Cross stitch pattern of a dog - a symbol of 2018

Handicraft has always been appreciated, and cross-stitch is an ancient art that is being revived and resonates in the souls of many needlewomen. Although laborious work, but the result of labor is worth it. Even if you are not an artist, then with the help of fabric, thread and needles you can create a real masterpiece.

2018 is the year of the Dog. Therefore, our task is to learn how to embroider this intelligent and courageous animal, which will be the symbol of the new year.

Cross Stitch Technique

Before mastering the cross-stitch scheme of a dog - a symbol of 2018, you need to learn the technique of embroidery. If you decide to try yourself in this kind of creativity, then you need to start with small works, for example, with children's embroidery. The stores sell kits for every taste and level of skill (size, color, technique), so finding a small set is easy.

To get started, you need tools and materials:

  • round hoops that have a thread tension screw,
  • special needle with a blunt nose for embroidery,
  • floss threads of the desired color range,
  • canvas of suitable size
  • small scissors (can be manicure),
  • scheme for embroidery.


Outline is a special fabric, which is conveniently embroidered with a cross. These are interwoven threads with small holes between them. In this case, all the crosses are the same size. Beginners suitable outline already with a pattern applied to it. Embroidery on such a canvas will not be difficult, but will allow you to master the technique of embroidery. Already skilled needlewomen are embroidered on simple fabric.

The next important point is the selection of threads for work. They may be from different manufacturers, but the most practical ones are floss threads. Over time, they do not grow dull and fade, rarely get confused when working, have a large assortment, so you can easily find the right shade.

It is important to know: A bright and memorable picture can be obtained if you do the work in two or three threads. So the picture will look more voluminous, without white gaps. Manufacturers of sets recommend just such a number of threads.

To align the canvas, use a special device - hoops. More often they are round, but they can be square.The material from which they are made - plastic or wood. They consist of 2 parts between which the fabric is clamped and leveled. Using the hoop allows you to make crosses smooth, and work neat.

Basic requirements for cross stitching

If all the necessary requirements for embroidery techniques are met, then the work will be of high quality and beautiful. Step by step the process at the initial stage looks like this:

  1. The edges of the canvas should be swept before starting work so that it does not crumble. This is done manually or with the help of a sewing machine. Strengthen the edges will help non-woven, it is glued around the edges with a hot iron.
    the cloth
  2. Then we define the center of work so that the embroidery on the canvas is in the right place and does not “move aside.” We fold the fabric vertically and horizontally, and determine the center. Embroidery usually begins from the center, but this is not necessary; you can start at the edge.needle
  3. We put the fabric (fabric) on one hoop ring and close it with the second one. Twist the cog so that the fabric was stretched.
  4. We perform embroidery scheme. We begin work in the center and fasten the thread. Nodules should not be done. Make a few stitches, and the thread will lock itself.Or make a loop, as shown.
  5. The square in the diagram is one cross on the outline. In the box is a symbol or it is colored by the color used in the work. Under the scheme we embroider crosses of one color, then we pass to another.
  6. The stitches of the crosses must be located in the same direction, otherwise they will not be even and neat, and the work itself will look somewhat chaotic.schemeIt is important to know: You can flash the crosses not one at a time, but in blocks: first in one direction, and then in another. Stitches should not be stitched, i.e. be too tight. Long broach threads are unacceptable, they shine from the front.
  7. When the work is completed, the embroidery is carefully washed in warm water and ironed on the wrong side. The work can be arranged in a frame under the glass. So it will last for a long time, and a suitable frame will give the picture a finished look.

For information: Cross stitch is not just a hobby. She develops a lot of positive qualities: accuracy and perseverance, logical thinking and the ability to concentrate on work, attention and patience. And if your child is keen on this creativity, then these qualities (or some of them) will be formed with him.

Such a hobby as embroidery has many little tricks and secrets.Let's open a few of them for beginner embroiderers:

  • pay attention to the correspondence of the thickness of the threads and the size of the cells of the base, so that the work is not too voluminous or too faded (due to the wrong choice of the thickness of the thread);
  • see how the color scheme of the pattern is combined with the color of the canvas, which can be changed according to your desire (usually the canvas is white beige and black, but there are other colors);
  • the size of the hoop should cover most of the work, otherwise the tension of the thread will be uneven, and the base fabric will be deformed;
  • you can not iron the finished product, and steam it, then it is better to keep the color and appearance of the work;
  • when selecting the frame, pay attention to how harmonious the picture fits into it (it is better to contact the framing workshop, where the work will be given the appropriate look);
  • Remember that stitches need to be applied evenly and the knots on the back of the work do not tie: all this will spoil your work.

It is important to know: It is best to lightly rinse the created work, first in soapy water, and then in a weak solution of vinegar. It does not hurt and slightly starch the product: we moisten the swab with starch solution and gently blot from the wrong side. We also iron the inside out with a not very hot iron.

