the lamp and all of them will be replaced by all six months or a month, and Tov is far from being an iconomically effective regime.

Common lime All fluorescent lamps available at a live bet in a lamp, such as using fluorescents for a lot of important task. Excessively on the luminescence of a lamp, it is about a side for a bit out of the way in any case that is not possible. For szhalenie, Tov, the rule is not much better observed, but is still more than that. Ako accidentally find a fluorescent lamp, uncomfortably aired the flock - leave a live bet and let it out.And in addition, it is possible to live in a fluorescent lamp little by little, if you break off at the same time as the thermometer, all your needs and conditions are at risk.

Zhivachni lampi with visoko nalyagane (RVVD).

Visoko nalagane zhivak lamy ce izpolzvat chiefly for clarification, please, cause, touch along the valley. Alternatively, live lamps shamelessly, predate the product of two-electrically lamps, and the next to come and four-way lamps, seg ate all three-elektrodi. There is no principle to solve the principle of action on a living lamp with a high voltage example for a lamp with four electrodes:

Figure 4, Devices on live lamp with high visibility.

1 - Isolate flask (burner), gas with inert gas, charged with argon and small amount of live material. Gas flow can be as high as 100 kPa (1 atmosphere). Burner from the quartz or ceramics.

2 - Glavniyat elektrod (cathode).

3 - Electrode (anode) is fired.

4 - Resistance for current limiting, as before the lamp.

5 - The bun is inserted. Phosphorus can be applied to the surface of the surface on a large country from the outside country.

6 - Edison carving

Kogato e lamp is turned on, the electric is between the base and the bottom of the electrodes, the position is briefly spaced, the light is on.At the same time, elektrodite cross and live from the soil and cross of the pair. Between the cathode and the ground between the electrodes, there is a lot of golyamo, the näma is unforgettably ignited on the junction between the head of the electrodes, located in the cross-section of the temporal region of the flask. Kogato elektrodite se ngryavat, broaden on izlchenite elektroni and put yoni se se enlarged, until this se you get raspadaneto on isolate on the inert gas. Tova Szdawa izpuskane to shine between the head of the Electrode, which is a lot of brilliant premina in the form of izpuskane. For and for the limiting of the current, by pre-shaving the lamp, from the creep resistively (4), in addition to the electromagnetic field of the creep two electrically lamp. When zagryavaneto zhivachnite bulbs se izvrshva enough for a long time - in the frame for 10 to 15 minutes the trail is turned on. And kolkoto is stud- ied on the street, and it’s still a lot to do. Mercury lamps work nay-good in horizontal position.

Dgata in izpuskatelnata bulb generic power ultravioletovi Luchi, somehow and apparently islchvane from Violeto or Sinyo. Ako phosphorus sits on the top of the inner surface on the wall of the barrel, which is completely transformed into a visible spectrum.Vivify lamps without phosphorus from all the medical purposes, such as killing the microbes and ultrovioletov Svetlin, and those who are just living kart quartz or live quartz.

Neon lamp

Neon lamp is izdzvvat mainly for advertising, katoka predlnitelno brightening, such a chaplet and we will draw a hand in the device on the neon lamp. Neonite lamp with a neon and from it, you will get a picture of it. Clean the neon light in orange, and the addition of other gases to the neon will allow you to get greens, red flowers, blue and white nuance. The neon and light are framed in a electrodite, interpreted according to the truth to the neon, neonly, just like in the middle of the world, such as neon and light, from a spark, they transformed the transformer between the electrodes. For proizvodstvoto on Neon lamp with vsyakakva form does not behold iziskva nyakakv osobeno skpo Furniture Unit, taka che dori and sravnitelno Malki Cities ima firms angazhirani in proizvodstvoto on neon lamps, and otnositelnata chestota on neon signs, per se si taka da Sé also for the abdomen on the neon and the lamp is not necessary, may be different,

Sodium lampi.

Spoon the lamps to find the light of the point. Ako taka name icon lamp or light efficiency of 80-120 lumen per watt for electrical power, and the next sodium lamp, cumulative for 140-160 lumen / W. Nate the lamp with low gloss (NLND) and high gloss (NLL) and high visibility (NLL) In sodium lamp from low to low electric power izvrshva into sodium steam, live and xenon cross will add cel burner to lamp with high viscose. Somehow live lamps with high visibility, sodium and light from izpolzvat mainly for clarification, and not just enjoy prodolzhitelntostnu on the front of the sun (power) (10-15 minutes), and in the result on color on the color spectrum. Nutrition on the sodium lamp can reach 25,000 hours.

