"Dead Souls": the image of Nozdryov

In the first half of the XIX century, many writersin their work, a huge role was assigned to the theme of Russia. At that time there was a ruthless tyranny of landlords and officials, and the life of the peasants was unbearably heavy. The life of serf Russia was reflected in many works. One of them was a novel-poem, written by N. V. Gogol, "Dead Souls." The image of Nozdrev, as well as Chichikov, Manilov and other heroes, is very bright and outlines the attitude to reality of all representatives of the aristocracy of that time. The author in his work tried to convey to readers the immorality that reigned at that time in all its manifestations.

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General mood of Russia at the beginning of the XIX century

The domestic state system oftime developed with an emphasis on serfdom. Important moral values ​​were relegated to the background, and the priority in society and money were considered. People did not strive for the best, they were not interested in science or art. They did not try to leave to the descendants absolutely no cultural heritage. In achieving his goal - wealth - a person does not stop at nothing. He will deceive, steal, betray, sell. The current situation could not but worry people thinking, those who are not indifferent to the destiny of the Fatherland.

Representatives of the aristocracy in the work

The name "Dead Souls" was chosen by the author notaccidentally. It is very symbolic and perfectly reflects the mood of serf Russia. The author did not regret paints, depicting a whole gallery of persons, showing a spiritual decline, threatening the fatherland. At the beginning of the narrative, the reader appears Manilov - an idle dreamer, a dreamer. The series of portraits ends with the image of Plyushkin. This representative of the nobility appeared as a "hole on humanity". In the work "Dead Souls" the image of Nozdryov appears around the middle. In it you can see something from Plyushkin, something from Manilov.

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Characteristics of Nozdryov's image

For the first time in the work he appears in the city of NN. The reader does not find out anything special about him except that he was a card sharpie. His whole being was somehow ridiculous: he is ridiculous, he says nonsense, without thinking about the consequences of his statements. The author himself, portraying the image of Nozdryov, speaks of him as a "broken guy". Actually, this is true, and all the actions of the hero emphasize this. Nozdryov used to live in the present day, not thinking about the future. So, for example, he gambled cards on absolutely unnecessary items and things that he lost to other, more successful players the next day. All this, according to Gogol himself, was due to some kind of briskness, briskness and restless character of the character. This "vigor" made Nozdryov commit other acts, mostly rash and spontaneous.

The Hero's Defects

All that is available in Nozdryov - thoroughbred dogs,horses, all the best. But the bragging of the hero does not often have grounds. Despite the fact that his possessions border on a strange forest, he speaks of him as his own. Illustrating the image of the landowner Nozdrev, one can not fail to mention all the ridiculous situations in which he found himself. He is taken out of the nobility meeting, then he takes part in the fight. One of the distinctive features of the character is his tendency to make dirty tricks to people. And the more he approached with a man, the stronger was the desire to annoy. So, Nozdryov upsets weddings and trade deals. However, he perceived his actions as a leprosy, not considering them offensive. Moreover, Nozdryov was even genuinely surprised if he heard that one of his acquaintances was offended by him.

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The main features of the hero

Opening the image of Nozdryov, the author depictsplatitude in a certain false-impudent form. Its origins can be traced in the comedies of Aristophanes and Plautus. However, a lot in the character and originally Russian, national. The main features of Nozdryov's character are bragging, arrogance, propensity to rowdyism, unpredictability, vigor. As the author himself notes, people of this kind of warehouse, as a rule, are "fizzy, kutily, talkers", and in their faces one can always see something direct, remote, open. Among other things, they like to walk and are inveterate players. They are distinguished by sociability, combined with brusqueness. Sometimes it seems that friendship with them can last a very long time, however, with "new acquaintances" such people can fight on a feast the same evening.

Contrast of the inner and the outer in the character

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Description of the image of Nozdrev in the workclearly enough. Representing the hero, the author does not spare artistic means. A portrait of the character is expressive. Outwardly, this is a man of medium height, folded not bad, with ruddy, full cheeks, snow-white teeth and pitch whiskers. He was a fresh, healthy young man with physical strength. In the episode of the poem the reader can trace the tradition of Russian heroism. However, the image of Nozdrev is a comic reflection of epic motives. The contrast of its internal and external features is very noticeable. The way of life of Nozdrev is the direct opposite of the actions of the epic heroes. Everything that the character of the poem does does not make sense, and his "exploits" do not extend beyond fights at the fair or card cheating. The image of Nozdryov comically reflects the motif of the "broad soul", "the swashbuckling" of the native Russian features. The whole appearance of the character is only the appearance of that national "breadth" in a good way. The hero not only can not claim "spiritual breadth", but also shows absolutely opposite qualities. Nozdryov is a drunkard, a liar and a liar. At the same time he is cowardly and completely insignificant.

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Character Management

Picturing the scenery present in the episodevisits Nozdrev Chichikov, the author points to the disorder of the owner. His farm was in a very frustrated form and completely fell into decay. This, again, speaks about the lack of orderliness and deliberate lifestyle Nozdrev. In his stables the stalls were empty, the house was running, disorder reigned in it. The only place in the proper form was the kennel. On it, the landowner felt like a "father of the family." According to a number of critics, the hero himself is somewhat like a dog: it can simultaneously bark and caress. Character traits of Nozdryov are also reflected in the interior of the house. There are no papers or books in his office. However, the walls are hung with sabers, rifles, Turkish daggers and various tubes. It is symbolic in this interior barrel organ. In this subject there is one pipe, which did not want to calm down. This detail was a symbol of the nature of the character. It shows the irrepressible energy, restlessness and briskness of the hero.

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Behavior Nozdrev

The vigor of the hero pushes him to variousfeats. So, for example, having a propensity for exchange, everything that he has, at a time, changes to something else. The hero spends his money immediately at the fair, buying all sorts of unnecessary things: smoking candles, collars, pistols, pots, tobacco, raisins and the like. But all the things purchased before the house are rarely transported, since on the same day he can lose everything. Despite the disorganization of his life as a whole, Nozdrev shows an amazing sequence for him when making a deal with Chichikov. The landlord tries to sell everything he can: dogs, stallions, barrel organ. After Nozdryov starts a game of checkers, exchange brijkami. But Chichikov notices cheating and refuses to play. Nozdrev's manners are also peculiar. His speech is always emotional, diverse in composition, he says aloud, often screaming. But the image of Nozdryov is static in terms of the fact that he appears to the reader already fully formed. The prehistory of the hero is closed, and in the course of the narrative the character does not experience any internal changes.

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Gogol, portraying Nozdrev, created a colorful andeasily recognizable character. The hero is a typical braggart, a likhach, a chatterbox, a debater, a rowdy, a kutila. He does not mind drinking and loves to play. However, despite all the "typicality," some details and individual details give the character an individuality. All narration is imbued with a fair amount of humor. However, the work depicts the characters, their characters, manners, actions and behavior, reporting a rather serious problem of that time - the loss of morality, spirituality. Gogol's novel-poem is "laughter through tears." The author created the work, tormented by the question of what awaits Russia in the future, if people do not change their mind and start to change.

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