Everything, the first work can be presented. Save the “first step to mastery” as a keepsake, and the next one can be given to relatives or friends. This is a wonderful gift for any holiday in which not only your work is invested, but also a part of your soul. This will fully reflect the location of the person to whom you present a gift.

 Cross-stitch dog for 2018

Embroider animals is not as easy as it seems. It is necessary to "draw" all the dash, so that the muzzle is expressive, the look is open, and the overall picture reflects the breed. Patterns of dog breeds can be found on the Internet, to which you need to choose the floss. You can use ready-made kits, which is more convenient and simple.

The choice of schemes in online stores is large, which means you can choose the plot or breed of the character of the year you like. The picture is selected, it remains to find the color of the threads specified in the scheme key, and you can start working. Typically, manufacturers in the sets complete the thread with a margin, and on the canvas leave an additional 5 cm on each side.

Even a small picture with the symbol of the year will decorate the cover of the diary, the case for a tablet or phone, a pillow.Great work is placed in the frame so that a painting of a dog will be at home, which will certainly bring good luck.

Consider the stages of cross stitching a dog for 2018 or conduct a small master class:

  • We take a set and check its contents: the scheme, instructions, floss, canvas. We find the center and stretch the canvas on the hoop.



  • The choice of color from which to start work is arbitrary. It is desirable to first work with one color, then the scheme is drawn and in the future it will be easier to embroider.

Important to know: You can use a special marker for work. Put dots on the canvas where there will be crosses of the same color. Over time, the color of the marker dims and disappears, so that it will not spoil the embroidery. The marker is not included in the set, it will have to be purchased separately.


  • If the work is large, then the scheme is usually divided into 4 parts and it is desirable to start with one of them. It is better to use schemes with color applied (again, for ease of operation), but the colors on the scheme and the floss threads may slightly differ, therefore symbols are usually drawn on the scheme.


  • When the picture begins to appear, the work goes faster, since the result of labor is already visible.Sometimes extra embroidery is required to draw more clearly the eyes, muzzle or ears of a dog. It can be difficult to embroider shades of wool. Here, as a rule, requires a wide range of colors.


For your information: Errors are possible during operation: wrong stitches are set, the wrong thread is selected, the work is shifted by one edge. Then you have to "embroider" the picture, removing the thread. This is hard work and ungrateful work. It is at this stage that needlewomen sometimes abandon its implementation.


At the completion of the work, we extend it manually, without pressing, dry it and iron it from the inside out. And then we use the work at our discretion: we put it in a frame, we sew it on a pillow, we wrap a gift book. Cross-stitch symbol 2018, Year of the Dog, is completed.

Such a painting or a small masterpiece will always come in handy: as a gift, for home decoration, for sale. Everyone wants to have a symbol of the New Year as a talisman, expectations of an interesting and eventful New Year.

Any needlewoman wants to create her masterpiece. For example, by the year of the Dog, embroider the breed that she has or that she loves the most.For this there are special programs, such as "Cross."

There is a great variety of dog breeds, not to list them all. There are rocks only a few centimeters high (Chihuahua, York) up to a meter or more (wolfhounds, Great Danes). Color and combination of all colors of wool is difficult to convey. Having photographed your favorite dog, you will make a photo-image, embroidered with a cross. Working in the program "Cross" or another (in this direction), embroidery scheme download for free. If you just like some breed, then download the photo and scheme.

It is necessary to load the necessary photo into it, it will break it into small fragments-cells, and the needlewoman will select the necessary set of threads. Such work is more laborious and time consuming, but as a result you will get your pet dog. In addition, the thing will be unique. But this is the highest skill and for beginners it is not available.

This is interesting: Dog - 11 signs of the Chinese Zodiac. The time of day that this animal controls is from 19.00. until 21.00. The dog has both positive and negative traits. On the one hand, she is loyal, generous and honest, and on the other, restless, scattered and a little pessimistic.

Cross Stitch to the New Year

On the websites of online stores for the New Year offers a large selection of paintings: patterns, New Year landscapes, embroidered napkins and tablecloths, embroidered stockings, which put gifts, small sets or cards for children (snowflake, snowman, Santa Claus). You can make an embroidered toy on the Christmas tree, needle bed, pillow dumachku.


By the new year in the assortment will be a large selection of embroidery with a picture of dogs. We will be offered various breeds and plots, so that everyone can choose a job according to their taste.

Already today the number of such sets is quite large. Many works are complex, requiring long and hard work. And if you want to embroider a big picture, then you can start creating it in the near future.

New Year's themes and our imagination are inexhaustible, but for beginning needlewomen it is better to use simple patterns for New Year's cross stitching for 2018. The main thing is to have a desire to create.

Embroidery has always been a popular, beautiful art and an interesting hobby. Skills of working with a needle and thread, creating unique works were handed down from generation to generation.And now we have the opportunity to use the knowledge of craftswomen, needlewomen and create their masterpieces. For example, such as the symbol of 2018 - the year of the Yellow Earth Dog.

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