Complimentary Asset

Complivit-active (chewing) - multivitamina combined preparation containing the necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy healthy growth and development of children aged 3 years. The composition of the preparation is balanced so that the daily requirement of the child's organism in useful components is met. Chewing formula and pleasant fruit taste make the vitamin complex not only useful, but also delicious.

The effect of the drug determines the propertiesits constituent components (vitamins, micro- and macro elements: A, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, folic acid, nicotinamide, iodine, calcium, calcium pantothenate, magnesium).

Complivit-asset is assigned to children and adolescents. It is necessary for the prevention of avitaminosis (or their treatment), hypovitaminosis, lack of trace elements and minerals in the period of the most intensive growth and development of the organism; with unbalanced or inadequate nutrition; to improve the body's resistance in conditions of special physical and mental loads, with systematic (professional) sports; for the full development of children living in regions with a disturbed ecology. Also assigned to children who have had infectious diseases, for early recovery. The drug also has an effective metabolic effect.

It is recommended to take vitamins Complivit-Activechildren 3-6 years in the morning, one chewable tablet after breakfast for one month (one course). For children over 6 years of age, the daily intake is 2 tablets per day (one after meals). Drink vitamins can be any liquid (water, juice, tea).

Contraindications to the reception of the complex are: hypervitaminosis A, too high content of iron and calcium in the body, urolithiasis, pernicious (deficiency of B12) anemia, hypersensitivity to the components of the drug components.

When taking the drug Complyville, the urine can be dyed yellow, which is explained by the presence of riboflavin in the complex and has no clinical negative significance.

When taking the drug sometimes in children are manifestedside effects of its effects in the form of allergic reactions. In this case, the use of vitamins should be stopped. Sometimes in such cases, the intake of adsorbents (activated charcoal, etc.) is appointed, with stronger manifestations of adverse reactions - gastric lavage, symptomatic therapy is performed.

In case of an overdose (symptoms of which may bevomiting, muscle weakness, diarrhea) it is necessary to completely stop taking vitamins and seek help from a doctor. Treatment in this case, as a rule, is assigned the same as with the appearance of side effects on the components of the complex.

It is not recommended to take a compound-active in combination with any other multivitamin preparations, as this can lead to an overdose of some vitamins.

As the complex includes suchelements like calcium and iron, it is able to delay the absorption of the GIT of antibiotics belonging to the tetracycline group and derivatives of fluoroquinolone. Simultaneous reception with vitamin C and sulfonamide preparations of short action can lead to the development of crystalluria. Any antacid preparations that contain magnesium, aluminum and calcium, as well as colestyramine, affect the ability to assimilate iron. Thiazide diuretics lead to an increased risk of hypercalcemia.

Sold drug in pharmacies, does not require a prescriptiondoctor. Keep the Compli- vite-asset in a dry, dark place, not accessible to children, at a temperature of about 20-25 degrees, for a period not exceeding two years from the date of manufacture.

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