Congratulations on the Day Brown Eye

Good day! This holiday was celebrated only a few years ago. But for now the brown eye is unofficial, but brown eye holders receive congratulations all over the planet. It is said that the eyes can reflect the inner world of any man or woman.

It is the color of the eyes that can tell a lot about a person, whether his character or his personal qualities. There is an opinion in which it is believed that the owners of brown eyes are impulsive, ambitious and energetic people. Such people do not avoid conflicts and can often initiate a dispute themselves.

Brown-eyed are in love and jealous, but can, unfortunately, can go on to betray. They are also considered benevolent and will not leave friends in difficult times.

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Postcards Happy Brown Eye

Funny greetings Happy Brown Eye

On a wonderful holiday, I, on the day of brown eyes
I sincerely want to congratulate you,
It’s like a thousand nights dancing in them
Their brilliance so beckons in the flame of candles.
October came again, the thirtieth,
All brown-eyed holiday was it
I congratulate you on this international day,
No wonder this fabulous holiday was invented.

More beautiful in the world can not find anything
What are these brown magic eyes,
They always burn with honey warm light,
They fill the entire planet with love.
Just look - you can immediately drown in them,
I want to congratulate the brown-eyed on this day,
Let the vision be excellent forever
Let fate protect you from any misfortune.

In contrast, the holidays have long been familiar
Today is the feast of brown eyes, it is unusual,
In them there is a mystery and a boundless warm light,
They always look so faithful, so tender.
I want to congratulate October 30th
All those who are waiting for this piece of the calendar,
To brown-eyed many warm words said,
So that brown eyes warmed us.

For brown eyes, a special day is appointed,
Those who drunk us and intoxicate,
Let never beautiful eyes cry,
Let it always beckon with a soft light,
I in the whole world do not find such
In this deep darkness the bottom is not visible,
They are the most beautiful, they are big,
and happy is the one to whom this beauty is given.

I remember your eyes now
As the brilliance of the beautiful brown eyes beckons,
I want to congratulate you on this day,
Let your eyes always burn with fire.
I can tell you that I like brown color,
And congratulations on this hour in verses I give,
All brown-eyed happy today,
After all, there is no more beautiful than a deep brown look.

Congratulations With a Brown Eye Day in verse

Today is the feast of brown eyes, wonderful
Take a seat at the banquet table,
We will congratulate you from the heart,
Your eyes are very good.
Live, brown-eyed, in joy and happiness,
Let all bad weather pass you by
Let them appreciate you, love, respect,
Let true friends surround you.

How I love your brown eyes
In them, and the passion and spark of good,
There is a mystery in them, a sea of ​​witchcraft in them,
Many make love crazy.
Today is your holiday, congratulations
I wish you a bright life,
Let all plans come true always
Let life be like a full river.

Brown-eyed my dear
From love, in your eyes, I just melt,
Tea color just appeals to me
Better brown eyes, in the world does not happen.
Happy brown eyes congratulations to you
I wish you a lot of happiness and smiles
Let life be full of happiness
All the blessings of the earth to you, wealth and goodness.

How I love your eyes
In them, I am drowning in love,
They have so much passion, courage, fire,
Calm, confidence and warmth.
Happy brown eyes congratulations to you
I want to be the most beautiful from the heart,
May fate favor you
Let your life be the brightest.

The brown eyes day is celebrated today
Congratulations to all brown-eyed,
We wish you health, peace and good luck,
And the mood is great to boot.
Today is your holiday, congratulations
All the best from the heart we wish,
Let in life there will be only a white stripe,
Let all your tea eyes charm you.

Sms greetings Happy Brown Eye

The brown eye day has arrived today,
I hasten to congratulate you on him
I find it interesting and comfortable
Time to spend with you alone.

Your look enchants me
Lures and to itself attracts,
Wish you be happy,
Do not fall into unpleasant scrape!

