Crafts from acorns

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Crafts from acorns - not only for children, but also for adults. Our selection of workshops should convince you of this. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for working with this natural material, as well as some very interesting ideas. You will be surprised how much unusual can be made from acorns with your own hands.

toys from acorns
To repeat any of the proposed lessons, you do not need to look for any unusual additional materials. We tried to pick up those master classes that everyone can repeat. Some ideas are designed for children. If you need to make crafts to school on the autumn theme, then you can safely go for acorns and repeat any of these lessons. And some ideas like even experienced craftsmen.

Note that for crafts it is best to choose the formed acorns. If they are still green, wait a bit - soon the shell will harden, and you can work with them. Collect a lot at once - they will never be superfluous.Dry them well at home, but do it in a natural way: in the oven or in a pan, you will damage the shell.

It is best to separate the caps from the acorns either with your hands or with a thin knife. In this case, always try not to damage the caps, since most often we will glue them back. By the way, instead of acorns, it is permissible to use chestnuts, but working with them is still not so convenient.


painted acorns

Women's jewelry made from acorns (earrings, pendants, pendants) look original and very beautiful. Try to do something similar with your own hands - you just get a lot of compliments to your address.

painting acorns

First you need to remove the cap from the acorn and release it from the entrails. Dry everything well. To attach it back, and at the same time to make holes in the cap for a ringlet for accessories, you need to make two holes. It is best to use an awl. You can insert a regular thread or wire, as well as a stud (then you will need one hole) or a loop.

hole in the acorn

Paint acorns best acrylic paints. Put it on a pencil or something else and proceed. If you have thin brushes, you can make a true masterpiece of an acorn with your own hands.

No acrylic? Use nail polish.And if you need to paint a large amount of material at once, then it is best to take a spray can.

When everything is dry, apply a drop of glue on the inside of the acorn cover and fasten it back.

By the way, in the absence of any colors, you can completely replace the shell with a beautiful bead. It will also look spectacular.

beads from acorns

You will only need to collect all the acorns on the chain, hooks or thread - your unique decoration is ready!

And if you do not want to bother at all, then just free acorns from the caps, and then pierce each one through. Collect them on a string, alternating with beads, or just firmly press together. So you get a great homemade bracelet that you can not even dye.

acorn bracelet

Dinnerware set

If you have children, be sure to repeat with them this workshop on making crafts from acorns. Such a set of dishes like any little girl who loves to play with dolls. Yes, and boys of preschool age, it will be interesting to "drink tea" their toys.

set of acorns

Let's make a kettle, a vase and two cups. For this we need only four acorns. Of course, you can collect the whole set.We also need to take superglue and a small piece of the branch.

From the first acorn we remove the cap and fasten a branch to it, pointed at both ends - so we will make a spout. Bend the second part of the branch with the letter “C” and glue it on the superglue to the acorn body on the other side. We will not stick the lid back - we need to “pour water” into our toy kettle.

acorn kettle

To make cups of acorns, we need to take only their tops. Stand cut out of the branch, sawed off from them a thin flat "washer". We glue birch bark handles - as well as to the kettle.

In this case, for the stand for a toy vase, a part of the straightened dry cone is used. The vase itself is made of an acorn cap. We connect them to glue.

That's all - you just have to collect everything in one place and arrange a puppet tea ceremony!

acorn puppet set

We recommend to see: cardboard doll house


mirror decor

With the help of lids from acorns you can create unique frames with your own hands. It's very simple, but keep in mind that you need a lot of material.

You can make a photo frame, picture, mirror or something else. The most important thing is to have a base (plastic, wood, fabric or any other).

Separate the caps and try them on the base. If you want to lay out the pattern, you need to paint them in advance.If, on the idea, your hand-made article should be monophonic, then paint after placing the caps on the base. However, you can leave them in their original condition, as they look beautiful.