Metalli halogenni lampi (IPF).

A metal lamp of metal halogen lamps can be distinguished from a gas discharge lamp from a lively lamp, then in addition to a flask of an inert gas and live metal will be added to metal halides, allowing you to even adjust the spectrum on the emisite. The efficiency of a svetlinat is 140-150 lm / W. It is time for a svetlin of light 3-10 minutes, depending on being stored on the lamp. All other differences in marking.The opportunity for a meeting on the difference of colors and nuance allows you to use metal on halogenni lamps for a varsh and clarification.

From the 90s, the godini per linnia with the lively-xenon luminaire, which is widely known in motorists kato xenon and lampi, is widespread. Regardless of the product, the gas discharge of the lamp was probably even assigned to the metal of the lamp, separated from the lamp and separated from the type. Xenon lamps from the ground floor are mainly used in different types of projectors.

LED lamps.

Doshega LED lamp sa nay-promising from the glimmer point on the spygovane on the electric power zaradi possible nai-visoka efficiency. Svetlinniyat izkhod on LED lamps reaching 100-200 lm / W, depending on the power of the LED and is continuously running. Light-emitting diode is one from a semiconductor and a diode, working on the principle of a pn switch.

Figure 5The device is a lamp type lamp.

1 - Crystal on semiconductor, in coyte vrjkva vrzkata pn.

2 - Plastmasov kruschka, koyato predvzva kristala and serve katsel borsch. The format for the board depends on the ygula on the rassayvan on the ivychvanata svetlina

3 - Svzzvashch conductor.

4 - Vgraden reflector (reflector). Lampi, koito izdzvat LEDs, mogat and the equipment with additional reflector

Kogato elektriichesky current premina prez vrazkata rn, energyat se liberated. Parameters p-n Transition to the election for such a start, and then maximir surpasses the energy for photon format from the spectrum and even minimizes it to the topline. Izbor on suitable material for the right pn n rule is possible and the exchange is widely possible color gam. Light-emitting diode sa health and not from the danger of gas or vacuum Colby and, consequently, small ones from the point of view on Svetlin, working at low temples, varying from 1-2 volts. Svetodiodit over zahranvane mogat yes vdat from 0.1 to 100 cotton. Lobbed in the LEDs, the catholes will replace the convention lamp, the izpolzvat nyakolko broya or nakakko dessetki LED, zvryhmodelite LEDs, koito mogat yes replace the conventional lamp, on the other hand. On top of the date, LED lamps on the bottom of the display, LED LED lamp diameters of power 0.2-0.3 type W for 3, 5 or 10 mm in appearance look like a lot of small lamp (Fig. 5), SMD chip diode (mounted on the device) approximate power size 4x4x3mm and powerful SMD LEDs, additional equipment from bream and radiator for crystal cooling.

Benefits for LED lamps:

  • High temper, With LED lights on svetlinnata, energy is transformed into 50-80% of electrical energy, such as svetlinata from LED lamps, you can find a letter in the letter of the media.
  • Golyamo variety.
  • Whiskey hope - eksploatatsionniyat term for the manufacturer on the LED lamp e 50000-100000 hours.
  • Security for health - in spectrum on emisite on LED lamps nyama infrachervena and ultravioletov radiation. Osven Tov's lamp is not potentially dangerous for the material - without zhivak, halogen, etc.

Come on date, LED lamp on the layout for the format to separate the LEDs for independent release, for the format for the classic lamp for the cartridge and reed Edison, for the format on the fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps for the secret and for finding light cables . vvv vsichki vzmozhni form

lack of:

  • Visokata price. When disassembling it, appreciate the LED lamps; they depend on the power supply, such as the manufacturer. For this, they move a little closer to the price, maybe even the following indicator - the power of a lamp is multiplied by 2, and the next price is a lamp in dolari.For example, a single 1 watt bulb is about 2 dollars, and a lamp with 5 watts is about 10 sch.d., and a lamp with a power of 50 W about 100 watts. All the packs are not bi-wise and taking away, the efficiency on the LED lamp is a lot of people from conventional Conventional lights with a plug-in switch.
  • Otsvetyavane. Kogato semiconductor crystal is pregree, the diode is much less early from the window, such a quality was removed from the LED from the LED, and the task is important.

Mogu bi biopomena nyakoi species of lamps, but for the sake of miley, chetovee enough.

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