Today is an incredibly pleasant day for all dark eyes - Brown Eye Day. We sincerely congratulate all owners of brown eyes with a holiday, we wish you love, happiness and good mood. Let your eyes always be happy, kind and radiant!

All people with brown eyes
His holiday celebrate
Guests called, having fun,
Laugh and rest.

After all, the owners of brown eyes -
The kindest in the world
Let them live beautifully
Go on their landmarks!

Brown eyes are probably the most expressive eyes in the world. You can drown in them, they can enchant. Congratulations today to all owners of brown eyes with, so to speak, a professional holiday. We wish you, dear brown-eyed people, so that nothing will ever cloud your mood. Live and enjoy life!

I'm in the light of your brown eyes
To tonu already times
They fascinated me,
On the crime pushed.

You will put a spell on them all
Let success await you in life
I love you, I wish you happiness,
That in a life there was no bad weather.

Comic greetings Happy Brown Eye

Your day will mark brown eyes,
The whole world will congratulate the brown-eyed,
May this holiday give miracles
All girls with eyes the color of coffee at once.
They have passion and sparkles of good,
They are like a pool, they have a mystery and mystery,
Only a day from morning to morning
Year brown-eyed gives a holiday sweet.

Today is the world of brown eyes,
But only girls congratulate, but all the guys
After all, there are a lot of brown-eyed among us,
Give a holiday to them one of these days.
Heat sparkles in them, like honey,
A beautiful eye, perhaps, in the world does not happen,
There is passion and cold in them, fire and ice,
I wish all brown-eyed happiness in life.

Every time I drown in the pool,
When I look into someone's brown eyes,
I see summer in them and autumn, and spring,
They are capable of creating miracles.
I know for sure, the eye is more mysterious,
They smell tea, they have fire, courage,
All brown-eyed, how much light knows,
Happy brown eyes I congratulate now.

Brown eyes have no edge, no bottom,
There is magic in them, there is magic in them,
In them shine of fire, spring blooms,
It is hard to look at them and not fall in love.
So in honor of the brown eyes today is the day
Not on earth, on the whole big planet
Such others, in which light and shade,
There are no more wonderful eyes in the world.

Eyes are in the world of all beautiful and wonderful,
Anyone who looks into them will be mad
All brown-eyed be congratulated everywhere,
And I write this verse for them.
The brown eyes day is not accidental in the world
I sincerely wish you this holiday,
Let the mystery be your secret
Let all good things fall now at your feet.

Poems Happy Brown Eye

The brown eyes day is an amazing holiday,
Many other people have thought up
But then decided some kind of prankster,
The beauty of dark eyes forever
And now on this day accept congratulations
If you love hazel eyes,
Or the owner of the eye color of nut jam,
They beckon like a pool of blacker than a black night!

Beckon brown eyes velvet night
The promise of sweet bliss and violent passion
Do not notice the beauty can not stake black her eyes,
So easy to get into this gear,
I congratulate all happy brown eyes,
Languid gaze from under the eyelashes giving,
I hope all hope for happiness is great,
So immodest about him black eyes talking!

Like ripe juicy cherries eyes,
Can drive one crazy per minute,
And now the thunderstorm flew into the senses,
Enchanted those brown eyes not one soul,
We will never tire of admiring their beauty and depth,
And sometimes in mental turmoil even fear
We wish you happiness and light black eyes,
Let the bitter tear never touch you!

Brown eyes today celebrates your day,
And I congratulate such people not too lazy.
Moreover, there is no more beautiful brown eyes in the world,
What will you have about my story.
I congratulate you on this holiday,
And always wish you to be positive,
So that every day something inspired you,
And your life only changed for the better.

A celebration of wonderful and passionate brown eyes,
The color of tea which each warms,
And congratulate the brown-eyed all now,
The beauty of their great verses chanting.
After all, this look, the depth that in brown eyes,
They are many ways in the life of their own light,
And they make a better world around me and you,
All the colors and shades of their playing

Happy International Brown Eye Day greetings

It’s impossible to break away from your brown eye,
Congratulations on the holiday today for you,
You are the owner of Karego color, the color of love,
They are like lights flickering in the dark!
The eyes of Brown are beautiful, the unearthly beauty,
They can charm themselves once and for all,
If you are lucky with a brown eye color being born,
In your life, everything can easily turn out!