It will be more convenient to pour glue on a flat surface, and take each acorn with your hands or tweezers by the tail, dip it, and then press it tightly to the surface. If you do not plan to paint the whole product, immediately clean the excess glue with a cloth.

photo frame of acorns

The frames that are filled with acorn caps completely, without gaps, look the most beautiful. If you have not so much material, then lay them out with a snake, in the form of a flower, in a checkerboard pattern or something else. The main thing that the pattern can be traced clearly.

Toys for children

You can make an amusing mini-zoo or other toys out of acorns with your children. All the materials here are very simple, and you will spend only 10-15 minutes on this. Take a look at the proposed ideas of crafts. Perhaps you can immediately repeat them or invent something of your own.

autumn crafts with children

monkey from acorns

acorn figurines

Part of the acorns to disassemble and cut. To make the head of a small person or animal, as well as small parts of the body, cut them across.To make the "shoes", false belly, a body for an insect - we cut the acorns along.

Holes, if necessary, make an awl. Fasten parts together can be matches or toothpicks. It is also convenient to take small twigs, if you can sharpen them at both ends.

simple crafts from acorns

There are two mounting options in such crafts. If you make them with a child of school age (especially if it is an odd job to school), acorns are best bonded with glue. Do these animals and little men in kindergarten? Then fasten materials with clay.

Do not forget to use caps from acorns - they can be used to make a lot of interesting details!

If you need to make an attractive face, use plasticine, ready-made plastic eyes, beads or matches. All this can also be put on glue or clay.

By the way, to the children's crafts from acorns you can safely add and cones. Earlier we told you how much interesting things can be made from the cones with your own hands - we recommend you look for inspiration.

autumn hack

Feel free to combine ideas and create something unusual. Add leaves, berries or any other natural materials to crafts - it will be very beautiful.

Appliqués with leaves and acorns are suitable for the smallest ones.

acorn butterfly

Take a thick cardboard, stick one or two acorns on it. Then pick up the bright leaves to make butterfly wings and seeds for the eyes.

In the same way you can collect and other animals, and then arrange them in a postcard or picture.

Home Compositions

Acorns - a unique natural material, crafts from which do not require special costs, including temporary ones. It is enough for you to go to the park and collect a few dozen of these “squirrel nuts” under the tree in order to decorate the house with something unusual.

Earlier we told how to make beautiful autumn wreaths with our own hands. There was an option using acorns. However, this is not all where you can use them. Acorns themselves are very cute, so you can even just put them in a large glass vase - it will be beautiful.

A good option is to make a simple autumn composition with your own hands using acorns, nuts and a candle.

owl owls

Take a wide dish. Put nuts and chestnuts on it in random order. On chestnuts, cones or hazelnuts glue hats of acorns and a few pieces of felt.Add toy eyes - you get funny owls. Just remember that for such a composition you can use only those candles that are in the glass. In other cases, it is unsafe.

Another popular handicraft made from acorns is topiary. We have already shown how to make a topiary of natural materials. Add acorn caps to any of them or use them entirely.

If you use a special soft blank or foam ball for the base, first make holes in acorns and insert wires or matches. Also, the material can simply be glued using superglue or even gently put on clay.

acorn topiary

By the way, blanks for topiary in combination with lids from acorns can be used to make very beautiful toys for the New Year.

Christmas decorations of acorns

Cover the finished craftwork with sparkles from the balloon, tie a satin ribbon on top. Also, the caps can be pre-coated with beautiful metal acrylic paints or ordinary nail polish with glitter. Attach them to the wire or glue.

If you have a lot of acorns, you can make an even large basket with your own hands.

basket of acorns

As a basis, you can take the old plastic basket or even a regular plastic five-liter bottle. Glue the acorns on superglue. Fill the inside of the basket with padding polyester or dry grass. Place cones, berries, or artificial fruit on top.

We hope that these ideas inspired and tuned you in a creative way. If you have already gone for acorns, then remember that you may need “nuts” of different sizes. If you have children, be sure to take them to collect suitable natural materials with you. Along the way, type cones, beautiful leaves and twigs - they can also be useful for autumn crafts and creating interesting compositions.

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