Brown look attracts, fascinates, intoxicates,
Brown Eyes will not betray or deceive,
Brown eyes are the best in this world,
This color is our priority today!
Holiday colors! Day Brown Eye,
We congratulate you on this unearthly beauty!
Let your Brown Eyes know no tears,
We wish you among the darkness, bright stars!

We look today, you have fun,
The holiday is brown-eyed! Be happy and do not be discouraged!
Your color is the sweetest in the world,
No Brown Eye is kinder and more beautiful!
Your look is chocolate with bitterness,
Your eyes with ardent love stuffing,
There is no more beautiful color in the world,
The secret of secrets is hidden in the Carich Eyes!

Beautiful such in the world, you dear, alone,
Your Brown Eyes have no bottom,
Your eyes are Brown, deep, great,
I have not seen more beautiful eyes in the whole world!
They care about my love heart,
You into your soul through them, open the door for me,
Your look I always remember now
Happy Brown Eye Day!

Brown eyes, perhaps the most beautiful,
Their depth, fire and passion are unbearable,
But there is at the same time in them and tenderness, and kindness,
And the riddles of the whole world are shroud.
Brown-eyed people around the world, I congratulate
And I wish you great happiness today,
So that the eyes shine from love and inspiration,
So that good luck pursued you from this moment.

Short congratulations on International Day Brown Eye

Today's holiday, though unofficial, is very pleasant - the Brown Eye Day. Congratulations to the owners of brown eyes, we wish you a happy weekend and fruitful everyday life. Let your luck always be smiling. Never be sad or sad! Congratulations, brown-eyed!

People with brown eyes,
I congratulate you today,
You are kind and positive,
Fun, energetic and active.

Compliments say I'm not tired
Let your life be a fairy tale
Let dreams come true
Give people tons of kindness!

On this autumn day with our warmth our relatives and close people with brown eyes will warm us. After all, today is their day! I would like to congratulate them all and give many pleasant wishes. Let your happiness know no bounds. Be always positive and good-natured! Happy holiday, dear ones!

Holders of brown eyes,
All congratulations just for you,
Treats, flowers,
A lot of positive, fun, kindness.

Let everything happen soon,
May the door happily open,
Congratulations from the heart,
Words beautiful say hurry.

Today is the day of those people who are always friendly,non-shrewd and amorous - Brown Eye Day! We sincerely congratulate these wonderful people, we wish them to always be themselves, to be energetic, mobile and happy. Share your joy with others! Let everythnig will be alright!

Congratulations on the Day of Brown Eye in prose

Owners of brown eyes today want to always remain so mysterious, emotional, mysterious personalities, never give up troubles, boldly look into the eyes of problems and win! Let your personality help you in your life!

We are saying thanks to nature today for diluting the blue-eyed and gray-eyed world interspersed with amber, cognac, tea and coffee flowers! Owners of brown eyes today let them enjoy the attention and kind, cheerful greetings from friends and relatives!

Accept congratulations, owners of wonderful, bewitching brown eyes! You can not imagine what pleasure is the contemplation of these bottomless lakes, which you have the happiness to possess! Let these lakes never darken the bad weather and misfortunes, let the sunbeam always play in them!

Congratulations to you, brown-eyed guys,with this holiday! May the sparks of joy and happiness always ignite your sincere views, passing on to other people, charging them with positive and kind energy, allowing you to be drowned in yourself. With joyful eyes, look at the world, and then it will open completely to you!

Your brown eyes are a gift of generous nature. They fascinate with their depth, disarm with their sincerity, attract with bottomlessness and envelop with warmth. On the International Day of Brown eyes thank you for the double happiness that every day looks into my soul and gives love!

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